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  1. Could always soften wording to "and patient is encouraged to follow CDC..." Basically talk with your doc. Issuing a "fit to travel" letter shouldn't be a big deal, and I would imagine that a letter could be pretty easily worded so it shouldn't create unreasonable liability for the physician. Even just saying something like "based on my examination, Mr. So-and-so is medically fit to travel as of date X/X/2020". Or ask if you could sign a separate liability waiver between you and the doc... X never needs to know about that separate waiver...
  2. I'm sure there's wording that provides adequate "OK" from a physician while also providing adequate protection from liability to the physician. Something like, "based upon exam and medical history patient appears fit to choose to travel at this time, and the patient is advised to follow CDC and state department guidelines pertaining to choosing to travel."
  3. CLINICAL FEATURES Incubation period — The incubation period for COVID-19 is thought to be within 14 days following exposure, with most cases occurring approximately four to five days after exposure [32-34]. In a study of 1099 patients with confirmed symptomatic COVID-19, the median incubation period was four days (interquartile range two to seven days) [33]. Using data from 181 publicly reported, confirmed cases in China with identifiable exposure, one modeling study estimated that symptoms would develop in 2.5 percent of infected individuals within 2.2 days and in 97.5 percent of infected individuals within 11.5 days [35]. The median incubation period in this study was 5.1 days. Source: https://www.uptodate.com/contents/coronavirus-disease-2019-covid-19
  4. Did the Feb 29 sailing Here's my trip report Going off memory, I think it was the following: Embark day - can't remember Sea Day - Production show 1 Cozumel - Guest Comedian Sea Day - Production show 2 Key West - Guest musical performer Debark day - n/a
  5. I think median time to fever is something like 4-5 days, 14 days is basically the 95%+ you're not infected. Added in edit: We finished travel basically a week ago precisely, and since we're fever and symptom free we're likely fine (also no known exposure to covid, just looking at the fact that we traveled in general as our only "risk" factor).
  6. Here's the MDR menus. I'll try to get a couple Celebrity Today planners up tonight or tomorrow.
  7. Experienced cruisers in our mid-30s, 5-day out of Miami sailed 2/29/2020 on Celebrity infinity. Booked an ocean view guarantee and was assigned cabin 3073 about 7-weeks ahead of sailing. Short version is that we enjoyed the cruise, and would be happy to sail X again if the price and itinerary look good. Embarkation went smoothly, from the time we got out of the taxi to the time we were on the ship I don't think we had any waits (got to the port about 12:15). One thing to note, driver said Port of Miami has two main ways to get to it, a tunnel (which was closed, accident perhaps?) and another that crosses train tracks. We diverted away from the tunnel off his Waze alert, but then got stuck for a half hour at the RR crossing. Otherwise driving to PoM and navigating PoM seemed pretty straight forward. Cabin was located forward and port side from the main atrium where guest services and shore excursions desks are located. No complaints or issues with the cabin in general, although we did have a one-time problem with the tile in the bathroom - which was resolved with a repair visit while we did an excursion (pretty painless, just had to be out of the room for a few hours and then stay off the floor for a few more hours - since we were in port it was no biggie). We missed having a balcony, as this sailing had more ship time than our normal itins. we'd opt for. Food: we did the anytime dining but due to a food sensitivity by one of the cabins we were traveling with (2 cabins, party of 4) we ended up having the same time and server although still handled through the select dining option. MDR food was all solid with very friendly and efficient service, exactly in line with what we were expecting after sailing X, PCL, and HAL within the last 3 years. Buffett was below average, options seemed a little limited and repetitive (especially at breakfast) and a pet peeve of mine was that most of the food was cold by the time you got it back to eat it (esp. smaller breakfast portions). The culprit was the cold plates - which sucked the warmth out of the food faster than one could eat it. Entertainment: live music around the ship was all notably good. The production shows were fine, I'd rate as a B- and a B, one of the shows was pretty singing intensive but I think they are only packing 2 vocalists and then leaning on the dancers to have some decent signing chops so it was OK but not necessarily a stellar performance. The 2nd show asked for less vocal chops on the part of the dancers and came off better. We skipped both the comedian and musical group that were the other shows, but reviews of both were that they were pretty good. Ship Atmosphere: we had the Golden Girls at Sea affinity group having booked something like 800 of the spots on the ship. They were pretty amusing as a group since they