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  1. Yes, note 6 describes the Exclusive Nightly Event which is the 3 vouchers. Note 7 says there would be no Exclusive Nightly Event (i.e. no 3 x vouchers). So note 7 is saying ignore note 6! My use of the text "(3 drink vouchers on SeaPass card during Happy Hour)" was just to clarify what the Exclusive Nightly Event was. 🙂 Anyway, it looks like this is old info on the website and it is indeed possible to have drinks in the lounge & have vouchers on the card to use elsewhere.
  2. On the Crown & Anchor benefits page (https: //www.royalcaribbean.co.uk/discover-cruise-holidays/crown-anchor see footnote 7) it states that there will be *no* "Exclusive Nightly Diamond Event" (3 drink vouchers on SeaPass card during Happy Hour) when the ship has a Diamond Club/lounge, but posters here are saying you can have 1 or 2 drinks in the lounge and then get more elsewhere with the SeaPass vouchers. Is this one of those things where policy varies from ship to ship? Or does it vary based on how many Diamond/Plus/Pinnacle members on the sailing? Sailing on Symphony in November & first time as a Diamond so not sure what to expect!
  3. We sailed in 9281 & definitely had the vibration for the first couple of days (transatlantic from Southampton, UK). You could see ripples in the water jug! We found that the vibration disappeared just by walking fwd by a few cabins or aft by a few more. Checked the starboard side & didn't feel the vibration (in the corridor). Checked deck 8 & noticed vibration in similar location as deck 9. Checked deck 10 & couldn't find any vibration. (We were on a mission!) By day 3 the vibration went away. Not sure if it was due to change in speed or water depth? Never noticed it again for the rest of the cruise. Did the same TA the following year in 9221 (similar position to 8281 on the hump) & had no vibration at all.
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