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  1. Water Island is closest to Crown, but I have read that it gets very busy when there are ships in port. We've never been there, so I can't help you with the ferry questions. Sapphire is my favorite beach -- it is beautiful and a must see/do, IMO. Secret Harbor is nice as well. Both have a bar with food options and the natural shade is coming back. Hull Bay may be another option for you. It would be about the same distance from Crown as Megan's. Nice, uncrowded beach with a bar/restaurant--locals beach. You would probably want to set up a time with your cab driver to come back for you as cabs there are not plentiful.
  2. We much prefer Lindqvist over Secret Harbour. It is simply beautiful. There is plenty of natural shade and nice bathrooms. I'm not sure about the closest grocery store. We usually ask the cab driver to make a stop along the way for us to pick up some goodies. Remember to pack a small cooler-- adult drinks get warm quickly in the Caribbean. 🙂
  3. Okay. Thank you so much! I assume they will let us take an 8 pack on board, so I guess I will settle for two of those IF I can find them. I will check into Barrachinas. I have read that they have great pina coladas, so this could be a win, win. :)
  4. First, I apologize for asking questions that have already been answered, but I am finding answers pre-hurricanes, so I am not sure if they are still accurate. Before cruise-- Where can I purchase 12 packs of COKE/Diet Coke near the port? (OSJ-Carnival). I hate Pepsi/Diet Pepsi. Several years ago there was a place at the port, but I don't remember seeing it last time we sailed out of San Juan. After cruise-- We have a late flight. We would like to go to the forts and walk around OSJ before going to the airport. What is a good option for our luggage? I surely do not want to drag around luggage all over OSJ. Last time we did this Carnival took our luggage to the airport-- they don't do that anymore 😞 Or if there is a good tour that will take us to the forts then airport that would be great. Thanks!!
  5. Hope you are going to be on the Fascination in March. I'll need my Coke Zero fix, lol.
  6. You are exactly right. It's the PC thing to do--at the moment. I will bring my own straws (metal and plastic smoothie straws for my pina coladas /BBCs? Miami Vices etc..) It's not a big deal. Replacing Coke products with Pepsi products is my biggest issue with Carnival -- at the moment. LOL
  7. I did. I like that song too. Plus, when I was younger, it was appropriate, lol.
  8. Thank you so much Reedprincess. Pigeon Island sounds like exactly what we need.
  9. I know, lol. I love pina coladas, but they have way too many calories. So, nowadays-- two is my limit instead of one in each hand. 😜
  10. So, the plan for St. Lucia was ziplining. But, I tore cartilage in my knee and had to have surgery. So, no ziplining. Which beach has the least distance from taxi drop off to beach? Does it have something for my DH to do? He likes to scuba dive, snorkel and/or kayak. Any suggestions? Thank you!
  11. If it goes up to $75 to $90 a day, there is no way I would purchase it. I don't hit the 15 drink limit, as any don't, so it would no longer be worth it.
  12. This really messes with my Cheers package. My go to drink is rum and Coke Zero. Pepsi is nasty!! Diet Pepsi is even worse!!! This change really stinks, Carnival.
  13. 1. The vacation vibe-- I can dress up and go to dinner or I can wear shorts & a t-shirt and watch a movie, I can actually relax and do whatever I am in the mood for. I love that about Carnival. 2. Tied for 2nd -- the Punchliner and live music.
  14. We tend to agree. We like having a balcony, but we just don't get much use out of it. And I agree with others-- 4 adults in a cabin!! I could not enjoy my vacation.
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