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  1. I have brand new beach ones and evening ones.I plan on wearing mine inside the ship but when eating and drinking.but will not wear one walking or at pool.so easy to wear and it saves on lipstick.
  2. I found in the two WC cruises I did ..including the short 2020 one..that the toothpaste,body lotion and more that I packed lasted about two months. I was buying toothpaste in Tahiti. Know the ship prices are to high for bathroom supplies. So look at the ports of call that you might need to replace items in And judge your packing on that. I found I took four pairs of dinner shoes..one sneakers..but many flip flops. purses guessing 6. If you know you are doing cold weather more clothes. I flew home from a WC thru Paris to see it. Packed a suitcase for Paris..coat and shoes and
  3. I am more how late can I check in.I will be enjoying my hotel abd beach,
  4. I cN not add cruises not tried to book tours in ages
  5. Not had that age nwbtuon on AZAMARA but did on another line. We all fought it and won. The best boat I have been on in the carribbean. since I snorkel I just sign up..waiting for them to tell me no. would give up cruising first
  6. Not doing this cruise as first Windstar..FCC then Crystal Bahamas Then AZ in Europe and Carribbean. I love Prussers in Roadtown for the wings . The one in Sopers Hole has a different menu. Been in one in VA.. just for drinks. Did not know there was one in FL. The main problem will be if you can do your own thing. I do ships snorkels then go off. so I wonder what the rules will be. Not been to your beach in Barbados
  7. Wish I could send you on Cosol Tours in St Lucia. Done it more than once. Lots of nature and food and rum.Been several times on his tour..after he died not quite the same. have you been to,Prussers for lunch in Tortola? My to go place there for wings and Painkillers. These are great ports but had already booked Windstar to use the FCC and the Nassau cruise. I live in Asheville and I can get to Nassau in two flights. The Windstar was easier to overnight in Mia. Most islands is easier from Mia.
  8. I seem to like suitcases.been on two world cruises with five suitcases. I tend to pack like Keith and. Anne Marie. I take a 16 Oz bottle of body lotion and it lasts 2 months.toothpaste intake two tubes and buy more.I go thrn every item like that abd seem to run out about half way. I agree about the pills.My DR and ins will not give me enough. So I take a riots with me and get help in medical center. clothing..I get bored or the temp changes I so bring extra. for black tie nights I just wear a pretty dress. I have someone check my house every wee
  9. He said he would be back. Jaison trying to get to new ship.
  10. Many cruise lines have to rework their WC ports. I believe it is to early to tell anything . maybe we will be innMexico or South America.. or enjoying the carribbean.
  11. The port..which normally has six ships in some days. is right in the heart of the town of St John. Yes, it is for tourists but in winter I always see school children there is a local ice cream shop in a courtyard. After every snorkel tour I do I line up to get ice cream. This is where the locals go too! For a hotel close to town abd no the water is Sandals and others in Dickerson Bay. Honestly never been near a hotel as I snorkel. The island is known to have 365 beaches .
  12. Thank you .. hard to think with two cruise lines one out of st martins and one out if Nassau
  13. I just check my zip code. Several places but 2 or 3 days wait! if I want to,fly Monday the 23d whwn do I take the test? Friday?
  14. I know an agent who loves them. Heard cabin bathrooms were good to. I do not gamble. But did not realize ship was as dead as Regent at night.
  15. I have mixed feelings. I reach out to a few cruise friends, It is a lot if money to lose if we do nit go. No,I do not want to roll it over. Nothing booked on Crystal beyond WC.
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