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  1. I am booked on an October 2021 cruise which I sincerely hope goes--from the bottom of my heart. I did pay in full when I booked it as I am that sure I want that particular cruise. I have a medical background and am positive that we will have a vaccine by late October or early November of this year which is just what we need for people to get back on track (not all will take the vaccine). This will be the game changer, and the ships will have to reimagine the muster and some of the dining procedures/options. Also, disembarkation will have to be handled in a much more efficient manner. We can all do it--providing they don't ask for some of the off the wall stuff I have heard about "pods" of people traveling together (by age) and other bizarre stuff. We will all survive, I believe. By that time they will have treatments too. Take a deep breath. I have!
  2. They did have rapid response and I was not allowed in at ALL!
  3. His diagnosis was only cancer. We caught it so early. He was the last one admitted before the hospital closed down because they thought they would be slammed with Covid. He had NO SYMPTOMS INDICATIVE OF COVID. It was colon cancer. They had NO REASON to test him and to put possible Covid on the chart. Here the problem. Our business was medical before we retired. Ooops!
  4. Absolutely true. My husband had cancer surgery in March and on the admitting report they included Possible Covid. He was counted. He never had any symptoms of anything! More Hamiltons for the hospital. Skewed numbers for all of us! Happens every day.
  5. In my medical opinion, I kind of agree with you. I feel there will be no cruises until a vaccine is released. Please keep in mind that the doctors and nurses are first, then they will get to us, depending on age. I feel that no cruise will be worth what you will have to go through until we have a vaccine, and for that reason my guess is the END of 2021. I don't have to be in the game, but that is how I see it. Nothing really outside of this country, no one wants us. Maybe Canada will let us in by then. Maybe Mexico as well.
  6. I am not an "expert" but I was in medicine for 38 years. I really believe we will have a vaccine in about late October or early November. However, the medical field will get the shots first, and then the first responders (there are a lot) and then they will distribute it by age, the oldest first. There is a possibility that if a person wants to go out of the country to get it, it will be available sooner, but here the oldest will be first and then the cruise lines will let people board who have had the vaccine. There will be no other answer IN MY OPINION! So stand by and take the ride!
  7. Argahh.. That will be a chore in the new world.
  8. If you are looking at pictures of the beach, they were photoshopped. People were not that close together. Also, some beaches were closed by Newsom and some left open, so everyone trekked to the open ones. Most of the cocktail lounges where I go are not full and they are doing social distancing. I would suggest that he focus on the few where the yuppie crowd and millennials where they are not. It is not fair to punish everyone for a few. Additionally the numbers are warped. My husband had cancer and they coded his admitting History and Physical as possible Covid. He did not have Covid and had no symptoms of Covid. Living proof that the numbers have been "cooked". The hospitals get more if they put possible Covid.
  9. So I don't know what to say, but we had an OS booked on Oceania for December 2020 and I cancelled a few weeks ago and I got my refund within two weeks. I guess it all depends.
  10. And so, what would you do to control this??? We have done everything possible here in California. Short of a vaccination, what do you think?
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