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  1. Stay positive it does come.
  2. People are so much more important than cases. Still thinking of all aboard the ship just waiting to return to their home and loved ones.
  3. We have been waiting for a refund from the 19th of January, have called and contacted Princess several times. This was before they starting having issues. It is only for a little more than $200.00usd It is a lesson learned.
  4. So happy to hear that some of the crew is nearing the end of this epic journey. Happy that they will soon be home with family, but sad that there is still so many unknowns. Safe travel to all still left aboard, also safe travels to the many cases left aboard.
  5. We received a payment that was less than the amount paid. We were to have a 400 credit from payment of air that was less than we paid. It was credit on the booking though was to be refunded to us on January18, 2020. Hopefully, we will see the money.
  6. We received our cruise fare and ports fees back to our credit card today. No easyair fares, which were over 8,000us, flex-air. Delta had contacted us in early April and said that Princess had received the monies from the cancelled air at that time. Princess, now says that they can no longer see the air, so no refund. I will turn this mess over to our credit card company to deal with
  7. THANK YOU so much for reminding us why we enjoy cruising so much. The pictures were outstanding and loved the review. Hopefully, we all will soon enjoying this life style again. Thanks again.
  8. Having done both set of locks, it is so much more exciting doing the old ones. The only good things about the new locks, is that they use much less water and most of the water used can be recycle again. Also much larger ships can go through
  9. On our credit card, which we filled a dispute, after waiting 60 days. The orginally said within 30 days. It was listed credit right a way. They then send an email came saying that if they don't hear from Princess with 30 days, calander days, that this matter would be close. At least we have a firm date. We would have waited. but this was a large amount. We knew that the airline had returned the money to Princess towards the end of March.
  10. We continue to send our good thoughts and wishes for the safe repatriation of all the crew members, especially Captain Johnathan. We are looking forward to our next cruise of HAL. whenever, they start to sail again. Thanks to Copper 10-8 these boards continue to educate. Thanks .
  11. Can't wait for the next stop and our favourite brewery in Bruge Straffehendrik and Zot Belgisch Beir. Thanks for posting all the'wonderful pictures. We have enjoyed our revisit to all the wonderful places. Hopefully, we shall be able to see some of them again. .
  12. Has anyone heard if the Amsterdam was able to off load it crew today?
  13. We have over 11,000 usd invested in a cruise that didn't happen. We did apply for the money to be returned six weeks ago. Was told then, that it would be 60 days. We checked with Delta that they refund the air monies to Princess 30 days ago. We got our monies back from the Hotels that we had booked in though they have mostly shut down do the virus in Europe. No problem, money refunded. Now, I understand that Princess is telling people 90 business days. All we want is our air fare monies back, they can keep the rest. Any ideas, now to get the air back would be most welcome.
  14. Seems that there was another change in plans. Now Singapore???? and what else is next. They are still trying to get the crew home. It sounds now that it is a long hard grind. Sending our best to the crew and wonderful Captain. Safe travels.
  15. Princess is also returning all the crews except a small amount on each ship to keep it operational. They are using the Star from the West Coast. This is decent thing to do.
  16. What a good idea, but we have never took them. How about the most traveled bags, they are made out of much heavier material.
  17. We are sending our thoughts for a safe travels. Though your journey is long, we know how happy you will be to arrive at SFO. Thanks again for all the updates.
  18. A big shout out to the crew and staff of the STAR PRINCESS. We completed the Hawaii cruise on the Star Princess under the wonderful leadership of Captain Mariano Manfuso. It was wonderful cruise, even with the stressful and changing conditions brought on by the ever changing conditions brought on by the virus. I can't say enough about the crews tireless efforts to keep us well. Again, thanks.
  19. Thanks for the information, I sail in three days, and still is not there. I have always found it before. Guess I will wait until I board. Thanks again.
  20. Where does the credit show up on your travel summary? I leave in a couple of days and it isn't anywhere to be found. Once it was under gifts, once in credits? Also, is it still in effect?
  21. We have done a tours private Siem Reap several times and loved it. I am sure that Princess, if you booked through them will do a great job. We loved our time in Cambodia. You will have to get the visa's for Cambodia, but check with Princess as they might arrange it for you. We got our visa's earlier and did not have to wait at the airport. It is easy to take taxis, and tut tuk and get around the city. Fun after tours to do. I am sure that you tour will be very fast paced and the heat off times gets the best of tourists. Princess will have water to drink and remember to drink it. You will have a great time.
  22. I will look into UberX also, thanks for your info.
  23. I use a wheelchair to board and disembark at the airport. I can walk about 25 meters at most with a cane. I understand that there is a new procedure at LAX, shuttle to an area, then walk to a site for your uber. First with cases, is there some help to board shuttle to parking lot. Second, and most important, is there a place for people with limited mobility to pick up an uber? Is there something or some other service that is better suited for me?
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