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  1. @TN Roz what were your favorite things you did on the private tours? We are thinking of booking with Bodden for a private tour for the two of us. We want to go to the beach but not sure what else. We do not want to zip line and have done the monkeys & sloths already.
  2. Our 3rd person in the cabin will not be able to make it and we are doing them as a no show for the first time. They have not checked in online but should they and then at the port we just say they are not able to make it?
  3. What is everyone's favorite zip line? I didn't realized how many places there are. We have some in our group that want to zip line and a few that don't. We always watch them from our balcony on the ship way up in the mountain just zooming across. It looks like there are two places close to the port in Coxen Hole we could walk to like we did the sloth sanctuary or maybe book a tour with Victor Bodden or someone else. Thanks for any input and if you have extra details like there is a lot of walking, stairs, etc. involved with the zip line place.
  4. Eldon's is about a 12min walk from the port in Coxen Hole. We have walked there without any problems. When you walk out the main gates of the port area there will be a ton of men trying to sell you their tour or asking where you want to go, we just say no thank you and go on our way. https://www.google.com/maps/dir/8F73%2B2W9+Berth+1+-+Port+of+Roatan,+Main+St,+Coxen+Hole,+Honduras/Eldon's+Supermarket/@16.3142949,-86.5443527,1145m/data=!3m2!1e3!4b1!4m14!4m13!1m5!1m1!1s0x8f69e87eb2e63ff7:0xa13205f66048929c!2m2!1d-86.5451279!2d16.3125362!1m5!1m1!1s0x8f69e880ee79b343:0x8766e61a32a9e908!2m2!1d-86.538659!2d16.3140781!3e2?entry=ttu
  5. I was also wondering about this. Will be on RCCL Harmony so docking in Coxen Hole. We have walked to the sloth place and there are a couple of zip line places walkable too so wondering if we should just walk or book a tour. Not all in our group want to zip line but would like to watch. For anyone who has used Victor Bodden where do you meet them. Also which zip line place is your favorite?
  6. @The sea calls my name We have sailed out of Galveston multiple times and there is a small incline on the gangway usually and it's a little bit of a walk from getting inside the building to actually boarding the ship. My mom sometimes uses a cane on a daily basis and we usually jut go up the elevator or escalator once inside the port building and request a wheelchair. No need to request in advance just ask once you get upstairs. They have a little area with a few chairs to sit and wait and an agent with an iPad checks in your group right there then when a transporter/wheelchair is available and it's your turn they take you and escort your group past everyone and in the WC line through security. They will take you to just onboard then your on your own but it really helps my mom to not be so worn out just checking in and getting onboard. We always give the transporter a tip too. Since its your first time sailing from Galveston I would suggest getting the WC assist to board the ship and then you will know for next time but always better to be safe and have a great start to your vacation. Enjoy your cruise! @bundtkate Enjoying your review and we can't wait until we board tomorrow 2/11!
  7. Have you seen Eagle Rare or Blanton's at any of the bars? It looks like some ships may have it at the Pig & Anchor Brewhouse. Hubby will be excited if the Jubilee has it and it's included in the drink package.
  8. Sounds like we will be busy on the 1/6 sailing, lol. Thank you!
  9. If you happen to go to Guys Pig & Anchor Brewhouse can you please post a picture of the bourbon and whiskey menu.
  10. Enjoying your review!! Happy New Year!! The Carnivale was my first cruise in 1981 as a preteen. We had a group of 20+ family and friends it was fun times!
  11. For anyone on the current or first sailing of the Jubilee what shows are there, does anyone have the show schedule?
  12. What parking lot is closest to the terminal for the Jubilee? We have the Express lot booked but it looks like Pier 25 lot may be closer. Has anyone parked at the Pier 25 lot? We parked at the Express lot in Aug for the Dream and it was great.
  13. Do you happen to have a show schedule for the week? Wondering what shows are on the Jubilee and the times.
  14. Thank you. I only see clamshell rentals not the chairs/umbrella so will ask onboard.
  15. Happy New Year and have a great cruise! We board the Jubilee next Saturday. Loving your pictures thank you!!
  16. We will be on the Jubilee 1/6 sailing and haven't been to Mahogany Bay in several years. We do not want a clamshell but would like to try and get front row lounge chairs with an umbrella. Is there a way to reserve this ahead of time or should we just get off early to try for them? Is there a charge for front row and an umbrella? Can we buy the lift tickets ahead of time and how much are they? Is it quicker to take the chair lift or walk? Thanks for any help!
  17. There is usually a vegetarian Indian dish available each night in the MDR just ask. We went on the Carnival Dream in August and my husband ate vegetarian in the MDR and they had better & tastier options from what he remembers.
  18. Thank you @Merion_Mom for the information and sorry about the spelling mistake, lol.
  19. Thanks for all the information/input! Curious to see how the laundry situation works out too.
  20. Wondering if someone onboard the Ultimate World Cruise has any of the following stats or information about people doing the whole cruise: 1. Breakdown of cruisers by age groups 2. How many kids are doing the whole cruise 3. How many pinnacles are doing the whole cruise 4. If you booked a suite do you get suite benefits? I thought I read on here something about this but can't remember and I guess there is no star class or coastal kitchen on this ship. 5. I'm wondering what the most booked cabin type is for people doing the whole cruise I was just busy watching a few people on instagram that are doing the whole curse and excited to follow along and see how it all goes from fitting everything in your cabin you need for 9mos to the MDR (hopefully they add in some new options) to all the port days and just all the fun!
  21. @island lady I would really appreciate the topper information if you can post it.
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