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  1. Thanks for sharing this information.
  2. Highly recommend a trip to this area. Wonderful sights on way to falls. When you get to the falls, don't forget to stare at the beautiful bay just opposite of the falls. We spent more time staring at it, than at the falls.
  3. After some research, we booked an airport transfer to our hotel with hreyfill.is I emailed them with various questions and they were very responsive. Have not yet taken the trip.
  4. Does anyone have a recommendation for a car service in Montreal? Many thanks in advance.
  5. Does anyone have a recommendation for a car/limo service in Montreal? Thanks in advance.
  6. OP: What hotel did you use in Reykjavik, and would you recommend? Thanks.
  7. I’m the OP, and was on Molly”s Cruise. We had a great time, and the food was the best experienced at sea (except of a horrific rack of lamb at LaDame.) Our initial impression of the ship left us shaking our head. We went to the pool grill for dinner and had the most disinterested staff to be found at sea. I’ll post more details later. Luckily, we eventually found that most of the waitstaff does a good job. The ship was a bit aged, but still in good condition. It appears to be an early version of Seabourn” Odyssey-class. It handled rough seas quite nicely. Loved our butler as a consistent in-room dining agent and single point of contact for room issues. If Silversea could find, train and retain more top-notch waitstaff, we would have purchased a future cruise credit.
  8. I’m a bit surprised by your last paragraph suggestion to lobby states who don’t license GeoBlue. I may be naive, but the cause is likely GeoBlue’s unwillingness to conform to these state’s requirements. Why? One would have to ask GeoBlue.
  9. My wife, who is sensitive to fragrances, did not find this detergent objectionable. However, we only used about half of the dosage prescribed.
  10. We were on the Quest in Antarctica this year, and have reservations for your Greenland trip. Hope to meet yo on board. Will be our third time on the Quest.
  11. Deck 9 is the go-to place to start walking. You can walk for miles if you want without changing decks. However, we usually climb the forward stairs to Deck 11, and walk about there, before descending agai to Deck 9. If the weather or seas are dicey, we have done our walking using decks, 5,6,7 interior space and climbing the stairs. Of course, there is always the treadmill.
  12. Can someone please let me know how to check the website for price decreases? Whenever I get the website, I just see "prices from $X,XXX" and "Request a quote." Is there a way to see more transparent information without talking to a TA? Thank you.
  13. Thanks for the report. Glad your wife is on the mend. I think everyone should be reminded that Chase does not reimburse for preexisting conditions, so that should be factored into everyone’s decision.
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