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  1. The following ports are visited: Rome, Cartengena, Gilbraltar, Cadiz, Lisbon, Porto, Cherbourg, Bruge, Amsterdam, Copenhagen. The only date for this specific cruise is mid June. I would expect heat many of the areas. I can look up archived weather info, but also want some opinions if you have cruised these ports at that time of year. What was your experiences with weather?
  2. I see two different configurations for a Zuiderdam inside cabin. One online picture shows a small sofa in addition to the bed, and another site shows a diagram indicating only a chair in the cabin - no sofa. Do you know what the ship’s inside cabin actually looks like?
  3. I assume I can buy a Surf package single device, and then my DH and I can take turns using a device. And the device can be either our IPad or IPhone?
  4. Oh well, we are on the Constellation before its drydock.
  5. Good info, Scottygirl1. Thanks.
  6. Thanks Marelaine, we cruise Oct.1but leave for Europe Sept. 24. We will wait a while longer to book. Being Classic tier, I expect the 10% is likely all we will get but I will keep checking.
  7. We are classic tier so only a 10 percent discount. It already tells us that when I sign in and look up our cruise reservation. Thanks for the help - at least I can see the cheaper way to book internet - hopefully it will work well onboard because we are doing back to back and for us that is a lot of days cruising.
  8. The website says it is 10 percent off. Do you get even more discount thru captain’s club membership?
  9. Thanks, Scottygirl1. I went over all the choices as you suggested and found more than I had before. I think we will purchase the surf only, one device to keep costs down. I guess we just have to take turns with our two devices, using only one at a time.
  10. I think we will be purchasing some kind of a package. I do not see one that says one device, without it also saying credit for excursions and one specialty dining. We do not care about the excursions or specialty dining. I was finding the choices under cruise planning on the website. Am I missing something that allows one device, period - no extras thrown in?
  11. We are considering the purchase of an internet package for the first time. Celebrity’s seems very expensive so I thought I would ask you what your usage has been like on board. Is it usually a fast (fast enough to avoid major frustration)connection to your IPad and IPhone or similar devices? We have B2B of 19 days, port intensive, and lots of private tours. So we are not sure how much time we will have to find a free WiFi spot on land. I would appreciate your comments.
  12. Yes, we are doing the Oct. 1 and Oct. 10 cruises and we did get the b2b discount. And lots of price reductions over the months which was great. But no OBC. We were never told about a potential category upgrade. Live and learn at this point. We leave in two weeks so I will not bother to deal with anything more now. Thanks to you all for the information.
  13. We have our first cruise with Celebrity booked for many months. We took an inside cabin which came with no perks and no onboard credit. On a recent call to Celebrity about our online check-in, we were told our 2010 cruise with Azamara was noted in their files. I am just wondering if one prior cruise with RCI should have gotten us some onboard credit. Sorry that I forgot to ask Celebrity the other day. Do you know how they work onboard credit? Perhaps it was just the fact of booking an inside cabin that eliminated any OBC.
  14. Thank you, Bremenkat. Very helpful information. Alice
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