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  1. I realized that Keith did not mention that to step on land tomorrow it will cost each guest $14 American. We have a landing card stamped. We can not hire a taxi, not climb some hill all the way. If we do not leave ship we will not be charged. The ship figures it will know by checking where we clock out and in. So I will be on ship enjoying the ship.
  2. Too.. funny..wonder how much I drank! I know I have been dancing between the Cove and Pluse some nights. Several people are dancing to Ana and Humberto. They seem to play a huge mix for everyone. From rock to country to Latin. You had asked a question on what I loved about this ship. This is one reason alone. Dec 2017 I spent all my time in the Ave due to Charlie James. This year I stop in to say hi to crew or sit if tired from Pulse. To be clear at five feet the bar stools do not work for me. Yes, I know there are other chairs. Last night stopped into Palm Court..no dance music..to say hi to Kasia. I was the only guest in there at about 1020. Two crew working the bar and two crew allowed in bar. Please tell me why keep it open at night that late. Oh the ships idea of Jewish chicken soup last night was great. Loved the extra veggies. My Nana used less chicken in the bowl and I found I ate less chicken too. What else do I love..my cabin. Prefect size and fit for me. I take jetted baths almost daily. pool..being open past 7 at night. Yes, some cruise line I like closes the pool by 8. Some guests there hate that. Also everyone knows tiny cabins. another thing I like is the show bad here is still seven men if I counted right. Love the pre dinner cocktail food in bars and cabins. Love that the standard room service menu larger than most ships. The soup choice mainly. On one ship I had two choices here I think four or five. I know this from having a cold and wanted soup only. I saw the ladder and I so wanted to do this but the steps were to deep for me. If I had known about the road down. One guest said he got a ride down. Several crew went both ways. I did enjoy the church, shopping for crisps and getting the very cool blessing of seeing the upstairs of the hotel that downstairs is a tea room and a bar. my pictures are always on Facebook and Keith can always share them. I hope it helps you see just some of the many things I do like here. last week someone mention being friends with top officers on Azamara ..well I do believe it is the same here for long term cruisers. There are some crew here I like to invite for a drink or meal to say thank you or because they are fun but it is not allowed. The people I do eat with love sushi and we truly laugh together.
  3. Dancing at. Ight in two:bars . Some. Oval groups. Super great crew. My cabin and. Unblemished bath with jets,. crew friends Pre efectc cabin. Yfrjetbbbb)
  4. My private tour was set up for eight hours starting. Later as we sailed late. I followed up with several people about my tour and was told I do not have to change a thing. I had phone numbers and emails with me today to deal with that. i have been told to my face twice today not to worry that the ship will wait. Yes, I was going out at night but in a group. So we are all not thrilled. no, I never got notice until today’s Reflections. Also I know many love Prego but I know two other cruisers who will never go back. I have plans one more time. We will see how that dinner service goes. i get better service everywhere else but there. Sorry, to those who love it there.
  5. I was raise with cheese on the table to add more,same with sauces.yes, I could of ask for more cheese but could not find it or the girl.it was also shredded not grated over the. Bowl like good Italian place. as far as the other dinner went..roast beef was not served in a flat plate but a type of bowl. After asking for no gravy it was loaded with it, they use the same waiter so the kitchen did not listen. i have not been back to,Prego in weeks and giving it another try. I will pre order eggplant parm..last time not enough cheese but the sauce was good. But the chef did not know to bread and fry it first. Wonder how does the veal parm. as far as going back to another cruise line you people are stupid, most cruisers I talk to here have done many cruise lines and took cruise to do,Africa or get out of winter. Next year you have ports. Very few people love one line anymore ao rhry find two or three that work, so get over it,
  6. I am not sure about why but we have to,switch ports by six at night to bunker. Where ever are are dock they can not bring it to us. I have an eight tour from ten to six and was going to stay in town for a while Abdul taxi back. Plus we’re trying to meet people for a fast drink at night in a local bear. now we have to come back and can not leave new container port. Been in these types of ports but for all day and night. Seems to me it is a wasted evening.
  7. In Africa now. The Kenya one was done on,ice vor me on the ship.forgot price.ship charged 50 per person for Moz. I was flying for Moz to Kenya.. S Africa was no,Visa but two passport meet and greet.other ports no known memory of them.
