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  1. Thanks everyone, the one bottle of cheap wine will be okay.
  2. WE know that it has be mentioned many times before, but what can we change the mini bar out for? We know about the coffee cards, but is there anything else? Thanks for you understand in asking this question again.
  3. Great news and wonderful CSR who was able to get into EasyAir and now I have a return ticketed flight. I was concerned, as it was less that 30 days out for the return. This is the first time that I have ever had an issue with EasyAir. Thanks for all the good advise, hopefully, no one else will have a problem.
  4. Thanks for all the advise. I spent over two hours this morning on hold listening to the music over and over. 06:00 to 08:00 this morning. Delta had sent me two texts and one email requesting that I contact the cruise line for the return. It is 36 days until the return flight.
  5. Please help me I have only half of my easy air trip ticketed. My return does not have a ticket number. I have checked with the airlines and it has not been purchased. I have called Princess yesterday was on hold for over and hour and the agent couldn't get through to air department .I do not want to leave without this return being solved. Thank you
  6. Thanks you so much. This will help us plan our arrival time. Thanks again.
  7. I am hoping that someone will know the answer. Is there a special place to entered the cruise terminal for handicap people. We have ordered a wheelchair at the terminal. I will be coming by taxi and do not have the ability to stand more than a few minutes (5 ) at most. Would it be better to board the ship near departure? Thanks for your help
  8. Thanks so much for taking us along on your world cruise. Can't wait until next years as it sounds so exciting. Safe travels.
  9. Thanks for taking us along. We enjoyed your narrative and the lovely picture. It was a joy to travel along with you. Safe travels.
  10. Just caught up to your wonderful posts. I am wondering if the Alfredo you had for a guide was Alfredo Mercedes? We have used him several times for sites around Trujillo, if so you really lucked out.
  11. So glad to see him posting again. rafinmd it was posted in blog on this world cruise that Captain Johnathan would be doing next years world cruise. Great for those of us who are signed up for it.
  12. Thanks for the great information. We will be able to pick up supplies that we aren't bringing from home as we will have 40 plus days to go. Thanks again.
  13. Hi, Just wondering what to do in PV on Easter Sunday? Will anything be open? Even Sam'sClub or Walmart? What about the mall across the street? Do the local buses run that day? Any help would be most welcomed.
  14. In Barcelona the lines at security are oft times long. Everyone waits in the same security line, which off times extends outside the terminal. Once through security and upstairs you go to the far end of the terminal to board, while new pax check in at the counters. .
  15. Thanks, but I already tried this and was placed on hold for at least 10 minutes. I was trying to speed up the process.
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