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  1. Thanks to everyone here for your advice. I read and read reviews and watched videos after video. My husband finally agreed to the E V Rider scooter in red, manual folding because it has 2 front wheels. We ordered it from an Ohio dealer, I was more comfortable talking with a real person prior to ordering it. And, its getting here in 3 days from the headquarters in Florida, I was told. He gave us 5% off, no tax as they are located out of state. It is the same price everywhere I looked, so I was pleased he offered us a discount and included a backpack that goes on the back of the scooter, no basket. So here's hoping its all I'm thinking it will be and that DH can adjust to his new ride. Thanks again, Pat
  2. I could use more advice on hotels to stay in while in Zurich. I know how to post, thank you, I just made a mistake. I haven't heard anything good from folks that have stayed there. I think I've got the train items settled and hope it all works out. I just need to find out how long they will hold our bags once I forward them to Zurich. It looks like we'll be train traveling for 5 days with 2 days in Zurich. Thanks, Pat
  3. You are welcome to contact me at greenpatti@comcast.net E V Rider head quarters is located in Ft Meyers, Florida, they have many options. Maybe you could visit there. I do believe you could find a store with more options in Florida.
  4. Here's the thing, using a scooter is inevitable for Ken, he has Parkinson's, at this time it causes his feet to freezing mid-stride and if he can't catch himself he will and does fall and this can not be helped much with a cane or walker. This will get worse, its 12 been years now we've been dealing with this disease, Ken was diagnosed at 52. I only got him to use a wheel chair on our last trip in Jan, and he agreed partly because it eases our way through check in, etc. The disease has also slowed him down to the point that getting through the airports is a long drawn out affair causing problems getting to our gate on time. I don't expect he'll use it all the time. However, it will allow us to get out more. His physical therapist told me it was time for tough love and get angry about using a cane at all times and a scooter. He was not even using his cane and walked around trying to be sure he was falling onto furniture but often the floor, ridiculous!! I choose the M model, it does not electrically fold up, but a floor level kick starts the process and you complete it. I watched it on QVC. I think the electric fold is just one more thing to go wrong and it only has 1 front wheel. With so many people using them, a lot on our last cruise, I'm going to trust the product is pretty trustworthy. He won't be using it around the house, our house isn't setup with proper doorways. And, we live in Michigan so in the winter outside is a no go. At some point I will probably need to purchase a model that can get us around in thee snow, but that's up the road a ways I hope. Good luck.
  5. So Ken and I decided to buy instead of rent. We've decided on the EV rider M model. I'm going to buy it from Med Mart because they're long standing business and I could speak with a person that deals with them. They are located in Ohio, so at least if we have a problem its not too far away. I choose the M model after reading a LOT! of reviews. We choose it because its light weight, but not so light that it seems flimsy and easy to fold. Also, M model claims longer battery life, key fob start should make it more secure, 2 front wheels may making it more stable, but they are close together so its maybe more maneuverable then regular 4 wheelers. It is 44 pounds, I checked with the company. The main complaint is the seat isn't as comfortable. We have 2 trips planned this year one being in Switzerland where we'll be traveling by train half the trip so it needs to fold down easily and it has to be light for us/me to handle. If we rent one two times this year that'd be almost half the price of the scooter as we'd be gone 3 weeks and 4 weeks between the trips. I did multiple days of talking with/at Ken about this, giving all these arguments to finally have him agree. It worries me when we're out that he's going to have a serious fall. Please put my mind at easy, I can't enjoy myself if I'm always waiting for him to freeze from PD and fall again. Why not now, before long it will be a must, so why not now and use it for longer hauls and save his energy. Its a place to rest. He can handle it easily it if something happens to me. He can handle his own carry on. SO - he looked over the specs and said OK. Because we live in Michigan a scooter isn't going to be the answer all, but it will. Hope this helps you. Pat
