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  1. Freeport. I cruise for the ports, so I won't book a cruise that includes Freeport. Nothing to do, nothing to see. I wish Carnival would mix up the ports a little. We cruise over Spring Break most of the time and it's always the same offerings-- would love to see Antigua and Tortola on more itineraries.
  2. We prefer YTD. Not so much worrying about time restraints.
  3. I worried about these two ports as well, even considered staying on board. Glad I didn't. Really enjoyed the excursions I did both places, especially the Mayan Ruins in Belize. It was great!
  4. I am looking at Carnival's Beach Hopping Excursion. Does anyone know which two beaches they stop at for this excursion? If you have gone on this excursion, was it fun and is it safe to do solo? (DH is planning on scuba diving in Barbados). Thanks!
  5. A Miami Vice is my 1st drink onboard. I'm not a fan of the Funship DOD-- don't like the apricot brandy in them. A Lava Flow sounds really good-- I must try one my next cruise!
  6. Personally, if I were going to go to Trunk, I would truly do it on my own. Taxi to Red Hook, ferry over to STJ, cab to Trunk. Spend a couple of hours on the beach then go to happy hour at Woody's or one of the other bars at Cruz Bay, then grab the 6:00 ferry back to STT. However, as O2B and Blue Water said, Emerald would be a great option, especially if you want to get back to the ship early. You won't be able to do that if you go to Trunk.
  7. Does Harbour Lights tend to be more adult oriented? We love kids, but would prefer an older crowd. Boatyard seems to be family/kid oriented, so we will probably avoid it. Thanks.
  8. Just looked up Alleynas-- beautiful! Bathsheba and Alleynas would be an amazing day. Hope someone can answer your question.
  9. I take the coiled bug bracelets when going to the Caribbean. They work much better there than in the states and to me they aren't as stinky and much easier to use.
  10. Lindqvist is beautiful. If you plan to go, pack a small cooler. Grab something to drink and snacks when you get off the ship-- there's none of either there. Also, no chair rentals, so don't forget towels. We've been there numerous times-- loved it every time. According to DH, not much to see snorkeling, but okay. We just enjoy the wonderfully relaxing day away from the crowds.
  11. That actually sounds like something I would do, :) But I like having a straw and an insulated tumbler, especially on a Fun Days at Seas.
  12. I will be taking my stainless steel straws with me. I agree with replacing plastics, but what is the point of a sugar straw that will quickly dissolve?
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