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  1. Aplmac

    Mediterranean Cruise

    . Not to get all technical on ya or nuthin.... but you'll find that Epic will sail out of Civitavecchia - Rome's coastal port located 50 miles away! .
  2. Aplmac

    Mediterranean Cruise

    . Are you serious?? That's horrible! Who dreamed that up? Thanks for the warning!
  3. . Seeing as we are The Last of The Big Time Spenders! I usually start with $ 100-200 -see how it goes, and plunk down a bit more if/when need be. But I'm sure if you wanted to deposit $ 1,000 they be happy to accept it! At the end of your cruise they'll either write you a check for your remaining credit balance or pay you out cash and close the account, with no further buying on your part. Most ppl settle up late on the last night, after the shows and all.
  4. Aplmac

    Old Carnival Holiday Parked In Cabo

    . Gosh they last forever, don't they??
  5. . CASH every time, baby! ___ Never any other way!
  6. Aplmac

    Old Carnival Holiday Parked In Cabo

    . Over ten yrs. ago now, back in September 2008 I spotted the ex-Carnival Celebration docked at Barcelona with her distinctive whale tail. At that time, she was re-named GRAND CELEBRATION, sailing for Ibero Cruises a Spanish outfit .
  7. Aplmac

    VIFP program

    When I first heard of the Gold Level perk-switch from one free drink within a narrow time frame to bottled water - I thought Bummer! Now it turns out the water lasts a lot longer than one lousy free drink and is a lot more useful/practical...not to mention healthier ____________________________ In fact, years later I still have the stupid blue Carnival-cabin water bottle which I refill from my special water source! I disembarked on a hot day with the bottle about 2/3rds full, took it home and here it still is!
  8. Aplmac

    VIFP program

    . Well said!
  9. Aplmac

    Need advice - Carnival Casino Chips

    . Chips represent real tangible money whatever that is these days. It's nice to see that they will still honor the value, years later as well as per difrnt ships. That says a lot!
  10. Aplmac

    Victory vs Liberty

    Victory has that crazy Felipe Couto dude for Cruise Director! That alone should firm up your decision. He's GOOD, and funny as hell.
  11. Aplmac

    New x-ray technology - Carnival

    . Great minds think alike! I always wonder too - but there are those who cruise to booze - and the foodies too!
  12. Aplmac

    Barbados Embarkation

    ^ What the man said ^ Easiest embarkation everrr and your cabin will be ready, no matter how early you get on board mainly because there's only 40-50-ish cabins that are swapping in/out at Barbados - if that and the cabin stewards will be way ahead of you! I have never had to wait on cabin readiness, when boarding @ Barbados. As you sail away around 5 p.m. it should look something like this.. .
  13. They sure don't make it easy for you, do they?!
  14. . Carnival Corp. should take note!! .
  15. Aplmac

    We've gone and done it!

    . BEST Thing you've done today!! .