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  1. Fabulous! Thank you so much. My apologies for missing the information. I appreciate your help.
  2. Is Captain Jeroen Schuchman new to Holland America? I do not see him on Captain Albert's current Captain's list. Like Debbie we are on the Amsterdam 51 day Tales of the South Pacific cruise this Fall. Thank you!
  3. I am so very sorry to hear this. Thank you for letting us know.
  4. This is exactly what I was going to suggest. We love staying in a bed and breakfast there named 44 Spanish Street Inn.
  5. If you are Elite, you most certainly will get the perk. If there is not a laundry bag/list in the closet ask your room steward the first day.
  6. Typically no. Perhaps others will come along with more recent experience. But, typically, it is strictly enforced.
  7. My husband loved the lobster rigatoni alfredo. He had it both times we dined there as a side with his steak. Our steaks were not upcharge steaks and they were wonderful. Yes, I do believe you will have a corkage fee if you bring a bottle of wine.
  8. If it were me, and I was wanting to ensure a particular evening/time as you are, I would probably book ahead. I am typically a deal person, lol, but, there are times I go ahead and book for the convenience. I booked ahead of time for Qsine when there was a slight discount on the website, but, still more than I may have been able to negotiate on board simply because I wanted a particular evening.
  9. Yes, we both had steak. We had the filet and the ribeye. We ordered 1/2 portion of pasta as our side. Imo, it is the perfect place to celebrate your anniversary. We dined there the first night at 30pp(booked online) and then later in the cruise I negotiated a 20% discount. We really wanted to go a third time, but we did not.
  10. They are both such different experiences. I highly recommend BOTH. But, since you asked, my husband and I both agree it would be Tuscan IF we had to choose between the two. I can only speak for the Summit. Qsine is a lot of food and we are always dieting, lol, so this comes into play with our answer. Honestly, I think you should reconsider and book Tuscan for your anniversary. Have a wonderful cruise!
  11. Like you we have no interest in LPC, but, we love Qsine otherwise. I am not a sushi fan, and we had the pork noodle ramen soup(split), kobe slider and some pot stickers. My dh had some type of roll and enjoyed it.
  12. We were on the 11 night sailing June 16-27. I don't know what I was thinking when I said June 21 sailing, lol. Along with twice in Tuscan, we dined in Qsine once, and Sushi on Five once. We only dined in the MDR once. We had anytime and it was a bit of debacle(2nd night), and we didn't return. We probably should have given it another chance, but, we do not always eat dinner, so it was fine.
  13. We dined in Tuscan twice on our Summit June 21 sailing. The food was wonderful, service fabulous. If we were not dieting we would have gone a third time.
  14. Based on the above information I would keep trying. Call again today. Good luck, and please update.
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