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  1. Any way to give a synopsis? Article is behind a paywall and I can't find any other sources yet. Thanks for this getting us this news so quickly!
  2. I believe they were asking when the balcony window is closed, does it feel hot sitting out there or does the room AC coolness reach that area. I don't see that answered in the posts you mentioned. I could imagine the sun through the glass is pretty hot while in the Caribbean.
  3. Spif, I usually appreciate your dry wit and ascerbic commentary, but that was harsh, considering that you were answering a new CC member.
  4. I just went to the State Department travel site and looked through aaalllll the info for each country my Edge Sept 4 cruise is visiting ( as of now). It's a lot to weed through, but right now Honduras, Mexico and Bahamas do not require testing from fully vaccinated people arriving from the US. Which makes me happy ! I hope it stays that way. It would be nice if Celebrity wrote all this on their site .....but I also don't trust Celebrity's website....so I'd probably verify it all anyway.
  5. Here's my husband on any cruise ( substitute shorts in warmer weather). He sets up camp at the Sunset bar, chills with his fellow cigar smokers, changes ( minorly) for dinner and enjoys the trip.He never feels out of place.
  6. Your earlier description of your husband's clothes sounds very similar to my husban's, except for the cargo pants. My husband has worn black.jeans at dinner.That was never a problem. Can't speak for neat blue jeans at dinner, we haven't tried it. ,Prints on collared or buttoned shirts are good. Leather sneakers should be fine. My husband has black sneakers which he wears even to some dinners except for the occasional slipon loafers. We love Celebrity. If I had to ask my husband to dress any " fancier" he wouldn't agree to cruise. But he always feels fine the way he dresses on the Cele
  7. Seany527 described Celebrity's men's wardrobe range perfectly ! But here's another POV. My husband dresses as simply as he can to meet the dress code, I just asked him if he ever feels out of place and he said "nope". For dinners, he brings polo shirts, Hawaiian shirts and 1 tan and 1 black khaki cargo pants. 1 long sleeve dress shirt for evening chic ( formal) night, which he immediately rolls up the sleeves on, and black slip on loafers. The rest of the time, it's cargo shorts tee shirts and sneakers ( jeans if it's cool out).
  8. Check in just opened up today, for my September 4 Edge cruise. There were still lots of time slots to choose from, earliest were 12-1230 .
  9. I just got my daily sales email from Celebrity. I scrolled down and one of the offers is for $100 off pp on the Caribbean cruises this summer and fall. Clicked on it, made a dummy booking. The prices showed the same as they have been, but once you choose a category the $100 pp is deducted. I'm checking to see if this can be used with an existing reservation. Figured I'd let people here know.....
  10. Thanks for that info! I plan on getting that so I have back up for the cards.
  11. My husband and I have the more common sized cards, but we got our vaccines in Publix pharmacy, and nothing is handwritten. They used giant stickers that have all the info but cover the whole card, even the CDC logo and header. Now I'm starting to worry they may not be accepted. I guess it's wait and see.
  12. Thank you! We retired to Florida for the same reasons, plus my husband's deep yearning for year round golf 😁. Any posts that want to punish Floridians frustrate me. First, we are not ALL responsible for DeSantis being in office. And second, the law is for businesses in Florida. It doesn't matter if the customer hails from Florida or is visiting from outside the state. The business would get fined for requiring proof of vaccination no matter where the customer is from. There do seem to be a lot of loopholes, I hope this all gets worked out.
  13. So you are wishing Tymike good luck getting their same cabin, you admit that people put time and effort into choosing a stateroom, but you also brag about stealing someone's prime location. What a piece of work 🙄
  14. I agree! It would be great if Celebrity based a ship at Port Canaveral. My drive time from Ocala to "Celebrity, take me away ! " would be halved. I know there's Tampa, but my DH loves spending the cruise smoking cigars at the Sunset Bar, so he won't sail M Class anymore. 😩
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