  6. HI Everyone. We are traveling with Princess next month out of San Francisco. Anyone know which company Princess likes you to use? Or where do you rent a scooter from (which one)? I'm hoping to arrange for a foldable one. This is my husbands first time using a scooter, much to his chagrin so thought we might rent it as a trial run, though it is inevitable in the future as we continue to travel. Might be useful to know of more than one company that can be used as the cruise is only 1 month away. Thank you. Pat
  7. Thank you you've saved me one phone call, no Scootaround, I'll start with Special Needs at Sea or what ever Princess suggests as we are cruising with them this trip in March. I like to have transport(wheelchair) help at the big airports partly because it is difficult to find elevators, and I worry it could be a bit tricky taking them off and on the fast moving trains/subways that take you between terminals at the bis airports. So do you use the folding scooter? Do you put yours in a case before putting in the cargo hold? Is the GoGo 3 wheeler a Pride scooter? Than you, Pat
  8. I've read the other threads but I still need a few other things made clear. If I rent a scooter for our cruise to Hawaii (San Francisco -3/1) from Special Needs at Sea or Scoot Around will they be the foldable ones that will make them easy to take on excursions? I thought for our first trip with a scooter I'd rent it. I'm hoping if it's foldable that they' let me carry it for him on the tender port. If I purchase one for DH, can I roll it though to the plane gate, then have them put it in cargo hold? He probably won't need it at the first airport, small local airport. Did you put it in the golf case to check it or put it in the case before they load it at the gangway? Do they charge you if you check it with your suitcases? I was thinking hubby could use the scooter to go from the car to airport, then pick up a wheelchair assist and I'd wheel the folded scooter to the gate where he'd use it to board. Will they let me wheel it through the airport? Does it wheel that easily? Or do we use the wheelchair assist and check the scooter with out suitcases? It will be tough for me handling luggage, a carry on and a folding scooter. like the EV rider looks, hubby likes non of it, but he needs to adjust, PD has robbed him of so much and now its his ability to walk safely, I worry constantly. Well, thank you for all the information to this point. Tomorrow I'm making a few calls to set this up. or, I go purchase one and then I need a case. Hmmm. But for 18 days $350, plus is a good start on our own and he will need his own as this goes on. Thanks again, Pat
  9. Quick question. We're leaving next Tuesday, YEAH!, headed to Puerto Rico, does the cruise documents booklet serve as our boarding pass? As I'm getting "my ducks in a row", I was wondering, do I need separate boarding pass, I couldn't remember from my last river cruise. We've always needed to print one for all our ocean cruises, but this is our first ocean cruise with Viking. Thx, Pat & Ken
  10. Let me restate. We'll get off on the train on a lower level, it is clear where you pick up your forwarded luggage, which is located one level up from the train level. From there how do you find your way to luggage check and flights? On the same level? I'm hoping they have luggage carts and a place to get help with husband. Than you. Pat
  11. Husband and I are taking Viking Rhine Getaway disembarking in Basel. From there we're travel/tour to Lucerne using Tours by Locals. We'll be getting on the Golden pass train to Montreaux then on to Basel and finally Zurich over a 6 day period #1 Easier question - we'll stay one night(I think) in Zurich. Do we stay near the airport or in town. Sometimes by the airport leaves you rather stranded with nothing to see and no where much to eat. It look like our flight will be late morning or early afternoon so we don't need to rush to the airport. I rather think near old town might be nice. Where have you stayed? #2 - We will be forwarding our large luggage to the Zurich bring our carry on for the train rides. Its a $12 fee plus since we'll be traveling 6 days. It says the luggage will await us in the lower level of the airport. Has anyone ever done this or had experience at this airport? I was wondering how difficult it will be to retrieve our luggage and get it to our gate. My husband has Parkinson's to the extent that luggage handling falls on me. And, I need a wheelchair to get him through the airport expediently. #3 - We may need help changing trains on the Golden Pass Scenic train, you have to off load and await the next train across the station? DH can walk but he's very slow, will there be help in the station, if I can, the only time 'll need to deal with this is Interlocken. Do you know if to get to the other side do you need to go down under and back up? That's how it was in other parts of Europe. Stairs are a problem yet. Thank you for any help you can give. Pat and Ken
