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  1. Great deal! I am noticing this lately on cruises booked after final payment. I hope they keep it up as next Fall I hope to book after final payment. I am seeing quite a few good deals but we are already booked on the 51 day Tales of South Pacific later next month. We are use to a drink package with Celebrity and am really going to miss it on our upcoming cruise. We've ordered some hard liquor for the cabin, and will carry on wine. I imagine we will still have a BIG bar bill, lol.
  2. I am noticing lately that after final payment these drink packages are being offered(some pricing better than others). I am seeing some real deals this Fall. We are on the 51 day Tales of the South Pacific next month otherwise we would be booking one of these deals. If we cruise next Fall I will book after final payment. The 24 day Hawaii/Mexico is one of those on my radar.
  3. I also communicate with my PCC via email. He has responded via email and also picked up the phone to call me in reference to email. If she spends all day on the phone, lol, she should have picked up the phone upon receiving your email and discussed it with you. You were not out of line, she was. I think you may need to request a change in PCC's.
  4. The following link will help you learn more about the ship https://www.hollandamerica.com/en_US/cruise-ships/ms-nieuw-statendam/0.html?ICID=C006_RSRR_dedication We enjoyed the BB Kings on the Oosterdam. I would love to sail on NS that has both BB Kings and the Rock and Roll venue. As far as music by the pool, I am not sure that is offered. Have a wonderful cruise.
  5. This seems like a good deal. We were once offered it at over $1200 pp(7 day Alaska), this plus the cost of increased insurance was more than we could justify at the time. This was June 2018 and I don't recall the timeline. We did love our Neptune so no regrets. I think it will be a wonderful way to celebrate your 55th anniversary. Congratulations! Thanks to ALL for sharing their timelines!
  6. I have read much discussion on this very subject, and the bottom line is that the online package selections are not representative of what is actually on board. Also, your wine steward will get credit for the sale and the tip associated with wine package sale. This is our plan for our upcoming cruise. I hope this helps. We did pre-order some liquor to be delivered to the cabin.
  7. I wonder if they are in the process of updating. I could have sworn when I posted this it said SELECT.
  8. It is wonderful to hear from you. Thank you for posting!
  9. I did this for my upcoming domestic flight so I imagine it is no problem for international.
  10. for select voyages in 2020. Also some additional perks. I believe the Promo is "Who's in your Crew"....Ends Sep 26.
  11. I agree, especially on this longer itinerary. We had 8166 for our Panama Canal Transit cruise and it greatly enhanced our cruise!
  12. Your edocs specify number of Gala evenings. In October, our 51 day Tales of the South Pacific have 4.
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