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  1. Thanks, so much. You have always seemed to be a most pleasant person. I will keep this site. What I meant is that I will make reservations at the Danieli, which I know is right in the center of the problem and hope for the best. I will also make reservations at the Regent hotel where there is not a problem. Paying for both places, just to be safe. If I see they are having these horrible tides, I will just go to the Regent hotel and skip the Danieli. The embarkation is in Venice. I am sad as it is hard for us to get there as my husband will not change planes. I will just pray for the best, but will be covered. I plan on checking out Padova, but losing Venice will be sad! I do appreciate your help. VERY MUCH. Hope our paths will cross someday!
  2. I really want to stay near the square. Last year we stayed at the Gritti and we walked to the square two to three times a day. I wanted to be close to what we love which is to sit and hear the music. We also like to walk to the Rialto, and it is partway there. I have been searching the net and can't find the tides for sure, or I don't understand how to read them. We were also there last year and like you said, there were only a few puddles. Not enough to bother one. I feel in my heart I have to go for it!
  3. I have always admired your posts! Feel honored that you answered one of mine. I simply don't know how to check on the acqua alta. Wish I did. Venice is near and dear to my heart, so I am holding my breath that this won't happen next year, and hoping for their sake too. I plan on booking the Danieli as well as the one that Regent uses. That way I will be covered. If you come across a chart on acqua alta, we will be leaving the last week in October.
  4. Did anyone figure in the discount that Crystal gives for paying early? This is an added benefit. Also, although I have not tracked it closely, they give you a discount for being on a prior cruise.
  5. So sad, we have a cruise scheduled for next October and are worried about going to Venice. It was one of my last wishes to go there for 5 days before the cruise. We know now that we may not be able to manage this. We have talked to Regent and their hotel is out of the flood zone, but that is not what we wanted. Nevertheless, we will not be cancelling. We will double book the hotels and pay what it takes and hope for the best. We will be flying in on a private plane and so far we have no knowledge of problems at the airport. Venice is beautiful and romantic and it will be sad to miss it.
  6. I have never insured as we use Chase and I have taken the gamble. However, now I am no teenager, and I am insuring. I just had to cut out one cruise a year and that covered it. Sad but true.
  7. We were on Oceania. We were supposed to go to St. Barts, but there is no hospital there--so he had to divert to St. Marten. I had some really expensive private stuff for six of us, myself, Joe and two kids and their wives. It was a devastating loss. Fortunately my TA was able to get the to reimburse us (not the ship--where we were going) . We like St. Marten too, but that didn't make up for the money that we were potentially going to lose. Sadly the person died.
  8. I would like to know if people who live in California can purchase a yearly policy.
  9. Is it three different words like that, I.e. hi!tide Venice
  10. I would like a report of how you got around, etc.
  11. I am from Hawaii and I had forgotten that. OMG are the trees still there? In Hawaii lots of them walk with umbrellas all the time. In California they do it too, but not so much. Did they change it?
  12. I am too. In some cases, i.e. Marsielle, the tour drivers can not drive up to the ship. I am assuming that with Regent's, they will be able to drive up to the ship. I would also like to know about this.
  13. I guess so. The Asians are very superstitious. Perhaps they feel that if it was in the middle, you could fall in to it and die.
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