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  1. . Didn't someone in a post (above) provide a link to such interior shots? I didn't exactly click on it to see -but thought that was the case? Try this... https://www.cruisehive.com/sneak-peek-at-inside-newly-transformed-carnival-cruise-ship/31289
  2. . That's another factor that I'm not keen on. 70,000 tons GT is a cork bobbling around on the ocean. I prefer my boats to be ships of at least 100,000 tons GT for that very motion factor.
  3. Carnival just posted this shot of SUNRISE ..on Facebook Looks like she's coming out of the yard, post dry dock and renaming .
  4. Housekeeping/Room Service/SOMEbody! ...doing something about this ugly clutter so we don't have to see this so much? .
  5. . The penalty comes in the form of horrendous air fare we'd have to pay the puddle-jumper air line (mini-bus in da sky) - been there, done that twice now so there is no escape for us "living the fabulous life in Paradise". LOL! Getting to P.Rico to catch the cruise will cost more than the half-cruise to Barbados. .
  6. . For those who board at Barbados (not just islanders) we all pay a premium to board at Barbados. Not sure why, but we do! San Juan boarders get the deals - we don't so from my perspective, where I live and where I board ship if I'm going to shell out the local equivalent of around U.S.$ 2,000 I'd much prefer a modern ship, yes please. I hope you can appreciate my perspective especially after having cruised out of Bridgetown Barbados - on Destiny, Victory, Valor and Liberty.
  7. . I just checked the deck plans to see if my memory (three Valor cruises) remained intact. Unfortunately for your bad knees, those mid-ship elevators go up only as far as Panorama Deck 10 and as I recall you will need to hike it up two? flights of stairs to get to the Mini-Golf area, at the base of the Farcus Funnel These photos show Victory, but the two ships are very similar! You can see the stairway up to mini-golf .
  8. I see your point: it does look appreciably bigger although I see the same 185 sq. ft. quoted for both your cabin choices. Go here to see details re. category and size, etc. https://www.cruisecheap.com/c/deckplan2014.php?SailDate=&WMPHShipCode=595&DeckNumber=2#bootstrapContainer If you click on the actual cabin location, a smaller window pops open with extra info.
  9. Details and specs here... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Carnival_Fascination .
  10. Barbados island residents, many of whom take full advantage of our ability to board at Bridgetown, thus avoiding the wondrous joys of airports and air travel are still wondering What We Did Wrong to deserve a 1994 boat after having witnessed a pleasant evolution -over the years- of ever-better/bigger ships from Destiny, to Victory, to VALOR, to Liberty - and now this?? -until April, 2021??
  11. I've never done room service but I do go to Lido at around 0615 hrs. for Wife's juice and a Croissant or Danish -to be taken back to the cabin. Any resultant cutlery or crockery gets a rinse in the sink and is packed neatly in the Bathroom, until the Cabin steward clears things generally It doesn't go outside in the hallway. The one thing I don't like about room service is the hallway wreckage that sits there for far too long, looking tacky. .
  12. . We did Carnival's 'Canada Cruise' twice now - out of Manhattan, to Boston -to Portland,ME then Saint Johns NB ..then Halifax NS then back to NYC. Nice enough cruise: quite sedate compared to warm weather Caribbean cruises! Most ppl imagine they're going to sail past a coastline filled with autumn colours right there in your face... Nothing is further from the reality. You'll see the fall colours only when you go ashore! Although we did see some distant whale activity en route to Boston
  13. . That last bit? Yesterday I came across an interesting saying... It was LAWFUL but AWFUL
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