  12. A bit confused about Honfluer, the ship comes into Le Havre and Honfluer is where? Sounds lovely.
  13. The thread below "What to do in Antigua for a day" gives several ideas on transportation including taxis.
  14. What he's referring to is when 2 or 3 ships tie up side by side in port. There is limited docking, especially with low water problems so one ship ties to the dock and others tie to the first ship. To get off and on you have to cross through other ships to get to yours or other folks cross through your ship, but only on 1 level. Rather inconvenient for balcony folks when we were rafting, trying to remember, like 6 of 13 days we did some rating part or all of the day. No bid deal.
  15. Are you talking about a ship excursion or an independent company? If ship excursion, which ship? quote=OCruisers;56846678]The excursion to De Palm Island is a favorite of ours. (y)
  16. OK, so it's our first time at Aruba and this Eagle Beach near Paradise Villa sounds like something we'd like. We need chairs and shade and a place for food and drink is nice. I assume we can catch a taxi there? If I ask to go to Eagle Beach next to Chalet Suisse will they know where to take us and are they likely to come back at a specific time when asked. Chalet Suisse is quite the restaurant, just looked it up, yum! Are there umbrella available? I assume this is an independent vendor settting these up? Thanks, Pat
  17. Same here I was hoping for some suggestions.
  18. Exactly, it was the logistics of motel stays, poorly handled by Viking in so many ways. Our cruise was not the only one with the issues I spoke of. It's in several reviews here on cruise critics. And, I was contacted by a cruiser who sailed the week prior to ours and they had the same issues. I kind of wished they had canceled the trip, I had insurance and I could have rescheduled it at a better time. A majority of the folks on our cruise were really unhappy by the end of our cruise because of so many poorly handled issue, all of which I won't go through. This wasn't meant to be a b---- session, again it was just information I was hoping might help or maybe confuse someone.
  19. These are a few things I wish someone would have mentioned before I choose to do a river cruise. I read many reviews and they were so very positive. I am NOT saying don't river cruise, I'm just giving folks things to think about, or maybe just confusing them. PLEASE don't fly in my face folks. I've cruised a lot, I know a cruise is in the eye of the beholder, again it's just things I didn't know. And, maybe if I had read these things I would have done the same anyway. Just an FYI. 1. If you are on the first floor of a river cruise boat it can be very noisy. Propeller noises from passing ships are passed through the hull, but not too bad. However, propellers turning off and on, the ships thrusters racket, as well as the planks bumping the lock walls, water gushing in and out of the locks is real loud and all night long for almost the whole trip. I was lucky and found earplugs in my luggage that allowed me to sleep. Now granted I am a light sleeper, but it bothered the husband too. 2. I didn't realize that it is not infrequent for high and low water to be a problem for river cruises with both possibly happening in one season. And, face it weather patterns are changing and not conducive to proper river levels. I was told by locals that low snow levels in the mountains in the spring in causing part of the issue. 3. I didn't think that I would care, but after 2 weeks I did have problems with dinner menu choices. The menu is heavy on the fish almost every night (2 out of 7 options). One offering was vegan (pretty tasteless, come on chiefs) really. Two servings were the same roasted chicken and rib eye steak very night. No pasta, almost no other chick preparations and almost no beef, now this is dinner I'm talking about. Now again I didn't think this would be an issue for us, I always thought people were being picky when they grumbled about food, but it was disappointing towards the end. 4. They can totally change the itinerary, change your mode of travel, alter where you stay, and change where and how you eat. 5. In attempting to keep you moving not floating, things keep getting in the way of your relaxing voyage such as - no help with luggage buses that don't show up on time, 1 hour or more late locked bathroom on buses 6. And, yes I did find packing and unpacking to change ships annoying We sailed 8/24/18 on the Skadi(loved the staff especially Marik). And, I knew we would probably have to change ships and I tried to bee positive, but this and other things that occurred just muddied up the trip.
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