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  1. Amazing. I guess that 11% is/are the anti-vaxxers among us.. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vaccine_hesitancy
  2. Today's 'shpiel' is that I'm lucky they extended the offer! lol It's amazing what they can come up with but I guess it works on a few people.
  3. Still.... today's vaccines are better than nothing! Like they say, ANY Jab is better than no jab at all so please get with the program, and don't be an 11%-er.
  4. Aplmac

    BOLT on!.JPG

    CAN YOU do the Bolt before I do?!
  5. Aplmac

    Carnival's new MARDI GRAS!

    Due to start cruising sometime in 2021 - once the Covid Crisis will give us all a BREAK! A collection of artist's impression and photos from the shipyard at Turku and a few other locations
  6. As of yesterday Friday 26th. February 2021 Barbados has vaccinated 33,633 people! That day alone we vaccinated 4,326. Today Saturday 27th. vaccinations have continued again No doubt another 4,000 just today! By now perhaps as many as 38,000 all told!
  7. Had my AstraZeneca shot on Saturday 20th - a week ago now! Although this graphic is re. the Pfizer vaccine you get the gist of how immunity should develop, time-wise.
  8. Luckily for us in Barbados the Gov't. of India sent us a gift of 100,000 doses of 'CoviShield' vaccine, i.e. Oxford/AstraZeneca and so far about 30,000 islanders have been vaccinated myself included (second dose on 5th. May). When we were done, we got a big blue card with the specifics! So things are happening..
  9. Read my lips... Not One Cent. Not One Booking. Not One Disappointment. Got it?
  10. No it doesn't, but he's a friend of mine. Alfredo Giovinne. I just like his restaurant, and always try to be seated upstairs although tourists/visitors probably prefer downstairs.
  11. TAPAS is very nice too! run by Alfredo the handsome Italiano! The local crowd also loves both restaurants! They are popular for a reason. Tapas has a turquoise lunch view too.
  12. Two South Coast restaurants that immediately come to mind are TAPAS(first pic) directly on the Hastings Boardwalk - and Champers...overlooking Rockley Beach
  13. Hey... don't knock it people have excess cash that they need to get rid of!
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