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  1. I think I’ll bring my emotional support cats onboard with me on my next cruise and let them enjoy the run of the ship. That way I won’t have to pay for a pet sitter.
  2. We've had that one, too. D736 was spectacular. C753 isn’t a full suite though, so different category altogether. We were just as happy with C753. We did love both cabins due to their aft facing views.
  3. I’ve had that cabin on the sister ship the Golden and it is fully covered, and one of my favorite all-time cabins due to the huge balcony.
  4. What about light seepage from the main hallway into the cabin? Is it a problem? i am really light sensitive (migraine)- and always notice the amount of light leaking in from underneath the door and/or around the door frame itself when I get up in the middle of the night. I don’t even like that little red dot light on the tv that goes on when you turn it off.
  5. You will get the free minutes OR you will forfeit all of them to get the reduced price, albeit, not a huge reduction, MedallionNet package. It was worth it on the Royal, where the Internet worked great, but i would be reluctant to purchase on the non Royal-class ships based om Negative feedback.
  6. I think the price is $59 plus tax, for a total of $63, at least that is how it worked out for us on the Royal a couple weeks ago. When we bought the 7 day plancitvwas $49.99 plus tax for a total of $52
  7. Having been in both of these accommodations several times, the mini suites are quite a bit larger in length and also have two TVs, as well as all the aforementioned items. We just got back and chose an obstructed deluxe balcony, due to a much larger balcony size. We have had full suites, mini suites, deluxe balcony and balconies and actually prefer the deluxe for cost savings and the obstructed deluxe for further cost savings since we don’t care If we have a life boat obstruction or a non see through balcony.
  8. Not exactly jumping for joy for this puppet show. I never did like muppets.
  9. Yes, it was back onboard the Royal last Sunday night. First show in 6 months. Definitely slightly different than when we saw it 18 months ago.
  10. Nope, he’s leaving the ship before then.
  11. Sorry, but I can’t stand the new term water shuttle. Once embarking the ship’s “water shuttle” there is signage inside referring to it as a ship’s tender, or to keep arms and hands inside the tender.
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