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  1. You have a group of 3 18 year old boys- they'll find enough to keep themselves occupied. Being that there's 3 of them, maybe they'll even make a friend or 2 if they need an even number for ping pong or basketball or whatever it is they decide to do. Cruising at that 18-20 age can be a little weird if you're alone, or used to the teen clubs, or an introvert. But if your group isn't used to the teen clubs, they won't have that to compare to, and they can just start finding their own fun.
  2. Figure out what you're doing as far as spending money/souvenirs both on board and in ports. Different families may have different plans and some ports can have vendors who show the kids stuff.
  3. You're trying to buy Cheers for 3 people with 4 credit cards, is that right? Call Carnival and see if you can divide up the payments. If you can't, something you could try, is everyone buy a Carnival gift card for whatever amounts need to go on each card, and use the gift cards to pay for Cheers.
  4. If you are considering flying into Barbados, be aware that booking Carnival excursions becomes difficult- you can't do it on the website. I don't know if you have to call to book, or book when you get on board. Also not sure if this applies to Cheers/Bubbles or anything besides excursions.
  5. Yes that's what I don't understand- it seems like the Breeze gets some of the best reviews on here, and it's doing the shorter cruises.
  6. Your sister can drink in most ports, legally. As for cheers, one fun night won't make it worth it, if it's not worth it on all of the other days. What do you consider not a big drinker? What are you drinking? Beer is obviously cheaper than fruity drinks. But, non alcoholic drinks- coffee, shakes, water bottles- are all included. There are drink menus floating around here if you do a search, as well as price sheets for drinks. If I were you, I'd figure out what you think you'll drink, add about 20% since it's vacation, and see if Cheers makes sense for you. If you think it makes sense, go ahead and purchase it. If you don't think it financially makes sense for you, and you are worried about the bill at the end, there are a couple options. You could buy some cruise cash ahead of time (I like to pay for it with discounted Carnival gift cards) and that money will be sitting on your account waiting for you to start spending it when you board. Or, you could buy some Carnival gift cards and add them to your account on board. That way, you have an amount you know you can spend and you dont worry about the bill at the end. Ultimately, Cheers should be a calculated purchase- no one can tell you if it makes sense for you or not. Just run the numbers and see what makes sense for you.
  7. I was really concerned about the small ship before I did this route. But, we wore ourselves out in port every day, and it was awesome to be able to get back on board and find a chair by the pool deck without any trouble at all. I did feel there were fewer activities on this ship, but that may have been because of the itinerary, rather than the size of the ship. The benefit of a fantasy class ship, is that there are barely any lines for anything. I'll second what was said above- look at Freedom of the Seas. As far as ports go, I think it has a couple different itineraries it switches between, with at least 1 or 2 ports that the Fascination doesn't go to. And as far as the ship goes, it has more things to do.
  8. I'm a little surprised the combinations don't cost more anymore. Good reason to try something new.
  9. Based on itinerary, I’d choose the horizon because there is a lot I want to do in those ports. Based on ships, I guess it’s what you like to do. Oasis class ships have more “stuff”- escape rooms, rock walls, ice skating, etc. But, if you are doing things as a family- is that important to you? Do you all like that stuff? If yes, go for the oasis. If some of you are more laid back and not the adventurous type, maybe you prefer some of what Carnival offers- dance classes, piano bar, different games. And there is some more adventurous stuff for those that prefer it. If youre not into the more adventurous stuff, maybe check out the daily schedules for both lines and see what appeals to most of the family, since you are trying to spend more time together.
  10. In St Maarten, take a look at Bernard's tours. He offers them with or without beach time, and it's a full island tour where you see both sides of the island. It's fairly easy to get in and out of the van, and drinks are provided, with lots of stops to look around, take pictures, and stretch your legs.
  11. I've never heard of anyone getting exceptions until this post. What I would do is put the money for cheers on a Carnival gift card. If you get the exception once you're on the ship, great, use the gift card to pay for it. If not, just load the gift card to your account, and the person that can drink won't have to deal with a large bill at the end. If there's money left over, just cash out and be done.
  12. If you have a nice one, probably. If you have long or thick hair, probably. I don't dry my hair much at home, so the ones on the ship are ok, because I'm not used to anything better. But if you are used to more powerful/nicer ones, the ones on the ship may disappoint.
  13. They get extra time in their cabins at the beginning of the cruise- they can go straight to their cabin rather than waiting til about 1:30. But not at the end. At the end, the rooms are cleaned pretty quickly and methodically, having random cabins staying later would mess with that.
  14. I'm not 100% sure, but if it's just the charms you're after, I dont think you have to go to the talk. Most ports, they'll hand you a shopping guide as you're getting off, and it'll include the free charm ad. And also, some diamonds internationals don't even check- you just ask for your free charm and they hand it to you. At least, that has been my experience in picking up the charms for others I've sailed with. I'm not that invested in it, so I'd never go to the shopping talk
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