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  1. Would you by any chance have any contact information for them. We really would appreciate it. Barbara
  2. We are interested in a driver who is also a tour guide in Budapest. I should have clarified this in my previous post. Can anyone recommend one? Thanks!
  3. Has anyone used a private driver/guide that they can recommend in Amsterdam?
  4. We will keep our heads down in the corner. 😂
  5. Thanks. My husband will pack a jacket and tie. I’m not bothering packing a suit for one night. From reading the link to a long dress code thread, this should be fine. Barb
  6. We have been on the Symphony before but this is our first time on Serenity. We are doing the Caribbean and they state there is one formal night. Our last several cruises have been on Oceania where the entire cruise is Country Club Casual. On Caribbean cruises , how dressed do they get on formal night? We always dress appropriately, but am not sure if my husband needs a suit for just the one night. We have been cruising for many years and I have been on these boards since they were on AOL. im not trying to start a “dress code” argument thread, but just want to make sure we are appropriately dressed.
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