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  1. Roz, there's a "Hotel" tab on left margin of the details page. It's the Sofitel Le Louise and, according to the map in the website, it looks very central. Should be a great location.
  2. They don’t monitor or care if you bring your own alcohol. Just remember that beer and wine are free- and free flowing- at lunch and dinner. Prosecco/ mimosas at breakfast, too. The wines are excellent and reflect the area you’re sailing through. A red/ white/ and blush, as well as a Sparking, are available every night. Reconsider packing a different outfit for every day. Mix and match. Repeat every other day or so. No one will notice. No one will care. We do 10-14 day cruises with a 20 inch carryon, and a little tote bag each. Don’t forget your electrical adapters. And an extension cord!
  3. They have a great, fast laundry service. But no self service. I’m not sure what the rates are. We’ve never needed to use it.
  4. Yes, that’s it. They’ve been calling it “Bistro” for several years. its basically the same fare as what is being served in the dining room, but served in individual, covered dishes and smaller portions. Smaller selection of desserts, too. Lunch in the lounge is not the same as lunch in the dining room. Lunch in the lounge is basically soup, salad, and sandwich buffet with maybe a light pasta entree. In four cruises we have never had lunch in the dining room. We just don’t care for a heavy meal at lunch. They will also have at least one lunch “barbecue” on the top deck on a pretty day. burgers, sausage, grilled chicken, fries. It’s kind of fun. Longer cruises may get two of these.
  5. It’s roughly the same time as dinner in the dining room. 6:00ish? After the evening briefing in the lounge. The portions are much smaller though, so it’s up to you as to how much you eat. It’s not on demand. They serve at a certain time but, if you’re wanting to go to bed early, you can easily be out of there in 20-30 minutes. It’s self serve. i believe you also have to sign up for it as there is limited seating. Maybe 20 people? It’s a nice, quiet change of pace room but we really like the full service experience in the dining room, too.
  6. Jeans are fine during the day for breaks down lunch. You’ll be quite out of place in jeans in the dining room at dinner, BUT...most nights they have a very nice Bistro service during dinner time in the lounge. Basically the same fare as in the dining room but it’s dished a la carte in smaller portions. You get to taste more than one entree. Very informal. We really enjoyed it. It’s great if you don’t want to dress for dinner.
  7. We’ve done four Avalon in the past five or so years. I tend to wear dress slacks with long sleeve shirts, or khakis with a dress or polo shirt at dinner. Sometimes with a navy blazer. Depends on time of year. Two cruises were hot summer time. Definitely no blazer and mostly no dress shirts. My bride tended to wear black dressy slacks with various tops and accessories for variety. She also takes a simple cocktail dress. Whatever she wears, she rocks it! We do 10-14 day cruises with carry on bags only.
  8. Awesome, PlayTennis! You got this. Now you can relax and enjoy the cruise til the very last minute!
  9. I suggest you follow their advisory and not book a flight before 1000. A departure of 0730 means you’d have to leave the ship by around 0330 to allow an hour travel time. your 90 minute connection at LHR should be quite doable. BA recommends an hour for connections within the same terminal and 90 minutes if you have to change terminals. Variables include your physical capabilities to walk quickly, and where you’re sitting on the inbound flight. A seat near the front of the plane can be worth 10-15 minutes. Of course, there’s always the potential for your first flight to be delayed, too. But what I would NOT count on is the ship arriving several hours earlier than scheduled to accommodate pax who did not adhere to the advisory. You’ll be doing yourself a big favor by booking a later connection in London- or a totally different connection city that allows for more transfer time. It’ll take a lot of stress off of you and you won’t be spending the last few days of your trip worrying about your flight home.
  10. Roz, They often waive a certain number of single supplements on some cruises. I’m glad you were able to snag one. We’ve done four Avalons In the last five years and love it. Will probably do the next one within a year. You’re going to love it.
  11. I had three minis in my backpack. They've been there for years. Sort of "Just in case" in my travels. They were not noticed in the security scanner. We had two twelve packs of Cokes in our checked bag. I had four beers in one of them, spaced so that they were not on either end and not visible from the hand hold punch out in the middle of the carton. They actually opened my checked suitcase and partially peeled open one end but did not discover my beer. For the record, we bought one bottle of Rum on board. With fees it cost a little over $100 but we got many drinks out of it. (We don't like really strong drinks.) We saved a ton of money over buying drinks from the bar. We made our own Mai Tais buy getting orange juice and Passion Fruit blend juice during breakfast hours and keeping it in the cabin fridge. Also made rum and cokes. We thought we might run out but we finished the last of the rum only as a night cap on the lat night aboard. As we are not heavy drinkers, this served the two us quite well.
  12. Just returned today. Falstaff parking was terrific. Easy in and out. Shuttle buses always there. The parking was in an enclosed building. An old warehouse or something. When we arrived today, The Falstaff Van was right there and we were soon on our way! I highly recommend them. Great Service. A further note: Get a porter to take your bags from the arrival area to the shuttle van. We were in the van within 15 minutes of stepping off the Vista today (4600 pax on board) and we were about the last group off the ship. The arrival hall was packed and the line to exit customs was running about an hour but the line for "Porter Assist" took about five minutes. Definitely worth a big tip for the porter. Getting Porter Assist along with the quick Falstaff shuttle put us at our vehicle in about 25 minutes after getting off the ship!
  13. We just returned from the Vista 11/16/19 departure. There were about 4600 out of a possible 4800 pax on board. It rarely felt crowded except for special events and only then, if you arrived just before the event started. Comedy Club was usually full but was not a problem if you arrive 15 minutes early. This holds true for virtually all events. We had flex time dining and were very pleased with it. We usually ate around 7:00 PM. The only time the dining room felt crowded was on the first night. We always got our table assignment within a couple of minutes after requesting it on the app. No overcrowding ever in Horizon dining room.
  14. With a large group like that, I would prefer to sit at two eight-tops. It makes for a more intimate dinner. With 15 at the same table, you can't talk to everyone anyway. It will be much easier to get two or three tables than one big one.
  15. We leave on the Vista tomorrow with kids and two grands. Can you tell me more about this "secret breakfast" place?
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