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  1. Awesome, thank you and glad she remembers them, she was so nice!
  2. Thank you!! Tell her Henry & his father in law LeRoy are asking.
  3. If anyone is currently on the Oasis and goes to the Rising Tide bar we would love the Chocolate Martini recipe. We were on last week and an awesome lady made my husband and dad the best chocolate martinis. We watched what she put in but now can't remember everything and it was around 5 or so ingredients. I planned to have her line up what she put in so I could take a picture but forgot and my Dad wants to make them for Christmas. I know there are tons of recipes out there and they had some from other bars but hers were the best. Thanks for any help!
  4. Cant wait to follow along...we board her for the first time Dec 1st and will also be our first Diamond sailing!!
  5. 3 weeks til we board the Oasis!! We had a great time on the Symphony and our diamond status now shows up, counting the days!
  6. How do I find this car service to book?
  7. He doesn't need an accessible taxi, we use Royals wc and my dad's walker otherwise. By private car service do you mean Uber? If so our Uber going to the port had no idea where to go so we were hesitant to get one when leaving.
  8. I'm sorry I guess that is important, lol. We were on the Symphony and loved it.
  9. We sailed from Miami for the first time Oct 26th. Scheduled a pickup with an Uber driver we used the night before and he was right on time. Now I don't know if it was his first time navigating the port area but he didn't know where to go and missed to exit for Terminal A so had to go way back around and with our help got it right. We pulled up and finally got someone to show us where the handicap drop off was, it was just a little further down from the regular drop off. When the porter saw my dad needed a wheelchair he went inside and asked for one then took our bags. A guy comes out with a wheelchair and iPad in hand and said he would escort us inside. He took us inside, up an elevator then checked us in on his iPad then right through security. No line whatsoever. After security he handed us over to another person/wheelchair who then escorted us right on the ship. We were sent and email a week or so prior saying there would be an inspection and not to show up for boarding until 1 pm, now we know like most others that were there early they always end up boarding almost on time. We were onboard around 11:15. I think it took maybe 15 min from the time we pulled up to stepping foot on the ship, it was the best/fastest experience ever and we thought our last boarding in FLL in a sky class suite was fantastic. Now to debarkation day. If you need wc assist they had you report to the On Air Lounge. My parents went down a bit before us so by the time we got there at 9 someone was ready to push him off, there were a few lines along the way but not much it was pretty quick. They have the new facial recognition so if you have a passport that part was quick. Then came the cluster F that was the taxi line. They parked my dad and the luggage at the front of the line, my mom & I waited with him and my Husband had to go get in the very long line. We waited around an hour for a taxi!! They sent a ton away without putting people in them, the lady working said something about them not having some sort of ticket or permit and they would then overcharge you. I don't understand why they let them clog up the traffic if they need some sort of permit. If anyone has a better suggestion please let me know we are not looking forward to that mess next month. When we got in a cab finally the line was twice as long!
  10. Were back & enjoyed the Holiday Inn. They have a little bar outside and had drinks out there late afternoon & walked on the beach. For dinner we took an uber to Joe's Stone Crab and it was fantastic, also pricey. We will all be back in Miami for the Dec 1st Oasis sailing and are already planning our dinner at Joe's.
  11. Thanks for the help. We are only there for the 1 night before the cruise & my dad has mobility issues and can only do a short distance with a walker. We will Uber. Is there anywhere somewhat close via Uber with good coconut shrimp, he loves that.
  12. We always book thru the casino and are able to combine our offers to usually get a better room and only pay port fees, taxes and gratuities. For the upgrade to the 2br GS that was a royal up bid, nothing to do with the casino. We both get regular mail offers and for some reason my husband only gets the same via email.
  13. Thanks everyone y'all are so nice and full of great information!! Yes closer to D+ and Pinnacle. 😃 We got lucky and were in a suite on the Allure during Dorian so instead of 14 points got 20. Even better was we booked through the casino and only paid port fees, taxes, gratuities for a JS then did a Royal Up bid less than a week out, upped it a tiny bit to what was still considered a weak bid for a GS. Well 3 days out got an email that we won our bid and not only got a GS but a 2br GS!! It was awesome and we really enjoyed eating all our meals in Coastal Kitchen and using the Suite Lounge and of course our amazing suite. We will forever be spoiled. For our Oct 26th Symphony sailing we again booked through the casino and got a JS for port fees, taxes, gratuities so double points again. Can you tell were trying to get closer to D+ and Pinnacle, lol. For our Dec 1st Oasis sailing we have a balcony and just booked that yesterday and apparently its pretty booked up so casino didn't work too much with us on the price. We are excited to check out the amped up ship. We would have rather waited but my parents booked back in the spring and my dad has had some health problems and they no longer need to travel without help.
  14. Were going on the Symphony Oct 26th, Halloween sailing and will turn Diamond. We know that we won't actually get any benefits until our (booked today) Dec 1st sailing on Oasis. So just getting excited and starting to research & see what benefits we get and what the Diamond lounge on Oasis will include, etc.. Maybe we should book a quick short cruse before the Symphony to get Diamond sooner, lol. We are going with my parents on both cruises and they will not be Diamond so I'm sure we won't worry too much with the lounge but will at least check it out.
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