had multiple dress up days where they were featuring themed attire. It did seem a little crowded on the ship on the sea days, and lots of empty chair "reservations" on the sea days - I may be overly sensitive to this though since we haven't sailed a non-balcony room in >10 years. Service was friendly, attentive, and efficient across all the bars and coffee shop. Sea Days: decent number of activities were offered on sea days, with the standard offerings like shopping, port talks, trivia. They had some creative offerings like a paper airplane contest and golf (putting) contest too. They also offered a galley tour, I think on the 2nd sea day, and had a couple wine tasting options (additional fee). I also got an for both sea days that sushi was 30% off on both sea days. Cozumel: We did the Atlantis submarine excursion through X. We got ferried right from the port out to the submarine (~15 mins) and then embarked the sub for a ~45 min ride. We went as low as 102 feet down! It was a great excursion, and we felt it was worth the cost. Lots of fish and coral, and a view that you really can't get without scuba certification otherwise (and a lot less effort and more comfortable than snorkeling or the snuba or scuba-sled excursions). We docked about 7:30 or 8 AM, excursion said meet at 8:15 and left at 8:30 and we were back onboard the ship by 11. I think this tour is available independently too, and is the same operator. We had OBC we had to use up, so we booked through X. Ate lunch onboard, then went back into port where we walked around the pier (Int'l Pier, as best I could tell) shopping area. Offerings were pretty touristy in general, and costs were a little high for being in the main pier shopping area, vendors were very pushy and we ended up quitting pretty early and heading back to the ship to enjoy the onboard facilities with a little extra elbow room while people were still out and about. Everyone in our group had been to Cozumel before, and we were there just over a year ago and had visited Chankanaab park which we really enjoyed. Key West: We did the Key Lime Bike Tour through X, and had a blast. Great way to tour the island, felt like we used up some of the extra calories we'd been consuming all cruise long, and got to taste some key lime pie. Tour is available independently too, and is the same operator. We had OBC we had to use up, so we booked through X. Tour met at 8:45, and we were done about 11:45. We walked back to one of the recommended restaurants for lunch, then walked around Duval for a while. KW feels very safe to walk around, and everyone was friendly and welcoming. Def has a nice beachy vibe and I think would be fun to visit for a few days as a land vacation. Of note, we did the US CBP at KW, so officers came on board the ship and checked passports starting about 7:30 AM. We had a form in our room saying to present to a set lounge at 7:50 for our CBP "interview", which consisted of them asking us where we lived while they looked at our passports. The nice thing is that we did NOT have to go through CBP in Miami, which made disembarkation even faster than normal. Disembarkation went smoothly. We had a 12:30 PM flight from MIA and were assigned to group 8 with a target debark time of 8:20. Things started a little early, and they called our group at 7:50 (meaning we were free to walk off as soon as we were ready after that, and our luggage was already going to be down at the pickup area). This was nice for us as we left straight from our cabin, which they asked pax to vacate by 8 AM. We left our room at 7:50 and we had our bags and were in taxi en route to MIA airport by 8:15 and were to the airport by about 8:35 AM. MIA airport seemed busy but not overwhelmed and we had our bags checked and were at TSA by about 9 or a few minutes after. Closing thoughts: We'd happily sail X again, but weren't so wowed as to say that we'd spend extra to sail with Celebrity versus Princess of HAL. Yes, each of the three lines does things a little differently, but nothing has been so much better as to "win" us over to just one of the lines. One thing that stood out, drinks are more expensive on X which is no biggie if you have a drink package... but a stella in the bottle was >$10 after gratuity on X. If you don't have a drink package but like your beers and cocktails, either consider booking with the drink package as a perk or be prepared to open your wallet. I saved basically all the documents that I could, and snapped pics of the MDR dinner menus and sea day lunches if anyone has questions.
  8. My employer (healthcare facility) just implemented a travel ban on all non-essential work travel and is requiring a 14-day quarantine leave/PTO (if you have days banked) for anyone traveling through Level 2 or Level 3 countries for non-work travel (as well as countries that get upgraded to L2/L3 by the time of your return). They also are recommending reevaluating any personal domestic travel carefully. This probably would fall under coverage for some travel insurance plans' "Cancel for Work Reasons" since it wouldn't be hard to get a supervisor to revoke previously approved vacation time for anyone they deem as "essential" and not able to risk losing to a 14-day+ quarantine following vacay.
