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  1. Lemon drop martinis - Mmmmmm good. I had this one at the Movenpick the night before boarding the Koningsdam for Norway. What a wonderful trip that was.
  2. Happy Anniversary, Joy and Allen. For some reason I am attracted to cold weather cruises - Iceland and Greenland, Alaska, Norway Midnight Sun, Antarctica.... Irish Coffee is my go to drink on those cruises.
  3. Go, Millie!!! What an inspiration!
  4. Yes, that is it!!! Too much sugar for me now, but I did enjoy it back then.
  5. Great news from this corner of the world. Matt and Laura have been cleared to return to work due to negative COVID tests. Prayers answered. This is definitely a celebration, socially distanced of course.
  6. I remember back in the 70s when brandied fruit was all the rage. We had big containers on our counters full of fruit that was being "brandied". Each week we put in a different fruit and a cup of bar sugar. Eventually, it got so out of control and I was out of things to hold it, that I dumped it all. I tried to give away starters to others, but they wanted nothing to do with it. It was good, though, especially over ice cream.
  7. I've been known to shovel a path through the snow to get to my Weber to grill out now and then.
  8. Greetings all, Happy Birthday to Joy! And what wonderful news about Jacqui's sister and BIL. On our front, Matt and Laura continue to progress. They'll go for follow up testing sometime this week and we are hoping for negative results. Love, love love the pictures of the volcanoes. I hope to get back to see Herculaneum some day. I really enjoyed Pompeii years ago. Volcanoes were one of my favorite things when I taught 8th grade Earth Science. Here's some fall color from yesterday's walk around the neighborhood.
  9. We used our FCC as a deposit on our cruise for next September. The FCC was from a cruise HAL cancelled when they sold the Rotterdam and the new cruise was the replacement.
  10. Greetings everyone! I enjoyed the cat pictures, but never had one as a pet. Dad didn't care for cats, so we had dogs. I did get the high dose flu shot this year along with the pneumonia shot. I generally didn't get the flu vaccine due to having had Guillian Barre Syndrome many years ago, but in discussing it with my doctor and a couple physician friends, we decided that the risk from the flu was greater than the risk from the vaccine. So far, so good. Not even a sore arm. Thank you for your continued prayers for Matt and Laura. Matt reports that they are both feeling a bit better today - not as tired. So, we are anxiously awaiting those negative tests next week! Take care and be safe.
  11. Greetings to all! I again want to thank all of you for including Matt and Laura on the prayer list. It is working. Symptoms remain mild and they are nearing the end of their quarantine. They plan to be retested early next week. Let's hope for a negative result! Great news for Mrs. VMax. I hope she has has a full and speedy recovery. Still hoping for good news for Jacqui's sister.
  12. Oh, my goodness, that is not good. She goes to the top of the prayer list. Sorry to hear this, Jacqui. Yes, thank you for asking. Matt and Laura report that their symptoms are still mild, mainly loss of smell and taste. We are thankful for that aspect and hope they continue to do well. They are about half way through their quarantine and will be retested at the end of 14 days. They both need a negative test in order to return to work.
  13. I am so sorry for your loss. I'm sure your friendship and company was a source of great comfort to your friend.
  14. Greetings, all. I agree that every day should be Good Samaritan Day or at least try to leave those you encounter feeling better than you found them. I think 2020 has made many of us face our fears. I remember last April when I absolutely had to go out and wondering if that was the trip that was going to kill me. Matt and Laura are doing well. Their symptoms are still mild. Matt reports that they are eating healthy foods since they can't taste anything and can't enjoy the fun stuff. Thank you for continued prayers. Meanwhile, I am taking advantage of the great weather here - sunny and high 60's. The pictures are from yesterday's hike.
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