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  1. Thank you. Do you know if they there only there on the first arrival day, or were they there the day before as well? Many people come early.
  2. Another question for the experts:: Once you get to the hotel in Lima, when do you meet with the tour guides? Is there an actual meet and greet get-together in the evening, or are the guides just waiting at the hotel for people to arrive? I am trying to plan my day of touring in Lima and don't want to miss anything important with the cruisetour. Thanks.
  3. The Sky Princess did have the regular trivia with teams up to 6 people. In addition, they did the trivia in the Piazza.
  4. I think 6 is a good number. It's someone's choice if they want to play as a couple, but it's our choice to play with family or friends.
  5. And with unlimited internet, it will only get worse.
  6. Thank you! We are just back from 28 days (Europe/transatlantic) on the Sky Princess, and now I am ready to get excited about this trip.
  7. Time to revisit this topic. My final payment is due in a few days, Does anyone have any papers that list the itinerary for the day(s) in Machu Picchu, or could someone give me a clue how the day was organized? How was the pace? Did they go at the slowest pace necessary or were some people having difficulty keeping up? Thanks.
  8. Someone posted this on the South America site and TripAdvisor several months ago and there hasn't been any response. Now I am looking for the answers too, so I thought I would try here. Does anyone know the hotels Princess usually uses during their land tour To Machu Picchu? . Someone on this forum must have gone Dec 2018- March 2019. I am especially interested in Lima, but would like to know the others as well. . All I could find was a post from cruise critic UK listing hotels from DEC. 2017. Princess tells me they don't know what they will be yet. Thank you.
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