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  1. .... the one thing that always remains consistent. 😂
  2. In Los Angeles, this is how it worked. We all waited for an hour in the terminal before being able to board. We have elite status and it was an hour for Elites. Maybe it was because the Royal was a new ship to L.A. at the time.
  3. They were missing from our basic balcony cabin on the Regal a couple years ago and from the Crown last October.
  4. We got annoyed and canceled our X cruise and rebooked on Princess for October. We always book AQ on X and one of the things we loved was the foot stools on the balcony When I found out that after the Equinox remodel all foot stools were removed, that was the last straw. A lot of people criticized me over on the X board when I started a post about no foot stools, but many supported me, too. We are delighted with our decision to cruise on the Royal Princess, for less than half of what we would have paid for the Celebrity Cruise AND we will be getting foot stools on our balcony, too (only a few cabins have them). When cruise lines start degrading their product, people look elsewhere. Luckily, we were before final payment. Apparently, X has also removed basic tables from some of the suites on the Edge, so there is no where to place room service trays. Ridiculous.
  5. The Emerald or the Crown duecto extra 500 passengers but no additional public areas, so they were much more crowded indoors than other ships
  6. Yes, we had Bavarian night in April. Can’t recal which night though. My husband loved it. I hated it. I hate that kind of food. Too many sausages. Gigantic bowls of cooked shrimp on severearl nights and lots of shrimp st the daytime buffet on the last day of a 7 night cruise. They had a seafood buffet with mussels and shrimp I think. I don’t touch the stuff, so it is hard to recall everything. Bread pudding has never tasted very good onboard, but taste is subjective. I favor Brazilian night at the buffet. Very good beef, several carving stations, chimmichurri saucecto compliment the beef. I also love Italian night! During the day they do a Mongolian barbecue, which is very good. I love the Asian stir fry dishes a lot that they always seem to have.
  7. Relaxation is important. Next they’ll be removing beds and making people sleep on the floor. LOL
  8. Really glad to hear this. We were onboard on April 6, the third West Coast Cruise, and didn’t experience any issues. However, we did hear of others having issues. So glad that everything is back on track! I remember very well the issues you had with them not honoring your kids’ drink packages. We will have Matt O in October. He really is the best! Thanks for checking in.
  9. Thank you. I never thought to have tea time in our stateroom. I think we will try this in October.
  10. There is free tea service in the main dining room. You only paying for the nicer tea on the Royal or Regal. It is held in the atrium twice during a 7 day cruise and appears to be very nice. $10 pp.
  11. That’s a good idea. I will give it to my office mate.
  12. We love the food on the Royal. Occasionally we get a klunker, but overall the food has been good to very good, and on many occasions , excellent
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