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  1. The worst thing you can do, prior to a cruise is read reviews! Most of them are unrealistically good or unrealistically BAD. I used to read reviews and pay attention to them until I realized that my experiences on board bore little if any resemblance to what I'd read, just before! If you get a good price, book the danged thing and board with a free mind! Here are a few pics of your ship Splendor docking ..half a world away -at Barbados. Have a nice cruise!
  2. Same here! We did Glory ex-NYC in Oct. of 2011 and liked it so much we did it again (on Glory, again) Sept. of 2013! And would do it again, too. Our ports of call were: Boston, Portland ME, St. John New Brunswick -and Halifax NS with photos in that order
  3. If you are lucky to have nice weather sailaway from Manhattan can look like this..
  4. That is my recollection too. It is early -and dark -and cold! It looked like this....by the time we were approaching South Manhattan. You'll have to make yourself get outa bed, dress, and go up on deck!
  5. Funny thing is that the Carnival CORPORATION owns the whole ruddy lot! - over 100 ships. It's quite a collection of cruise lines!! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Carnival_Corporation_%26_plc
  6. I suspect she's right -that a ship's tour and a hired taxi would weigh-up well against ea.other, with the ship's tour possibly winning the competition. Local taxis are not cheap. Seeing as the caves are slap-bang in the middle of the island, up in the highlands you ARE going to see a fair chunk of the inland island, just coming and going! And it'll not be the standard Coastal Scenery thing.
  7. Carnival Destiny was being used as a dormitory ship during a big local Cricket thing, in April 2007 when something happened and that function got cut short leaving the ship useless, with 3 or 4 days still left on the clock! Local cruise ppl engaged it to sell a quick charter to locals here on the island and it sold out quickly! We got Cabin 2283. We did Antigua, Sint Maarten and Saint Lucia. Good price too! Oh man.. did the cruise bug ever bite hard. THIS was the escapism I had been looking for! A few pics from that First Cruise, early May 2007
  8. Happy Valentine's Day, y'all!
  9. The sea-cliff scenery at North Point is very nice, and can display dramatic wave action during a big North Swell coming down at the island! There are also curio shops and a neat restaurant where you'd be well advised to stop for lunch, seriously! The cave itself is no big deal, and access can be problematic if you have mobility issues. The steps down are not the greatest. So don't get disappointed. I'm just saying don't go there specially for the cave. But it is worth getting up to the Northernmost point on the island. Also, if/when a big swell is running they will close access to the cave, for your own good! All that said .. DO IT.
  10. Aplmac


    Happy Valentine's Day, y'all
  11. And re-supply from the bathroom tap where I've never had anything but potable water, ever!
  12. One steel door to cover the balcony-access door.... and another steel door to cover the big, sealed picture-window? Is that what I'm seeing in his pics above? I like the three big strong hinges. No messing about.
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