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  1. LOL! Never think of it as I did not worry about a cancel tour or me missing a private tour. In the end due to agent, ship, loyality etc i owed very little. That was including many salon visits and tours. But no overland paid to the ship. Now next year---
  2. I can not even remember which port.. to many ports ago.
  3. Never have on Crystal. But have on Azamara. Mostly go buy caviar or wine. But several times I git money back. This fall could happen again. Just a new way of thinking. Like other cruise lines I pre pay my tours. If they cancel I get OBC. If I change mind it is mostly fir a better tour and I owe.
  4. Seriously!!! I mostly use up my OBC. On another line I have been given my refundable credit back if any left.This has nothing to do with tipping or not tipping this just not feel right. I do not know how a company can keep ypour money if you do no tours and never see the spa.
  5. I have been flying today. It is to the left of the cashier cage when looking at the cashier. I was told about it and used it twice. i prefered that than adding to my bill. I was on the WC and I like tipping bartenders and others. Personal choice.
  6. Most of the time you do stand in line waiting your turn. In general the booking table in the buffet area.at times it has been somewhere else. I would suggest standing in line ASAP. As I like to eat late I just go by at some point. If you need to eat early you should wait inline.
  7. I have used the crew fund on another line. I use tip envelopes at the end of cruise. If you need money there is an ATM machine on the ship. It is $5 each time you use it.which is less than some I have seen.
  8. Thoughtb25 still thought you could pick the food i like the Chinese and the French
  9. Been to all threevascwe have done Osaka. Going to do all of Japan and more this Sept.
  10. I almost always book my own flights and hotels. So easy to do.
  11. I finally realize why I think food is served to fast in Silk. Everyone who says it is pace out correctly is a table of 2 to 4 people. I only went alone there and found when I skipped a starter and had two mains with rice it all came at once. I need to say one dish at a time please. I did love my duck this past winter and the lobster all but one night. It was not spicy enough for me. it was cal;led curry and I needed more. Be glad for the heat as NC been extra cold for mid May. Last year I did not need a layer to walk. Your last two ports are not on my fall cruise on another line. But very happy to learn about them. Thank you!
  12. Keith and I use different terms. one show is way forward on deck 6- normally at 7:45 as I went to dinner afterwards. That room had the same show most nights at 9:30. I know this as I was stopped in my hallway to talk and i missed the beginning so never went. There is another room aft on deck 6 that the second show was roughly 10:30. No clue on the early show as I was eating dinner or in a bar.
  13. Thanks it is others one couple ate about nine.fast drink between show and dinner
  14. I find this interesting..the Ave Piano player was playing only before my dinner time or while I eat dinner. That is not late night at all. And why is the DJ nit playing until midnight. The only option for a night person is to wait to midnight to dance! I prefer mine between 11 and 12 or 1230. No wonder no one dances.
  15. The robe ok if just sitting..but I can not wear it down the hall to the spa..I would kill myself. Slippers ..wear none or bring my own. Nothing in ships are made for petite people. Same in hotels.
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