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  1. We each have a May Summer Sizzle Offer for a free balcony. Boy are we glad we started cruising with RCCL again, Carnival’s offers are crap!!
  2. We are also interested in a private tour. We loved the Cozumel Bar Hop we did a few months and would like to take our boys ages 19, 16 & 16 to that side of the island. With Crecensio can you plan your own day? We would like to go to the east side of the island and revisit a few of the bars beach areas at our own pace.
  3. Thank you for the review and all the food/menu pictures!! Hubby and I sailed on the Harmony with my parents in Jan. We have been on many Carnival cruises the past few years and had been about 10 years since we sailed RCCL. Needles to say as soon as we got back we booked another cruise on the Harmony to take our 3 teen boys on and leave May 19!!! I hope it lives up to all the hype we've been giving it and I'm sure it will they are used to the Carnival Breeze or similar ships.
  4. We had the same itinerary in Jan on the Harmony, we also rented my dad a regular wheelchair for use onboard. I'm not sure who my mom used by the wheelchair was in the room when we got onboard. He used his walker to get from where the hotel shuttle dropped us off into the port terminal in Ft Lauderdale then we had to wait on a wc. Someone then took him in the wc the whole way through checkin and up to security, we followed along and then another person took him right after security I think onboard the ship, we then had him and my mom sit at the Boot and Bonnet Pub while we went to their stateroom to get the rental wc. In St Maarten we pushed him in the rental wc, it was a bit of a walk but was easy pushing him and then we found the line for a taxi to the airplane beach area. They put his wc in the back of the van, you pay roundtrip and they gave you a wristband for the return. We hung out at Sunset Beach Bar and grill. In San Juan my parents decided to stay on the ship and he enjoyed hanging out in the hot tub. I think the streets would be difficult to navigate with a walker or wc but you could use a taxi to get to places. In Labadee they had people with these special beach wheelchairs with huge wheels that were waiting and actually ended up taking both my mom and dad down to the beach. They were very nice and helpful in finding a place for us and gave my dad a ride when it was time to go back on board.
  5. Thank you for the replies, I didn't think to look for shorter sailngs before ours. We are also curious to see how Coco Cay goes.
  6. Were sailing on the Harmony on 5/19/19 and by looking I think this might be the first sailing once the Harmony moves from FLL. Wondering how smooth of a transition this will be. We have the Key does anyone know how early they have been letting people board in Port Canaveral? Thanks.
  7. Thank you for the heads up!! Just bought 3 full day passes at $33.99 for our Harmony 5/19 sailing.
  8. Thanks for the menus! Does anyone else have Jamies The Key menus? I know some have reported eating there on embarkation day lunch but wondering if they also had the same menu posted above. We sail on the Harmony on 5/19. Thanks!
  9. Someone just posted a list under the Offers received from club royale, go look at the bottom of page 114 on that topic
  10. We did too but I don't see a list anywhere do you have one?
  11. Now that would be nice but will wait until all our boys graduate high school, 2 more years. Also just booked another cruise to take them on this summer, boy will they be surprised, lol. We all 5 sail on the Harmony on 5/19. We had the Liberty 8/25 casino summer sizzle promo booked for just the 2 of us in a free balcony but paid a little to upgrade to a Jr Suite. Well we called today and changed that to the casino beer promo on Allure same date but better itinerary and newer ship. We both had and offer so they combined them and we still get a Jr suite but get $700 back. Well since we were on the phone we asked about the Liberty sailing 8/4 since we still had some discounts/trade in value and whoops booked 2 balcony cabins for all 5 of us for $1250 total!! We will try to keep it a secret and surprise them on the last night of our Harmony sailing.
  12. Got a good deal today. We originally booked a summer sizzle promo my husband got and paid a little to upgrade to a Jr Suite on the Liberty 8/25 (Galveston is about a 3 hr drive). Well after we booked that we both got a Beer promo for the same date but Allure and my mom also got the offer and wanted to book that for her and my dad. We called today to see if we could change to the Beer promo and they did that combining my & my husbands offer, still got a Jr Suite on the Allure and now get back $700! Of course we now have to fly to FLL and stay the night before but newer ship and better itinerary. Check your offers online frequently you never know what may show up.
  13. Thanks. We called and can get a balcony on one of the Freedom sailings offered.
  14. Thank you everyone!!! ABC islands it is plus either St Maarten or St Thomas. Now what are your favorite things to see/do at each place??
  15. Were used to booking with our casino offers on Carnival with our regular PVP there and new to Casino Royale offers so wondering if we can get a PVP or whatever RCCL calls them. So far we have just called the 1-800 numbers on the offers but would be nice to have the same person to always talk to. Thanks!
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