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  1. Hi, I dined in Concerto at 6:20-630 almost every night, on the suggestion of Cruise Raider’s posts, and I concur, it was the perfect time to dine. One thing I will say is even though we only had about 53% capacity, the dining room was very busy each night and on the occasion that I showed up at six and seven it was way busier than going on the half hour. During our sailing symphony was closed down so we were operating off of only two dining rooms. Originally, I had booked a table in symphony for the whole week but was transferred to Concerto. I thought that concerto had a lot more atmosphere than Symphony where I attended the wine tasting. I did not care for the dark green carpeting in Symphony.
  2. Wishing you a wonderful week aboard the beautiful Magestic. I loved every minute of my sailing on 8/29. Thank you so much for doing a live from thread!
  3. Hi, having been to glacier Bay 3 times and to Hubbard twice, Hubbard is way more spectacular. Hubbard is several miles wide and Marjorie glacier is basically a blip on the radar compared to Hubbard. They’re both great, don’t get me wrong, but I am still mesmerized by what I saw at Hubbard.
  4. re, solariums: Just returned from the Majestic Princess Alaskan Cruise, and there is a very nice solarium in the front area of the ship, plus a beautiful conservatory area with free cabanas.
  5. As I mentioned previously, there was no discernible difference between the size of the minis on both ships. The difference is the size of the balconies. The room felt larger on the Royal f Room was definitely not 354 + 80 on Sapphire. 354 was the total. No regular minis are in the 400+ range, including a balcony or not , only the full suites.
  6. Crooner’s for a good martini. Explorer’s Lounge for fun variety shows. Grand is going to feel rustic compared to sailing on X, but we’ve enjoyed sailing on her a lot.
  7. Nice, thorough review. I like all your detailed descriptions. I was onboard the week before you. It was nice hearing about all the activities in Princess Live (that I never attended. ) Food is subjective, and I agree with you about the small portions in the MDR, but everything I ordered was quite flavorful. I found myself ordering two entrees on several nights. Crown Grill is a favorite of mine, too. Thanks again for posting your experience onboard the beautiful Majestic Princess.
  8. Tried to add this to my above reply but was too late Typically, there is nothing to negotiate since booking cruises is like booking airline tickets, supply and demand. You should book at a price point that you like. Compare by using various booking search engines, but we aren’t allowed to discuss specifics on this site. Pre-covid, cruises always sailed full, large or small ships, so your theory is flawed about large ships being incentivized to drop prices. Case in point, I just booked last month 19 days per-sailing, and although I got a decent rate, it wasn’t as rock bottom as one would think, particularly because we sailed half empty, but that’s not how it works with cruising. If you don’t like the reassignment you can always get your deposit back and book something later, but prices could increase significantly, and also, so many of us had numerous cruises canceled over the last 18 months and we have cruise credit on the books, which is burning a hole in all of our pockets. I think we can expect pretty full sailings going forward due to so many deferred cruises.
  9. Having sailed on the Sapphire 6 times and on the Royal/Regal 8 times, and having just sailed to Alaska on the Majestic, and also once on the Sapphire, You can’t go wrong with either ship. You should know that the minis on Sapphire don’t have covered balconies, so you would have been exposed to the elements. However, the balconies are larger on the Sapphire, but unusable in inclement weather. I’ve stayed in minis on both ships, and there is NO discernible difference. In fact, the minis felt more spacious on the Royal. The square footage difference might be due to the balcony size, which balconies are tiny on the Royal Class ships, but more importantly, they are covered. I get your disappointment about not getting to sail the inside passage, but it certainly shouldn’t be a dealbreaker, when you will have nothing but scenery for the rest of the cruise. Although I love both ships, I love them for very different reasons. The Royal is much more elegant and modern, and the Roysl Class ships actually yfeel LESS crowded to me than the Grand Class. You will have more passengers, BUT you will have larger venues. For one, the showroom on the Royal is far superior to that of the Sapphire, which is tired and cramped. The stage productions on the Royal are much better. The buffet on the Royal is fabulous, and not so great on the Sapphire, in fact, the Sapphire buffet is pathetic compared to the Royal. Shops are better on the Royal. But Sapphire has Explorer’s lounge, which I prefer to Princess live on Royal. Dining rooms are MUCH better on the Royal Class. Sapphire has four smaller dining rooms, and dining was always a cluster. Much prefer the Crown Grill and specialty restaurants on the Royal Class. Sapphire has a better Wheelhouse. Sapphire has wraparound promenade, Royal doesn’t. Also, the Sapphire has a covered pool, which does make it nice for Alaskan sailings. No matter what Alaskan itinerary you go on, it is always wonderful.
  10. Agreed. I love the balcony deluxe category since it has a nice little seating area which is perfect for relaxing. Had a huge balcony two weeks ago, obstructed balcony deluxe.
  11. We’ve always experienced great service on both lines, and at one time, Celebrity’s food was better than Princess, in my opinion, but that is no longer true, unless you’re comparing Luminae on X to regular food in the MDR on Princess. . Just disembarked the Majestic Princess last week. and the food in the main dining room beat the quality of AQ (Blu) dining on X Entertainment options are usually plentiful on Princess compared to X, but during this return to cruising, options are more limited than usual on Princess due to the health measures that are being implemented, so no karaoke contests, no daily dance lessons, no passenger/cruise staff dance contests, events that would draw larger crowds, basically. Royal-Class Princess ships are comparable to Celebrity’s Solstice-Class. Millennium Class ships are more similar to Grand-Class on Princess. You mention you're considering a suite on Princess. Not sure if you’re also looking for a comparison between full suites on each cruise line or if you are considering a mini suite of Princess. On X , you have a butler in full suites. Not true on Princess. If I’m a Club Class mini or full suite you will dine in a special section of the MDR, unlike X, where you have your own restaurant, Luminae. Service: It’s been very good on both lines, but on Princess, this last cruise, it was exceptionally good. Bar service has always been better on Princess, unlike X, where we could never find a person to order a drink from while outside by the pool. After X went the all-inclusive route a few years ago, we noticed a decline in drink service.
  12. I purchased onboard and for a 7-day cruise the cost including tax was $52. That was based on a $15 daily onboard rate, so half of that. My understanding is is you purchase pre-cruise the prevailing rate is $10 Per day and you will get back 50% of that rate as OBC. I suppose I could have gone to the Internet cafe once onboard to ask them for a $2.50 per day OBC due to the fact that I couldn’t pre-order, unless I had called, but I didn’t want to have to hold on the line beforehand.
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