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  1. YES !! NYC and NJ were hit very hard...here in NJ STILL on almost lock down. If we can't get a hair cut or go into a clothing store, etc...I don't see how ships will sail anytime soon. and PS..NYC mayor is in no hurry to open up !
  2. I called to cancel my November cruise. Not a long hold, and took only a few minutes on the phone. CC was credited in 2 weeks.
  3. I cancelled my November cruise on 5/7. Received CC credit today for my deposit.
  4. I have reluctantly decided to cancel my cruise . I booked last August...was to sail this November. Since , way before final payment..at least I will get my deposit back . Even if NCL is sailing this fall, I do not feel comfortable sailing (-especially with pre existing conditions which put me at risk) . And the way things are going..not so sure there will be cruising out of NYC in the fall. The NJ/NY area is under lots of emergency protocols and it will be a very long time before this area is anywhere near "normal". I am truly disappointed .
  5. Booked 2019...not sailing till Nov 2020
  6. Thanks...but I must be really dense...I just looked up T&Cs for my cruise (booked 8/2019 and it says "Period before departure notification of cancellation received by us Cancellation charge per person cancelling* more than 42 days Loss of deposit 41 - 30 days 35% 29 - 15 days 50% 14 - 8 days 80% 7 days and less+ 95%" How would I loose deposit ..cancelling months ahead??????
  7. If I cancel my November cruise now...will I get my deposit back ??? Just curious...
  8. Odds are there will be no cruises in 2020..Logistics and regulations too hard to manage.
  9. OP--I know it was a hard decision...but you did the right thing. Sadly, I will probably be canceling our November cruise. I have a few months before final payment..but it is not looking good. Even if things settle down, I worry about the possible of virus resurgence in the fall. Just really annoyed, as I have a good price with lots of extra perks which I worked hard on to get!
  10. New Jersey hard hit. Lots of new restrictions/mandates , This is truly serious.
  11. My cruise is not till November 30th...so I have time (as final payment not due till August 2). If this virus follows other patterns, it surely has the ability to flare up again in the fall. I will have to make an informed decision this summer. . BUT--as a senior with some medical problems , my odds of canceling are high.
  12. @mking8288 Henry...please see your email...not sure if it was a valid one though 🤔
  13. I always use a lanyard on board !!! Convenient and doesn't look bad at all ! ( well at least not to me !)
  14. Of course they are !! They are playing every angle...grandfather pleads and gets probation in home state ...no jail. And family still gets to pursue suit to save face and get a settlement.
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