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  1. If you come across an opportunity to donate to a worthy St. Vincent cause please do ... they can very much use your help. . Barbados is OK. Dust now minimal, and we'll be dealing with such a minimal dust situation for the next month or three yet, rest assured! Not a big deal any more.
  2. The volcano finally settled down after four straight days of blowhard and dust and hasn't spouted much in a week to ten days now - so that's a good sign of it settling down and starting to cork things up, with a plug! But on a different slant altogether along come un-seasonal rains in late April and (May so far) to mix with idle deposits of ash and other fun debris, on the slopes to create mud-flows Lahars as they're called. These Lahars are effectively mud-bulldozers, moving at 20-40 mph, depending on the incline of whatever slope t
  3. My internet UPloading function is messing around badly at the moment. Shall try to connect those photos some time later.. Sorry about that.
  4. In Saint Vincent they are quickly discovering that the most damaging aspect of this entire eruption episode is the not-so-fun stuff that can happen after the volcano has settled down nicely (as it has) - given substantial rainfall!! Ash deposits and other ejected material, as yet still un-settled, with start to move when the rains lubricate things! Substantial, damaging mud-flows called Lahars make their way downslope acting like mud-bulldozers, damaging or removing everything in their path. Below are a few pics of specifically Lahar d
  5. Lots of information here... including Costa Atlantica! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spirit-class_cruise_ship
  6. Three very recent graphics to show vaccination progress..
  7. Carnival Destiny. Early May 2007. Quick 3-day charter, ex Barbados!
  8. There are a few special places at Crane to check out the view of the beach. One of the better ones is out on the lawn, right out to the end. - see that first shot below. Here are a few nice shots you might get, if the weather holds - it usually does, out there.
  9. Yes, you can do both in an afternoon. Crane is easy to find. Bottom Bay is about 2 miles away but a bit more obscure to find, unless you already know where. Both the turn-off and the road in, are spectacularly un-spectacular right down to the rough-and-ready parking area. Not until you get on to the actual cliff-top at coconut level does it look like this!
  10. A whole plane-load of new vaccines arrived just this morning - nearly a dozen pallets of material from PAHO. I'm sure our Ministry of Health will be getting busy/busier!
  11. A very valid point! White shows up every little imperfection!
  12. The folks at Aliaga in India sure are chewing into those two ships, huh!
  13. I'd like to pick a cruise line where my 56 nites on board Carnival ships (plus two cruises on Ocean Village -and one on Princess - both lines belong to Carnival Corp.) might hold some sway somewhere! Wish me luck.
  14. Maybe we'll get lucky and someone will do some fancy Photoshop work on current hulls/ships, to give us some idea what this or that ship could look like! Shouldn't be too difficult. I don't think these two ever sailed together, somehow.......
  15. All white ships get kinda boring, to the eye. From afar, though this new colour scheme should be a bit more eye-catching!
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