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  1. Not sure how I got the second quote .it was aboutb12 to,15 in Paris for a high and the lows were about 10, with wind . Come home tomanywhere from 9 up.today was mid 20,s. Had heat on at times. At least you have lovely Italy .
  2. Lois is traveling with the dream team of Johansess, Heike and Eric. If the food is such a problem then Heike should know. I never eat in the MDR but in Prime C. The air con can be bad on the ship and much colder than other ships. I had to hsve my air made warmer on about every cruise. You got to enjoy Charleston and a great evening on the US Yorktown. you said nothing about the Patio or the buffets at night. Sorry you are not loving the ship
  3. I was in there last week. This is not the first church that had a fire and it was always rebuilt. I hope this time with a better roof. Be very happy younsaw the one from the 1800,s. They were working on the roof last week,
  4. I;did the steps once. St Helens were to:tall for me, butkotor I did it all. Never again.thst Joy was once like one down coney crap hill in Santonia .once !
  5. For me the flight was easy. I took a private car to airport..took the 1300 hour flight and was in hotel aboutb1530. With two suitcases and a carry on it was great. i was on a different line and my cruise included limo service. Prefect!
  6. Means it is the earliest. I got off around nine or later if possible. AZ tends to empty their ships by 9. Bigger ships a bit later.
  7. Between your port pictures here and friends on social media I am reminded how muchnI love Italy. I thought about staying longer on the ship when I booked and decided to come home for Easter. By the time I was leaving I wish I had waited thrust at least one cruise if not two. Would be warmer here in May I love these ports but will be back to Italy in 2021 and 2022. Enjoy them for me.
  8. Why are you leaving the ship,so early? I just flew to,Paris from Nice. I found it easy..went Air France.
  9. Same menu I had. But do not remember what my main was
  10. Keith, I remember seeing that very cool pull out drawer fridge,. For many it is great. For me it would not work. I can fit the ice bucket in the fridge so it lasts longer. Also I know my own wine or whatever bottles fit. There are sea days the butler woukd be in my cabin non stop just keeping me in ice i forgot about the lack of storage in the new cabins. I would not love that
  11. I enjoyed my evening there. Karen and the band were good. I was able to switch desserts to a lighter dessert vs a heavy one. I do not recall a veggie option for dinner. I would do it again. Friends never did it as they refuse to eat early. I skipped lunch to enjoy my dinner.
  12. I hate the table. To low for me i have used a bedskirt my whole life my cAn has more drawers than I use but will like more hanging space
  13. I wish I had stayed on for the next cruise or two abd clown home. Paris is cold today. Warmer yesterday. Ready for some heat again. Think all of Paris is ready fir real,spring.
  14. Interesting about the places on deck 12. A long term WC asked for both to be opened to 845 so they could go after the show. I made it many days at 845. Going to 9 makes sense after the show to stop abd refresh.
  15. I will dance as long as I can.. even if from sitting in a chair. right now in Paris. The louve is today and maybe the tower. Weather is cold but dry. The heat inside hotel is to warm. But loving the walks
  16. I know from sailing in the carribbean on Crystal it will be a younger group. I miss children..I would of enjoyed the next cruise with children. i left the ship today. I really just never said good bye It was see you later. It was easier for me. My plan is to be back but it is all up to God. i had a great time in general. Met some lovely guests. Became friends with crew. Had some fun nights eating sushi with my sushi guys. Already missing my floating ship.
  17. My travel agent can track down JR but not Quest. Think she found Pursuit too.
  18. To late to read anything, the been very choppy the last two days. We lwft port at 10 and was looking for drugs by midnight. Sane with leaving Malaga. lots of happy pills. Last night was wuld in Pulse. I hear the bartender left about 4 abd she recieve help from another crew member. I gave up at two, where were these people all cruise? Last few days was four churches and two museums and one very late lunch with wine plus new dresses. Making the last of a great cruise even better.
  19. I am booked for the meeting if the three sisters in Oct. also switching ships in Venice. So I am sure by now they will not ruin the meeting or the party planned for that.
  20. I will put this bluntly. AZ ..which I love..does not get the best of Steiner. I am on Crystal now. Had my hair colored three times and some layers added. It looks great. Also they have better luck with nails too. This cruise line uses Steiner also. i believe Steiner sends the newbies to AZ but people who know what they are doing come here. Also they come back here. AZ rarely get a Steiner person twice
  21. I started with Passport Health. I had to travel an hour each way. A friend was going with me. Then Passport Health cancel the app. So several months later I was to be in DC. I could get the booklet as I did not want the shot after having unplanned surgery. If I had wanted the shot the closest place to DC was an hour away. my Dr thought I should have it at one point. But never did as it was to hard to get. a friend was in Mexico and got it there for less money and found it was everywhere.
  22. It is very hard to find in some states. I went to,DC to see a friend abd desktop with paperwork in the city. The closest shot was an hour away. From where I live two hours away. So I have papers to say I do not need it. also it is now good for life vs two years.
  23. Friend sent me this info tonight. Somehow missed that in my ten plus years with RCI,Celebrity and AZ.
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