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  1. I'll say it again....my last cruise was on Holland America in Alaska and they provided their Signature Beverage Package as part of their Explore 4 promotion. It was completely free. They did not charge a service charge. I opted to pay to upgrade to their Ultimate Signature Beverage Package once I was onboard for approx. $75 for the 7-day cruise. Again, they did not charge a service charge. I tipped like I do in any bar at home...$1.00 per drink. So, NCL saying something is free and then charging a service charge is NOT free. Also, I don't care they have a little asterisk stating gratuities MAY apply. Don't advertise something is FREE when it isn't.
  2. So, what do people take to decorate their stateroom / suite for Christmas. I would like some ideas of what's allowed and what's not. Thank you.
  3. I'm not looking to add them as FREE. I'm looking to add them as 3rd, 4th, 5th, etc. passenger to the booking and pay whatever the rate is at the time.
  4. Found the answer. Premium adds streaming. Now the next question. Can I upgrade my free 250 minutes to the Unlimited Wifi Package onboard?
  5. Thanks for the info. I actually sailed in an Owner's Suite several times. My question was IF I were to get the upgrade to the Garden Villa would I be able to add more people to the booking.
  6. What is the difference between Unlimited Wifi Package and Unlimited Premium Wifi Package on NCL Star?
  7. I'm curious. Currently, two of us are sailing in an SB (Owner's Suite with 2 balconies) on the Star 12/21/18. I'm able to put in a bid for the Garden Villa. My question is if I get it can I add more people to the reservation before sailing? I can't see only two of us sailing in a 3-bedroom Garden Villa. Thanks.
  8. I've been on the Star twice and the Jewel once in the Owner's Suite with 2 Balconies. Each time we were given a bottle of champaign and 3 bottles of alcohol of our choosing. Sodas and bottled water are included in the suite and are refilled daily.
  9. Is there a link to the new Unlimited Open Bar on NCL's website? I can't find it. I would like to know what exactly it includes. Or is it the same as the Ultimate Beverage Package just renamed? EDIT...This is the only thing I can find... Wine with dinner, umbrella drinks poolside, evening cocktails, morning mimosas. With Free Unlimited Open Bar, Guests 1 and 2 enjoy all the spirits and cocktails, wines by the glass, draft beer, and juice and soda they want. Choose from up to 22 bars and lounges shipwide. You save up to $178 per day.
  10. I believe it includes any mixed drink that is $9 or less.
  11. By any chance does anyone have pictures of the owner's suite on desk 10 since the drydock?
  12. I don't believe Holland America has their drink package as frequently as NCL. They normally include it in their Explore4 promotion. This is what is says on their website for the package: Signature Beverage Package has a daily limit of 15 beverages, which includes all beverages priced at US$9.00 or lower. Guests must order beverages one at a time and must be 21 years or older for alcoholic beverages. Sharing is not permitted. Beverage management reserves the right to revoke the package if misused and refuse service for any reason, including service of alcoholic beverages to intoxicated guests. Now, they do not charge a service fee of any kind. Their package is completely free. I had it on my last cruise last year to Alaska. The cost of the cruise did not go up either. I had the guy from HAL add it after I booked the cruise.
  13. Thank you so much. I searched high and low yesterday and couldn't find it. :cool:
  14. What happened to the thread with the pictures from the Star after drydock? I can't seem to find it.
  15. Socalev....thank you very much for the link and pictures.
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