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  1. Oh, dear. I hope it is something that he gets over quickly. Prayers for his healing.
  2. Wow! That is gorgeous. It was a steal for $15.
  3. Good morning, everyone! Pie day sounds wonderful. When I was teaching we used to celebrate Pi Day on March 14th. The kids had to do Pi projects. They loved it. We ate pie all day long and had Pi inspired fashions and paper chains and you name it. Today's dinner sounds great, but I made the big pot of chicken soup yesterday. I'll be eating that for the next few days. I would love to get to the quilt shops around here sometime soon. I want to get fabric to work on a project during the rest of the winter. It will probably last through next wint
  4. Greetings, everyone. Chicken soup it is! I have it simmering away already. Should be good to go for dinner. As for the vaccine, yes, I would have liked to be first in line, but I wasn't. I'll get it when I get it and until then, I'll continue what I've been doing for the past year. The only thing I miss is water fitness class and I will go back after I have the vaccine. The one thing that does concern me is when we begin to judge the "worthiness" of others, especially when we are not privy to their medical histories. This is not something that I have cont
  5. Good evening, everyone. @VMax1700I am so sorry about the loss of your cousin. I am keeping your wife in my prayers and hope that her treatments go well. @Dismomx5I chuckled about school at home. A friend of mine, who is a physician, called me up a few weeks ago and began with, "I have such new found respect for your profession. How do you do it?" And he only has one to supervise. The siding guys finished up today. The new gutters were installed and all the finishing touches applied. I did buy a new light fixture for the front door as the old one would hav
  6. HI everyone, I'm late to the party today. Spent some time watching the inauguration and then supervising the siding project. It moved inside today so they could do the drywall repair around the window where the wall was rotten out. Tomorrow will be the last day. They'll finish a small amount of siding, replace the outdoor lighting fixtures, install the gutters, and mud the drywall. I will be thankful when it is done.
  7. I love Mike Holmes. I don't remember Holmes Inspection, but I watched a lot of Holmes on Homes. Then, he had another one with his kids, but it wasn't on for long. He did some good work, especially the shows where he fixed problems in peoples' homes due to poor construction. I learned a lot from his shows. Some of the others are strictly entertainment and I think people are coached in their reactions for the drama. It isn't so concerning now on Property Brothers when they find a problem because they always find a problem and it is always very expensive. But, somehow they manage to
  8. I was thinking along the same line as far as friends go. Through the Daily we've all made some great friends. We did have the one Zoom meeting and we can hope to meet up on a blue hulled beauty some time in the future. I am sorry about your eye condition. It sounds like you know just what to do with it. I hope the flare up is a very brief one.
  9. You gave me my morning laugh! I sure hope the oven is still working. I always wondered on those shows why they didn't catch some of the problems in the home inspections they say they do. And, when you are budgeting for a remodel, it is standard practice to have a certain set contingency for those repairs you find. Dan told me 10-20%, depending on the scope of the job.
  10. How very true. So, now we have a good reason to renovate our homes every so often!
  11. How wonderful! It can be done! Thank you for being a part of a great effort.
  12. It is always something. When I had a new floor put in the kitchen I had to replace part of the sub floor because it had gotten soft. Dan, My Handyman, kept apologizing for the added cost, but I reminded him that was part of renovation. I wasn't surprised by that or the problem yesterday. I guess I've watched enough HGTV throughout the pandemic.
  13. I was surprised when they let you book this because they wouldn't let me do that. We had a b2b from the 11th to the 25th that was supposed to be round trip Boston. Then, they changed it to round trip Montreal, so we wanted to drop the last week and replace it with the sailing starting September 4th from Boston. Because of the CDC 7 day ruling, they wouldn't let us do that. So, we cancelled and now we've booked Norway for 14 days in the same time period.
  14. Yes, the price has gone up. I don't know how much yet, but the work had to be done. Fortunately, that is the only problem they ran into. I did know there was some damage that needed to be fixed because the wallboard beneath the window was soft and the window frame was rotted. I also have a spot on the ceiling that needs to be fixed due to an improperly installed roof a number of years ago. I also had people come out because of problems with that, but no one could pin point where the water was getting in. We put a sealer on the roof until I got it replaced. I think that is
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