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  1. It won't be 'freezing' PeteM3!!! Forecast 11 degs with a moderate breeze for the day we leave Southampton so not too bad at all !! Think positive !!
  2. This will be our fourth Xmas/new year cruise in the Canaries and it has always been warm and sunny.....so much so I swam in the sea at La Gomera and Gran Canaria two years ago! I will be taking summer clothes for a week and warmer clothes for a week....even Lisbon is mid teens at the moment ! Layers are probably a good idea and a cagoule or light raincoat also ! I also have a micro fleece for days at sea and a gilet all useful to have with you. You will need sun protection! Forecast temperatures for December in Tenerife range from 16 to 19 on BBC Weather.....Gran Canaria 22 the week before Christmas! So go prepared and don't forget your swim things !!!!!!!
  3. We were also on that sailing and had a different experience.....didn't you have to go and queue for your luggage labels? We couldnt go anywhere until that was done...about half an hour....then the wait for actual check in...another 20 mins or so..then the worse bit was security.....just one door open with one lady letting two passengers in at a time! (there are 3 doors usually all open with other cruise lines) and just two X-ray machines working......with P and O usually all manned and working! This led to huge queues at security with nowhere to sit, we were there for at least half an hour probably longer....we arrived at the port at 1215 and didn't make it to the buffet until after 2.00 pm. It could all have beeh so much better organised starting with issuing luggage labels/cabin numbers by post or email before the cruise.
  4. hi Kruzseeka…..yes we hope of course that we may see the lights but I'm sure we will enjoy the cruise anyway....thanks for the info. Funnily enough I was thinking of you this morning as I read you are on Oceana in March....so are we on E006N ….so we may yet meet again! we also booked the Christmas and New Year on her so really pushing the boat out so to speak! Best wishes to you both
  5. Hello RR..... We won't be on her next year (as far as we know!) But we have booked two weeks to Norway at the end of this month!! We thought we'd give her a try as she's going from Southampton! We thoroughly enjoyed Discovery 2 last year! Hope you and Mrs RR are keeping well X
  6. Propriano is a pleasant small town and there is a nice beach very close to the ships berth. We wandered town in the morning then sat on the beach in the afternoon!! Haven't been to other ports but I'm sure someone else will help you!
  7. I sent a messenger message via Facebook and received the calendar within two days...they reply very promptly via that method !
  8. We have in the past cancelled our cruise , losing the deposit, and rebooking at the cheaper price and still been several hundred pounds better off!! You do need to do the sums carefully though!!
  9. I do occasionally have sweet things but just once in a day, for instance a mini mince pie with my afternoon cuppa! It doesn't usually make much difference to my sugar levels.....when we were in Corfu recently I asked for a piece of apple pie in a cafe and when it came it was about four inches deep with cream and ice cream....I ate it because I was hungry but we walked the mile or so back to the ship instead of catching the bus! My sugar levels were fine when I tested later!
  10. I'm a diabetic and have never asked for a special menu....I just use my common sense and avoid the sweet puddings, I usually have one scoop of ice cream at dinner and a sugar free pudding from the buffet at lunch.....savoury things are OK usually but even half a glass of wine sends my sugar levels sky high so I usually have diet coke to drink! What do you do when you go out for a meal?
  11. Having spent five weeks on Ventura earlier this year we would probably not cruise on her again! Compared to Oriana she seems very crowded and noisy, we struggled to find somewhere to sit on the open decks....we found cleanliness to be an issue in some of the public areas especially the indoor pool area. It was also a long walk from one end of the ship to the other so best to get a mid ship cabin should you decide to go on her! We were forward so had to walk the length of the ship for the buffet and dining...then after dinner again had to walk the length of the ship for the theatre!!! I did not gain any weight!! We much prefer the adults only Oriana and will be spending Christmas on her....you get what you pay for I suppose but keep an eye on prices as we paid the same for Christmas as we did two years ago and we only bought it a month ago!
  12. Oh that is sad.....so how long before Celebration goes the same way I wonder....
  13. Yes we have good memories of our cruises on this ship......I wonder what will happen to her now??? Anybody know?
  14. Interestingly Oriana returned to Southampton to disembark a poorly passenger when she was just off Bembridge the other night......so perhaps the helicopter evacuations are getting a bit pricey!!!
  15. I think you are correct artemis10.....it would be interesting if someone affected by the Oriana cancellations could see what P &O have to say about it. I read elsewhere that someone had rebooked a similar cruise but a couple of days shorter than the original Oriana one , and had to pay more than the original one cost. In my opinion that is totally out of order and it would seem under the ABTA rules that P & O should have offered it for the same price as the original one. It is P & O who have cancelled the cruises yet the passengers are expected to pay more for the replacement.......something is not right !!!
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