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  1. I sometimes referred to mine as the APs. (Aged Persons.)
  2. With YTD, you may well have to wait quite a while to get a large group seated together like that. It would be much easier to split into tables for four on most nights. Maybe once or twice try to get together if necessary. With a large group like that you can't carry on a conversation with anyone, anyway, except the ones next to you. Some of the group may actually prefer not to be joined at the hip all the time. I suggest being flexible or be prepared to wait a long time every night.
  3. Is it worth the hassle of getting into the long line of cars to drop off someone at the ship, THEN go park and take the shuttle? When the shuttle gets to the terminal, does it have to get into the same line of cars that are just dropping people off?
  4. We used a parking lot with shuttle near the ship a few years ago but I have forgotten who it was. We reserved a space via email ahead of time. What do you suggest for Galveston parking? Thanks!
  5. I've had three mini "airline" bottles in my backpack for years, just in case. Airport security never bats an eye at them. Are they likely to get confiscated at check in at the ship?
  6. Are your chances better trying to slip a bottle or two in checked suitcases, or carryon? Do they not allow any bottle water (or partially consumed soft drink in plastic bottle) to be brought on board anymore? We usually have a bottle with us in our carry on backpacks? We will be bringing two bottles of wine (allowed) and at least one twelve pack of canned soft drinks. Any problem with that? I read somewhere upthread that their soft drink carton was opened for inspection. Does that happen often? What are they looking for?
  7. They actually opened up your soft drink cartons? What were they looking for?
  8. My advice would be to take the longer drive to Zurich in order to get a nonstop back to the states. DC, Newark, Chicago, etc. That's assuming you're flying directly home after leaving the ship. Be prepared for a very early disembarkation. The cruise lines like to get you to the airport three hours before departure even if you have priority check in and security. In our four cruises, we've never departed the ship on the final day in daylight. Flights to the US depart around mid morning, for the most part so you have to depart the ship early. We just came home from Budapest and had to leave the hotel at 3:15 AM to make a 6:10 flight to Frankfurt.
  9. We also just returned from our fourth Avalon. We love the Suite Ships. They've had the large state rooms in most ships for several years now. 200 square feet is huge compared to many other cruise lines! Glad you had a great time!
  10. Highly unlikely anyone would ever know, or care. To the security screeners, it'll look just like another tube of cream or ointment. And security screeners are very unlikely to care about possible illicit drugs. Not their job.
  11. We were coming home from BUD early Wednesday morning and a couple in the Biz lounge were reading that news. They were connecting to KLM in AMS. They had already checked their bags at the counter The lady very positively said "At least we're on the way home."
  12. It's tucked into a corner under the "grand staircase." Easy to overlook. I just wanted to clarify that there is one- not chastise you! 🙂 Best as I recall, it does not go up to the 3rd deck or sun deck so there will still be some steps to climb.
  13. I would advise to stick to a family/children theme cruise only. There is nothing whatsoever for children on most cruises. And even if the line has an 18 year old minimum, most teens/young adults would be bored stiff on a river cruise.
  14. Every cruise is a bit different. Some originate in Prague and some terminate in Prague, so they could have different timings for their excursions.
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