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  1. @VintageGeo What wonderful pictures! Wow! Just Wow! I love the pictures of counted cross stitch and other crafts. What a talented crew we have! I have done quilting in the past. Nothing on tap right now, but I should go get some fabric for the winter. Yesterday's fun was filling in holes in the wall from nails and such. Today I am sanding the repair spots. I have to spread the fun out. COVID is running wild here right now. Our positivity rate is over 15% and we are once again talking about alternative sites for hospital patients. Already mos
  2. Great show and I am really happy that we changed our plans and booked Norway for next year. The scenery was as beautiful as I remembered.
  3. We got quite a bit of snow last night into this morning and then through the day today. It is supposed to continue for a few more hours. I was glad I had done my grocery run yesterday in anticipation. I stayed in all day today. I took my shower and put clean pajamas on. That is total decadence. But, I was productive. I dusted and polished the furniture in my bedroom, swept the floors, changed the bed, did laundry. It really didn''t seem like much. I did leave some for tomorrow in case we are snowed in again. @Seasick SailorThe kitty is so cute. Enjoy! @DeeniEncinit
  4. We have a winter storm warning for tonight into Wednesday morning with the possibility of 5-9 inches of snow in my area. I did a grocery run this morning, so I am all set. Sister Sue went home to her cabn in the woods and is hunkered down there. Roy, I have a brother like yours - most families do - and I don't discuss politics with him. He pontificates now and then, but I just don't respond to it or just ask clarifying questions. The questions bring him around full circle and he gets confused, so he drops things. I did cut off contact with a cousin who was just plain abu
  5. I am so sorry about your niece's husband. Hugs and warm thoughts across the miles.
  6. Stuffing and gravy are also good for breakfast.
  7. They had switched the itinerary from Boston/Montreal/Boston to Montreal/Boston/Montreal. That didn't work as well for us so we tried to cancel the second week and add a week at the beginning to get the Boston round trip that we wanted. They wouldn't let us do that and said we had to choose which of the two weeks we had booked that we wanted. When we cancelled both of those and booked Norway, they simply transferred the deposits over to the Norway cruise. The perks did not transfer as they only go to the same product, according to the PCC, even though they weren't offering the
  8. The shoe will drop on the Canada/New England back to back cruises. We had one booked and can only keep one of them, so like Crazy for Cats, we cancelled both and booked Norway for 14 days.
  9. I am so sorry to hear this. My sister is my cruising buddy as well. Prayers and warm thoughts across the miles. Excellent news! Kind of offsets the puppy disappointment.
  10. That's funny about the kids wondering if you got new dishes. I figure you might as well use it if you have it. Otherwise, it is just one more thing that needs to be dusted.
  11. Today was almost Buy Nothing day for me, but I called my PCC and switched our doomed Canada/New England b2b cruise to Norway. A little more expensive than CNE, but hopefully a little more stable of a booking. We did put the Christmas tree up and decorated that. I also got outdoor decorations for this year. I have pine balls for the porch railing and a garland for the lamp post with a big red bow. For years I was always in Michigan with my dad during Christmas so I didn't even put up a tree. Now, since I am home, I enjoy the tree and decorations.
  12. Cool! My nephew may be interested in Grandma's Belleek China. She had quite an extensive collection - enough for a dinner party!
  13. The dishes were my grandmother's. I feel so fortunate to have her china and silver. I've read that Millennials aren't interested in having the old stuff like that, but I love it!
  14. My sister crawled out from her refuge in the woods to join me for dinner today. We figure if one of us goes down. we go down together. Dinner was wonderful and worth all the work.
  15. Happy Thanksgiving to all who are celebrating today. I am very thankful to all who contribute to this thread on a daily basis. It is such a joy to have this connection to others, especially since I live by myself. It will be a quiet gathering here today, but that is ok as I am holding out the big prize - being able to gather with the entire family next year.
  16. Oh, I am so sorry. Take care and I hope you heal quickly.
  17. I'm not seeing it, either. I talked to my PCC about it and she said she'd call me on Friday.
  18. That was what put the skids on for me.
  19. Greetings to everyone tonight. I was in 5th grade when President Kennedy was shot. We had TVs in the classrooms, so we turned it on and watched until it was announced that he had died. We were also dismissed early from school that day. I remember I was home when they were moving Lee Oswald from the Dallas jail and watched Jack Ruby shoot him. Quite a bit for a 10 year old. Shortly after that I learned that a friend I had had when we lived in Texas also died on November 22nd of leukemia. Happy Birthday to Angelcat. Prayers for Hflors family and Happy Annive
  20. Columbus is in bad shape with COVID. I'm sure Franklin County won't be alone in the purple category by next week. I have many friends in Columbus so I keep them in mind all the time. We really need that vaccine!
  21. Good morning, everyone. The county I live in has issued a stay at home advisory. They haven't made it mandatory which means most will ignore it, but they are advising us to only go out for emergencies and food or medications. I pretty much do that anyways, except for a few hikes out in nature where I am well distanced from anyone. The hospitals here are nearing capacity. That is the real issue. If we exceed capacity then we begin to triage and people who might normally be admitted will be expected to suffer at home as only the extreme cases will be treated in
  22. It may have been Bad Day Day, but I had a wonderful day. Some friends came over for a socially distanced outdoor brunch. We lucked out with the weather. It was sunny and bright and in the sun it felt quite comfortable. We set up snack trays on the front porch and ate out there and before we knew it, it was 2:00 pm and Bob had to go back to work. I really enjoyed preparing the brunch and even though we went inside one at a time to fill out plates and ate outdoors, it felt kind of normal. Who would have thought that we could do that on November 19th in northeast Ohio! After
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