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  1. I know you have been fairly vocal about your RCCL experiences over the past couple of years so I think you will appreciate the change. We sailed Royal until several not so stellar (to us) cruises, for a variety of reasons, and decided we were ready for a change. Celebrity checks the boxes for us. A cruise is a bigger commitment of our vacation time and $'s since, unlike you, we have to fly, book hotels, etc. I have never done the shorter cruises or been on Infinity but, based on our friends experiences on Infinity, I wouldn't judge Celebrity on this one experience. The differences are definitely noticeable on the 7 day or longer cruises. Enjoy the experience and please come back and let us know what you think. FWIW, loyalty is overrated. After switching to Celebrity we realized that changing things up is quite enjoyable. There are a lot of places RCI doesn't go and cruising on different lines and having new experiences is a lot of fun. Don't spend your time comparing, just go in with an open mind and enjoy the new experience.
  2. It used to be Dive Fair Helen and our experience was not good. There were about 30 snorkelers and 4 divers on the boat and the snorkelers took over the boat along with the seating in front of the tanks, forcing the divers to suit up, etc. while standing. This was in 2017 so it's possible that there is a different operator now.
  3. Thank you for doing this review. Have a wonderful cruise and vacation!
  4. We prefer Celebrity, all things being equal. With these choices, though, I would choose RCI for the itinerary and one more day at sea.
  5. That is correct. I only insure what is nonrefundable - nonrefundable portion of the cruise fare and air usually.
  6. Perfect and I see acceptable Reds on the list. We are doing the 15 day Hawaii cruise on the Star and it sounds like there is no way to know if this will be offered, correct?
  7. Our first Princess cruise is coming up and this is the first I have heard about the wine package. Do you have information on number of bottles and cost, please? I assumed we would have to bring on (and pay corkage) or pay the full bottle prices. I see nothing about this in the cruise planner and I would appreciate more information. If it matters, I prefer Zinfadel, Pinot Noir, Merlot, Cab, Burgundy's, etc. and we are not connoisseurs by any stretch of the imagination. We can almost always find nice $15 bottles that are in our everyday wheelhouse.
  8. I think it depends on several factors. I had a 14 night Celebrity cruise cancelled for 1/31/2020 and the roll call has almost 3,000 replies and various activities, besides the routine roll call Meet and Greet and the Sailaway party, were planned; i.e., a Pub/Poker Crawl, Cabin Crawl, Slot Pull and LRC games. The roll call participants included a fair number of cruisers that do 14 night Caribbean itineraries, are active and want to book group tours, along with a desire to meet others. We then booked our first Princess Cruise which is a 15 night to Hawaii. The Hawaii cruise has a roll call that just hit 100 replies and seems to be made up of Hawaii itinerary "regulars". My expectation is that the customer base will be older and less adventuress, they already know what they are going to do on the very few port days, etc. and there aren't enough other roll call participants to plan a lot of activities. I have always been a part of very active roll calls on Royal Caribbean and Celebrity so I suspect the Princess roll call is a one off of the norm but expect that the passenger base will be equally as engaging. BTW, we are also divers and, with only a few exceptions, have only had a handful of other divers that were also active on a roll call with us.
  9. Dive skin leggings and a long sleeve rash guard shirt. There are some cute leggings and tops if you Google dive skin leggings. Not necessarily the most fashionable but basically lycra yoga pants. They work, are easy on and off, and take up no room or weight in the luggage.
  10. Wow! This thread has been quite entertaining! I personally wear flip-flops every night to dinner - a thong on a leather sole with the upper material being patent leather, blingy, metallic, etc. I don't give a rip what anyone thinks; I have never been turned away and light shoes help keep luggage weight (and size) down for a 15 + day vacation. Dressing up lost its allure years ago for many reasons, not the least of which was the downgrading of the MDR food, service and the overall ambiance of formal night. I do have to dress for work and attempt to dress appropriately at dinner, even in my flip-flops, but I fail to understand why anyone could consider the MDR to be fine dining and worthy of worrying about what others wear on their feet. BTW, I suspect many decrying the lack of formality on Chic night are those that view their 25 year old ball gowns and tuxes as being stylish and appropriate. If my dress and shoes are nice enough for Morton's, McCormick and Schmidt's, Capital Grill, etc., then they are nice enough for Chic night.
  11. I'll be contrary to other opinions. I would not choose Hawaii with kids because there are too many sea days. We've been fortunate flying by making certain any flight layovers are in areas not prone to bad weather; i.e., Dallas, Houston, Atlanta (no guarantees but it has worked for us). I like the idea of the previously mentioned b2b on Royal for a longer cruise and less sea days.
  12. I've never sailed in AQ as the fare has always been too much higher but for us; the only real difference (amenity with value to me) between a veranda and a CC is the footstool. Future bookings will be in a veranda unless CC is the same or less than a 1B category. I love the footstools and have never understood why they aren't standard on all balcony cabins.
  13. Does anyone know if there is Coke Zero available? This will be out first Princess cruise.
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