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  1. I had an excellent experience in the MDR on the Equinox. Did select dining but ended up with same two top table and waiter the entire week. The food was excellent every night. The waiter would bring you anything and everything. Every course was served. Unlimited Champagne. Drink waitress kept filling it up. Never had a dining experience like that😀
  2. Is the ballet and opera show on the Summit January 25thcruise?
  3. I was on the Summit in Aqua 9089 few years ago. I did not follow CC advice. I slept OK but early every AM I was woken by the chairs being moved. I guess the crew was cleaning and moving chairs. I did not like the balcony either. Last year I was on deck 8 on the Summit and no problems with noise. So I would recommend changing rooms.
  4. If you get the drinks package as a perk do you have to pay gratuities on it in addition to the $14/day charge? What is the addition $14/day charge? When are you charged this? on board or when you booked? I had the classic package with my cruise in February and didnot have an additional charge? Thank you!
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