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  1. Yes Valient Lady is sailing from Portsmouth in March & April on a 3 night weekend to Zebrugge and back including over easter bank holidays.
  2. Ashland, I think you missed the point, 🙂 my friend just wanted to know if anyone has in the past cruised with a hernia. ( see post 3 ) fluffybunny22 and station10fd answered my question and replied that they had sailed with a hernia. That was all he wanted to know but thank you for joining in the conversation.
  3. I guess it depends on the type of hernia and how big it gets. Some people can have them for some time without too much discomfort so good to hear your husband didn't let it affect his life and cruising. My friend realizes the soon he gets it done the better but in the UK the waiting list is very long and it will be a while before he gets it operated on unless it suddenly gets worse.
  4. sorry the added bit of " how risky is it" was my added bit. he does not need medical advice he will see his Dr. He just wanted to know if anyone has in the past cruised with a hernia.
  5. My friend is thinking of taking a Princess cruise but has an inguinal hernia he has had for about 6 months. Has anyone been cruising with a hernia and how risky is it ?
  6. Thanks for the update wendyam76 & Wansbrough I will check things out after my MSC cruise which is in a few days and look to see what choice there is. I am still in two minds about booking at the moment.
  7. I will be cruising on the MSC Virtuosa very shortly. I was aware that passengers who were not vaccinated could also cruise but feel pretty safe learning that before they cruise they must have a covid test and be able to prove it if they are not vaccinated. Also MSC are conducting a nasal swab test just before you go on board. What I really like though is that on a cruise ship for 6000+ they have reduced the number of passengers to 1000. For me that represents a better chance of less crowded areas. They will probably increase the number of passengers later on.
  8. There was an article in Daily Mail on Tues May 18th under Ask the GP Dr Martin Scurr with the title " In My View Shoulder pain linked to an unexpected cause. Maybe you should take a look at it as it mentions vaccine injections.
  9. Thank you for that information as I don't have a smartphone or App. For my MSC Virtuosa cruise coming in a few days fortunately I have been told my NHS card showing my 2 jabs will be OK.
  10. I was told by a customer service agent that I would need at least £2 million cover for the MSC Virtuosa cruise even if it is in UK waters.
  11. A good looking ship with sails, I hope Tradewind Voyages do well with her.
  12. That's good but I am one of those without a smartphone so cannot access the app and at the moment Virgin are unable to inform us about what proof is required. I have the NHS card to show I have had both jabs but until we get a definite acceptance by Virgin I feel it would pointless booking an August cruise at the moment.
  13. I would probably have booked one of the short cruises on Scarlet Lady from Portsmouth in August but they still cannot let us know exactly what proof you need to show that you've had the vaccines. As I don't have a smartphone and don't know if I can show the card that confirms I have had 2 jabs, I have decided it is not worth making a booking until they make their mind up about what proof is needed.
  14. Host Jazzbeau, it was fixed to the shelf below the TV and I couldn't see an obvious way to pull it off without maybe causing damage ...so i left it where it was. Next time I will put a heavy towel over it.
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