  9. Fomites is the word of the day. Just off Infinity this AM. Avid cruiser, but I'm skeptical you can adequately reduce risk of transmission. Containment was the February word of the month, but now that covid is likely to be endemic to the US it's a matter of when not IF one of the ships becomes a major point of exposure for a patient cluster. I told my boss that I'm glad I was sailing at the end of Feb and not a few weeks later, and I stand by that.
  10. Then it's too late since I literally debarked today. Stay vigilant and complain immediately fellow cruisers! Also stay well everyone!
  11. Didnt have a chance, debarkation day. Will note in survey later today. Waiting on my survey now actually. Got my invoice so expecting survey soon.
  12. Just off X Infinity, and they've stepped up cleaning and sanitation. They were disinfecting stateroom hallway floor to ceiling and saw them disinfecting cabins as we debarked this am. [might have been due to an ill patient in our hallway section though?] Food service/safety not so sure about. Saw gloved cook using the pax facing tongs transfer fresh food into a warmer pan up in the buffet area. Also had ungloved server stick her hand into pastry bag to open it before placing food inside at Cafe Al Bacio. Overcoming staffs' habits may be a major hurdle if more ships end up becoming pétri dishes. I love cruising, but I think the industry has some rough water ahead for the foreseeable future. (Especially if covid ends up having a second wave, like what happened with the 1918 Spanish Flu outbreak)
  13. Reading between the lines, they notified the people affected and put out a quiet public release. Why would a full fanfare press release be needed when some email accounts were compromised and the contents potentially accessed by a third-party. Sounds like a pretty minor breach, probably passswords reused by employees and breach stems from one of the big account credential leaks from a while back. Not really news imho
  14. Depends on whether the ATM abroad posts the charge as the local currency to your bank, or if they post it to your bank in USD. Same trick as when a merchant will offer to run the charges in USD or local currency, if you let them run it in USD you'll avoid a foreign exchange fee (if that applies, varies from ~0-3% depending on your card) but the merchant sets the exchange rate. So your 10 EUD item might be "converted" to 12 USD by the merchant, whereas 10 EUD by your bank would be ~11 USD at today's approx rate. Also the Travelex ATMs at both JFK and CDG airports had terrible rates clearly marked... maybe they charge them as a processing fee or whatnot instead... but cost to withdraw money at both airports was too high. Thankfully HAM airport had some traditional bank ATMs. I also have a Schwab debit card, got it specifically for the fee waiver on out of network ATMs.
  15. I personally wouldn't want to pay $5-8 dollars in ATM fees to get $50 worth of currency. Also it's recommended security practice to only use bank ATMs due to the security risk of having a card (and account!) compromised by an ATM with a card skimmer. If you know you need to use an ATM abroad, I recommend getting a Charles Schwab debit card as they'll reimburse the ATM fees and set up a separate account so your risk is limited to what's in the account. Added in edit: there's also no guarantee that the third party ATM has a better (or even fair) rate - the airport in Paris had some ATMs that were gouging by about 10% above the daily rate, whereas Hamburg airport ATM was only about a point above daily rate. Europe was good about requiring them ATMs to disclose the rates, but it was up to the consumer to know what was fair. Having had family members who suffered having their bank accounts zeroed from a compromised debit card, I take simple card security seriously. They were home and we could float them some cash until their bank helped them out - imagine having only the cash in your wallet accessible until the bank can verify your fraudulent activity claim!!! In this day in age, it doesn't hurt to set up a separate savings account at one of the big banks that offers a high-yield savings account anyway (Goldman Sachs' Marcus account or Cap One 360 are two examples) and get the benefit of better yields >1.5% on your savings and a little extra security as it puts cash into a pot that is separate from your daily checking account. As to small amount of Euros left over on our previous cruise, I used them as tips for the crew (#2). My more recent Euros I stuck in a drawer and will use next time I visit the EU (#5), providing me with taxi money instead of having to fumble with a credit card.
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