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  1. This is how they build them, these days - block by block!
  2. Aplmac

    Guys Pig-and-Anchor.jpg

    GUY's Pig and Anchor! I'm not so keen on the lettering on the wall, sorry.
  3. Aplmac

    Carnival's new MARDI GRAS!

    Due to start cruising in October 2020 A collection of artist's impression
  4. Credit cards seems to be The Way.... let them sort out the currency-exchange rates, for one. Commenting on the Scandanavian countries trying for the cashless society dream I read just a few days ago that they are discovering that they will never be entirely cashless due to one factor or another, thus my use of the word dream. Apparently though, something like 90-95% of all transactions in Scandanavia are conducted via electronic means of one sort or another so they're getting close to their ideal, even though they might never 100% achieve it
  5. We've been on 14 cruises now and I had read (on CC) about this curious affliction before it happened to me -just the one time, on no particular cruise (can't even remember which one!). Thankfully, it didn't last more than a day or two and it never recurred, but it sure is odd to be still feeling the motion of the ocean while standing on firm dry land! I feel sorry for those who have endured longer spells: it's not a nice feeling.
  6. Even the more elegant ships and lines have had their share of grief! Sadly, he won't be booking this one either.... (Quite a sad story, actually...) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Msy_Wind_Song
  7. This graphic below depicts Carnival's Southern Caribbean route from Puerto Rico, Southward to Barbados, then returning. You should try doing this itinerary via regional island-hopper airline LIAT You don't have enough money for the air-travel far less the hotel accommodation! Cruising it by ship is waaay less expensive! Btw...what kills most cruise vacation overall-expense is the horrific air travel costs and hassles involved in getting to the port where you board.
  8. Here's a good example.. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Grandeur_of_the_Seas#Incidents_and_accidents
  9. A lot of effort went into making that display!
  10. Go to Wikipedia.com and type in the name of the ship. Wikipedia loves to give all the issues any ship ever had especially those nasty cruise ships.
  11. When I go now to funerals of people who were close I place a few misc. coins on the coffin before it is lowered. Better the person has ferry fare for Charon, and doesn't need it - than the other way around. Just in case *wink* ____________________________ See what is said here... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mast_stepping
  12. Lucky coin location revealed on Carnival ships.
  13. Ancient Greek Mythology relates that the River Styx is a barrier that separates us mortals from a successful transition to the afterlife. If you don't successfully transition, you'll be stuck in 'limbo' for eternity. Charon provides a ferry service across the River Styx but he requires some small payment in the form of coinage. He is described in the literature as having transported the souls of the newly dead across this river into the afterlife. This small financial requirement ties in with a very old maritime tradition in sail-boating and shipbuilding, when Mast Stepping is the process of raising the boat's mast. It also refers to a ceremonial occasion which occurs when the mast is 'stepped' towards the end of a ship's construction. The ceremony involves placing or welding one or more coins into the mast step of a ship, and is seen as an important ceremonial occasion in a ship's construction which is thought to bring good luck. Although such coins were originally placed under the main mast of a ship, they are now generally welded under the radar mast (sometimes in a protective box) or laid in the keel, as part of a keel laying ceremony. That coin under the mast likely will never see the light of day again. Its dual-purpose is both to ensure good luck -and also to provide the emergency availablity of some sort of cash payment when Charon calls for his ferry fare not to cross the Mersey, but to cross the River Styx! ______________________________________ Charon is the guy draped in red. Notice the desperate souls at bottom right. They walked with American Express. They're not going anywhere! .
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