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  1. Thank you for the information. Had you paid for any Cruise Planner items? I notice now that we have until April 8th to request OBC at 125% for what we had spent or we could take a 100% refund. Originally it just said we would be getting a refund. Do you know how that OBC would work? Would it have to be used on one future cruise, or split among multiple future cruises? If I paid for items for other cabins (my adult children), would I get the OBC since it was on my credit card, or would the person in the other cabin get the OBC? I actually booked a free fall cruise today that I got from Club Royale. (Thanks to CC friends who posted they got never got an email but found the offer on their offers web page which I never knew existed.) When I called to book today I tried to ask the representative these questions and he put me on hold for a while to get the answer. There was a bit of a language barrier and I couldn't quite understand what he was explaining. However I'm not sure if he understood that the OBC was being issued due to the cancellation by Royal.
  2. Since it was Royal who cancelled our cruise, I wonder if they would extend the original FCC to the date of the new FCC they will be issuing. Our cruise was scheduled for 3/16/20 and of course they cancelled it on 3/13/20. We are supposed to get a 125% FCC that is good until the end of 2021. I hope that the part of the fare that we paid with a FCC will also be extended to the end of 2021.
  3. I never got an email but fortunately I read Cruise Critic so I checked my offers. I never even knew there was a website for offers. I had the free cruise for an inside between Sep and Dec. I just booked on the Harmony for Nov 1, upgraded to an Ocean View Balcony, all for $407.14. Great deal. I appreciate everyone posting about this because I have never booked any casino offer before and all of your information was very helpful. Also, I usually cruise Celebrity but I have gone on 4 cruises on Royal - 2 of them in 2019. I gamble on both slots and table games but never lose more than a few hundred dollars over the course of a week, if that. My husband didn't get the offer but he never plays slots.
  4. I'm interested in this answer too since we used a FCC that was issued due to the air not working in our room on a prior cruise.
  5. We took our adult kids on the Allure a year ago and we were some of the few wearing tuxes, that's for sure. Royal definitely has a different crowd than Celebrity. I've never seen shorts in the MDR on Celebrity and I have actually seen men turned away in shorts and also asked to remove ball caps. We'll be with friends on our Infinity and Edge cruises this month and all the guys will be bringing their tuxes. Can't wait!
  6. Oh thank you. I really appreciate the info.
  7. Good to know they went out of business. We have a cruise planned on Royal in March and our daughter's boyfriend was planning to rent a tux. We'll have to make other arrangements now. Our family also loves a chance to dress formally.
  8. I was offered Sky Suite from $300 pp, Celebrity Suite from $400 pp, and Royal Suite from $750 pp. We originally booked onboard 2 years ago and we were told that our aft center cabin was very desirable because it has a bigger balcony. We had never sailed in an aft cabin so we booked it for $719 pp. That include the classic beverage package, gratuities, and $400 OBC. Our TA gave us another $200 OBC. We used the Celebrity OBC to upgrade to the premium beverage package during a sale some time ago. We also used it to pay for an excursion and we still have the TA OBC to use once onboard. We saw no reason to pay for an upgraded room since we prefer Blu over Luminae, wanted to try the aft cabin, and already had all the perks we wanted. Plus we would not get the extra Captain's Club points. Not worth it at all.
  9. It's good to hear that you got good rates on domestic flights. I had heard that they offered great rates overseas but not within the U.S. I will make a point of checking with them in the future.
  10. cpayne, thank you for the follow-up. We were searching the boards because my husband and his friend want to dive in GC but both have a lot of OBC that they will be getting from the TA once on board. We were concerned that the dive excursion may be full if they wait until they are on board to sign up. They previously dove with Lobster Pot and had a great experience. Now hearing about your husband's experience I think they will just try to go with Lobster Pot since they really don't want to have to miss diving on GC.
  11. We are sailing on the Edge on Jan 19, 2020 and I would like to know which nights will be Evening Chic. Our sea days are the 3rd and 7th days. Does anyone know for sure if it will be on these days?
  12. Good advice here about the noise and seating location. We would like to book Fine Cut on an Evening Chic night for our Caribbean cruise in January. Can anyone confirm which nights those are?
  13. We were there last month. We were sailing on Royal but did the dolphins at Chankanaab on our own because it was way cheaper than Royal. From our experience everyone who is doing the dolphins is in a group outside of the dolphin store. You could meet someone there. Not sure if that helps as we didn't see how all the ship excursion people actually got there.
  14. Thanks. That is very helpful. What time did boarding begin?
  15. Thank you for your great review. I am sailing on her next week on a family cruise of 13 ladies ages 21 through 70. I'm wondering about the boarding process in Galveston. We will have one aunt in a wheelchair. Did you notice if they boarded wheelchairs first and if they allowed the entire group to go with them? In our group there are some in suites, some are gold, some are first timers. We really want the embarkation photo all together but we are not sure how we will be boarding.
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