  8. I had dinner with long time cruisers tonight in Waterside. My dinner was great. One WC cruiser found her dinner had I think cummin in it and ruin the dish. Not s dish I would eat on a ship? they also had major service problems in Prego to the point they will not go back. The steiners do not know them due to the time both couples eat. as far as soy sauce goes it belongs on the table to serve yourself if needed. tonight my wonderful pasta needed more cheese, I thought it was being left on table but it was gone when I needed it, the grating of it was done in kitchen and this pasta needed more and thicker cut. thank you to the cruiser who said she was sorry. The food been great I would just prefer to serve my own cheese, soy sauce , toppings for baked potatoes etc. I add as needed. to the rude person most cruises I know use two or three lines that work for rheur life style from ports to overnights. we lost a late night coming up that many guests now have to,adjust tours and dinner plans as we are now stuck on board due to moving the ship for petrol. Personally I have to,adjust a tour planned months ago..cancel dinner. What is the point to stay to ten and move ship. Just dock where we can fill up and port shuttle to gate. To me it a ruin even for guests who go out and for crew who plannedto go out. This is the second time this leg of cruise. the afternoon pool club And paddle tennis was in full swing well past 540 today. the night people live in a great world of peace at the pool every nice afternoon.
  9. i have had several dishes either cold or over cooked for me. Ow that I found a waiter I like I find everything in Waterside better. but in Prego or Umi Uma I never had the same person twice. So no one knows me. Last night I was with friends and the waiter tried to pour soy sauce for me. I said no thank you, later when I wanted some realized the soy sauce was not on the table. I believe it should be on the table. Most of what I had did not need soy sauce and every waiter pours to much..I add wasabi to it and if I tried to mix their pour it would all over the table or on me or my guests. Last time at the sushi bar. The waiter removed the soy sauce and my dish. I had to stand up to reach one of each. once in Prego I had to chase down water and ice. I find in there once served the waiter is gone. Not sure how to correctly handle it. After two months I gave up. Hoping eating with officers it will be better.
  10. Keith, like over half the crew and guests last night no one had a copy of the food and music menu. I now have one thanks to Jaisin the butler. Hoe it ended up in the butler pantry is beyond real. I was able to email friends the food and post on Facebook the music. It was wonderful.i like the fact that officers wore street clothes..something I wanted to see on. Another line for years. I understand why you did not go.. and strangely enough I took no food picture..yet the moon, me dancing, the band etc are on social media etween Robben Island and the township tour I really needed the TLC of last night.. anyone who is American knows I am remembering the past and I am not the same as pre Capetown.
  11. Now I am willing to say more on the event. We were told several times times it got cold in the evening.i would say the locals might I’d been colder than us. My. bus was last getting there. Mainly due to:a crew member coming in late. We first went ..fir many..back to,Dune 7 fir a fast picture stop. We then rode on the sand roads in. Ye, there and easier way called going back into the main road. When we arrived we waited in line with other buses to get closer to the tents,food and toilets. We could if walked from that area faster. we arrived to wine,beer, osyster nd other foods. There were caramels but I skipped them. we had tables under a tent with different disheses being served ..Tapa size. You could get up..many did..to get pictures in the sunset. Some if us climb a small hill for sunset pictures. the music was great..some African dance music, choir and later a Star Wars theme inside and out. We also had three songs by the greatest opera singer. She was so over whelming that I sat right there in the sand. While I had my eyes closes hands raised over head two people asked me if I needed a chair. Really! If I needed a chair I would of found one. Many guests missed all that as the left early. I was on the last bus back. What a great night. oh one guest left her purse in the bathroom and I waited a few minutes for her. Another guest knew where Stacy was and gave it to her. I am sure her passport and phone was in it. I never saw Stacy so I hope the guest got back on ok.
  12. Keith..not sure if you went tonight. Everything from the music to the food to the dancing was great.
  13. While Keith enjoyed his paddle tennis I was on a township tour. There are no words. happy children looking for candy, smiles, high fives, hugs and kisses.super poor homes with familes sharing toilets like the lower East side if the city over 100 years ago. Sunday church clothes, singers and more. My pictures still do not show all I saw. now to dress again for the WC event. Wearing what I wore on tour. Thry keep saying it will cool off. Only time tells that. the last two tours have been my ships highlight tours. Think the next two,are private.
  14. As I am on a shipI do not look at spam and this is spam mail. Not only woukd I nit tell my birth year I never tell my income. nor would I waste time on jr. oh well. We shall see what next cruise says
  15. Keith and I saw a lot of different Abdul the same things today. My tour..which I think you could get a taxi guide..was to Kolmanskop. This was a diamond mining town from about 1908 until,WW 1. The Germem boys were sent home to fight. Also with time they minded out the diamonds. So other places were torn mining towns. The town buildings were all,standing..with roofs. I saw everything from a house to,a bowling alley. We did not have enough time to see it all. later I walked by several buildings that Keith posted pictures of. I also was inside two churches and a restaurant. really an interesting day of history and sand. as Keith goes to bed early I want to say the Cove as a different vibe with new guests coming in in Capetown. It was fun before but now more alive. Sadly I am not enjoying the Ave As I have in the past. I am now on piano player number three and I just do not connect with him. His after dinner sets are very low key compared to others. When there is so much better music on board I just. Go find it. looking forward to my Settlement tour even with the long drive and the sea days to do my emails.My friends look forward to my emails.
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