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  1. They told us we would when I was on the Koningsdam in 2017, but we didn't. However, the advice to savor the journey and report when you can is good.
  2. Last summer they had a DJ and dancing in the Crow's Nest. We enjoyed watching the couples dancing. There was one couple that was exceptionally good.
  3. Checked luggage is not handled gently. Think of what that could do to cans of soda.
  4. The Retreat area aft of the Lido and main pool is more of a wading pool than anything else. The only real pool on the Rotterdam is the main pool on the Lido deck.
  5. It is also on the itinerary for the June 2020 cruise as well. I'm hoping it stays there.
  6. I bought some for my cruise this summer. I have used them here at home and they do help with back issues and allow me to go a lot further than I could without them.
  7. Not sure of that, but the Postmaster where I live said they would not resume delivery until the mail that was held was picked up. So, if you're gone for 40 days and pick up the mail on day 41, it should all be there. I don't have it held anymore. A good friend picks it up and also checks out everything in the house, turns lights on and off, etc.
  8. One summer I was taking classes in Madrid and was going to be gone for six weeks. I put in an order to hold mail and the postmaster told me that they could only do it for 30 days. He told me to send him a postcard around the 30 day mark and ask to have the mail held at my address until the date of my return. That would act as a second order. I did it and it worked.
  9. The Mariner Discount does apply to the cost of De Librije. From the Mariner FAQ: The Pinnacle Grill, Canaletto and Tamarind all qualify for Star Level discounts. Le Cirque and De Librije and themed evenings in the Pinnacle Grill such as Chinese Dinner, Japanese Dinner, Indonesian Dinner, Australian Dinner, South America Dinner and Radio Show Dinner also receive Star Level discounts. Master Chef Dinner, Cellar Master Dinner, and restaurant packages are excluded from the discounts. I don't think the $69 includes the wine pairings. Or, if it does, it is the small taste and not the large one.
  10. It is only $4. When I compare that to the price of the cruise, it is affordable.
  11. I'm with cruisemom wanting to know what decision changed history!
  12. Well, we'll see what happens this summer. I'm back on the Rotterdam, so I expect that it should be the same. But, a different PG manager can make a difference.
  13. I had no problem with getting my Sel de Mer discounts, thanks to you! However, unlike the Pinnacle and Canaletto discounts, Sel de Mer discounts did not show up until the day I had dinner there.
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