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  1. On my upcoming 14 day cruise they had 14 day passes as well as 7 day passes. I called to check on that and they said it had been loaded incorrectly and that if I tried to purchase the 7 day pass it wouldn't go through.
  2. We had one of the N cabins a number of years ago. It was a good cabin. The only complaint was noise in the morning when we were coming into port. We were always up by then, but late sleepers might be bothered. There was plenty of room in the cabin.
  3. Just noticed that it is available for our cruise as well. The article says menu information would be available by the end of last year. Hmmmm Let me know how it is.
  4. Totally amazed by the number of infectious disease experts on this forum.
  5. On the Volendam and Eurodam you had the pop up restaurant and the menu is a bit different. I do agree that the pop up menu is pretty good, but I also like the full restaurant menu a bit better.
  6. Nieuw Statendam, June 7, 2020, 14 day Voyage of the Midnight Sun. I will be joined by my sister, Sue and our friend Donna.
  7. I'm waiting for them to open for our June 7th cruise. They seem to be dragging their feet on this more and more.
  8. Happy cruising to all. Back to the couch and ice bag for me.
  9. I paid ours early this year for June. My PCC said she has never known of prices going up past what they were when we booked the flights, but the amount of increase they were seeing was making her nervous. She said there is a disclaimer that the final price can be adjusted on the flexible fare. Fares have almost doubled since we first booked ours.
  10. Click on call schedule to the right and fill in Nieuw Statendam and June 2020. The result shows Bontelabo 2.
  11. Happy New Year to all. Be safe tonight.
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