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  1. We use a travel agent 99% of the time. However, I’ve booked directly with Princess at least 20% of the time and transfer the booking to my favorite TA immediately thereafter. Only once did I book directly with Princess and not transfer the booking. I had done all my homework previously and jumped on a last minute deal at an excellent price. It was a weekend and we needed to lock in airfare then and there, so the deal worked to our advantage since the airfare was extremely low comsidering the cruise was only a month out, so that is why we booked directly with Princess. Sometimes Princess’s deals have actually been a little better than the TA by a few dollars, not much, during certain promos. Most times my TA beats Princess pricing and gives better incentives though On our last booking, last week, she reduced our fare by 10-11% off Princess’s asking price for Tahiti
  2. We disembarked, doing walk-off at 7:15, drove out of the parking lot at 7:35. We took the 405 to 5, but the freeway was already bogged down near LAX at 8:15 am on a Saturday. As long as there aren’t any snags, you should make it, but one never knows.
  3. The rooms under the thermal spa are quiet, but they are not under the giant overhang, duecto being bumped out. We’ve previously stayed in 1501 and 1521, no noise, but the balconies have the usual overhang that one has on any cruise ship, but that area wasn’t shady enough for us at certain times of the day. Last cruise we tried 1559, one of the cabins with the huge overhang, and it was under the indoor pool area with fixed loungers, and it was generally pretty quiet except for the night that an event was held up there, but it was only noisy for a couple hours. We’ve booked the same cabin again for our next cruise. What we loved the most about the aforementioned cabin is that it never got sunny on our balcony, and because we were in the tropics during one of the hottest times of the year, it offered us the relief that we so desperately needed. Our friends stayed in 1557 and 1561 and had no issues with noise, either. Many people caution against the cabins beneath the aqua spa CAFE, where there’s been several reports of nonstop noise.
  4. Such devastating news. Prayers for all families affected by this tragedy. 😪😪😪 Can’t believe this has happened during the Royal’s first day ever in Alaska.
  5. We had E415 last year on the Crown. Completely unobstructed. Interestingly, when we booked it two years ago, it and the surrounding cabins were all considered obstructed OV and now some have been reclassified as nonobstructed. What the diagrams did not reflect was the platform beneath our area that’s personal used every day, and the staircase with metal gate that lead up to the platform that slammed every day throughout the day, but there was no noise at night. We loved the cabin for location and cost savings, not so much for disruptions. I did take several pics of inside and outside which shows perspective to said platform and staircase, if anyone is interested, but the pics are on my other device at the moment.
  6. Very accurate comparison. Great review! We alternate between the two cruise lines. Sometimes we get better deals on X than on Princess if we book at the right time. 😃
  7. I booked with my FCDs two nights ago and was able to transfer it to her yesterday without filling out a form. In the past when I’ve simply put a hold on a cruise and tried to transfer, she informed me that the process wouldn’t be as strait forward.
  8. We, too, were looking for something else, saw this and booked it!
  9. The smoke smell was really pronounced in that area last month. It’s never been that noticable on our other cruises on the Royal or Regal . In fact, we didn’t smell smoke at all in that area just one year ago. It seemed to permeate that whole area this time. I commented on it every single time we walked through the shop areas. The smoke smell was on par with the strong smoke smell I recall while onboard the Grand (near the casino) a couple years ago. I wish Princess would be more like Celebrity in that regard and not allow smoking in the casino.
  10. No discounts, just a list of about 8-10 pre-approved discounted concoctions. We like the deep blue sea martini. Most drinks are not so great.
  11. Have waited for months to see the Oct 2020 Baja Mexico itinerart, only to book Tahiti instead. 😀😃🤗 It will be our first small ship cruise.
  12. I hope the rumor is true. We always hide out on formal night either at the buffet or at MUTS as not to sully the evening atmosphere for those who enjoy it.
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