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  1. Around noon today - 8th. April. Carlisle Bay looked like this. AIDAperla, MSC Preziosa, Hanseatic - and AIDAluna
  2. The Barbados economy depends on Tourism in very large part. Within the space of two short weeks, our tourism product crashed! Head-on collision with reality. Thousands of tourism workers now in deep doodoo. My neighbour worked at Champers Restaurant - past tense now. We are likely in much hotter water than your USA economy! You know what they say...
  3. Aplmac


    Beauty and the
  4. Aplmac


    Carlisle Bay Barbados - 8th. April 2020 AIDAperla - MSC Prez - Hanseatic ship (Nature or Inspiration? pick one)
  5. Aplmac


    Carlisle Bay Barbados today 8th. April 2020 AIDAperla - MSC Prez - Hanseatic ship (Nature or Inspiration? pick one) and at right is AIDAluna.
  6. Fortunately many are recovering nicely!! This recovery figure is now over 300,000 (this was yesterday's graphic) I'm still amused that everyone wants to get to heaven but very few of us are prepared to die to get there!!
  7. I couldn't agree with you more!! It would be nice (nice? maybe not?) if parallel causes-of-death were also mentioned with every Covid Deaths statement made. How many also died today from car crashes?? How many also died today from Cancer? From gunshot wounds? Suicides? Overdoses -all other causes? And suddenly perspective would be gained. But the real human problem with this Covid thing is that suddenly we find ourselves in the embarrassing position of (for once) not being in control of the situation, God dammit! Man likes to think he has the world by the tail but now the world has Mankind by the tail! Dammit dammit DAMMIT!
  8. You know what they say......... Speak your mind -or lose it!
  9. Today's supermarkets in Barbados.. it was like Christmas Eve last-minute-rush --only worse. Government will be adapting their population controls over the weekend and hopefully next week will be more orderly. Lockdown has now been set back from 5 p.m. (why??) to the usual 8 p.m. Much better.
  10. This evening's cruise ship pics from Carlisle Bay, Barbados. On marinetraffic.com I notice there are 3 or 4 of them out there - miles offshore - they'll be back soon! But for now it's just these ships.
  11. OH! and a shot of the famous and infamous Jolly Roger boozer cruiser all laid up for now... *sad*
  12. Turns out we could still move about freely this evening once we maintained distance with others - IF you came across anyone! And so I get a few more "Last Pics?" of the cruise ships in Carlisle Bay
  13. Aplmac


    Hanseatic cruise ship at anchor in Carlisle Bay, Barbados COVID-19 crisis of early 2020
  14. Aplmac


    Hanseatic cruise ship comfortably at anchor in Carlisle Bay, Barbados COVID-19 crisis of early 2020
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