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  1. Carnival Celebration pulls out of Miami!
  2. Aplmac

    Carnival's new hull livery!

    As they emerge from recent dry docks Carnival ships are looking much better.
  3. Aplmac


    Carnival Vista in dry dock.
  4. Carnival Jubilee departs Cozumel.
  5. LOVE those new dark blue hulls. So much better than all-white.
  6. Carnival Sunrise and Carnival Liberty, docked at Nassau!
  7. Aplmac

    Sunrise at Nassau.jpg

    Carnival Sunrise docked at Nassau!
  8. Get it out -- and have it ready!
  9. Place with the green umbrellas is Lobster Alive, on Carlisle Bay, next door to Boatyard.. although I think they may have changed the umbrellas by now - that shot is years old, btw
  10. A new Whale Tail for Carnival Freedom!
  11. New Whale Tail for Carnival Freedom -being mounted.
  12. Carnival Venezia was in Barbados, yesterday Saturday 7th. October, 2023. Today's local Sunday Sun newspaper carried an article revealing that cabin costs will be double what they were! 🫣 I am not happy about that! Does anyone know... if Carnival is resuming their Southern Caribbean route? with boarding at both Old San Juan PR -and at Barbados? - and will Carnival Venezia be 'our ship' for that route?
  13. There were two routes for the Southern Caribbean cruise. maybe even three schedules(of yore) What I remember was Wednesdays in Barbados for many years, and then it got changed(just before Covid killed everything) to Fridays in Barbados. I loved having the P.Rican girls on board! ...Flirts!!
  14. Royal Caribbean has stepped in to fill this gap, for us cruisers living and boarding at Barbados!
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