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  1. Yes, there is. It is a dueling piano bar.
  2. Something worth mentioning is that with the classic package you may order a premium drink and just pay the difference. For instance the classic amount is for cocktails up to $9. If you order an $11 dollar cocktail you pay the difference of $2 plus 20% tip on the $2. We use to upgrade our classic package to premium but for US when we did the math it was less for us to just pay the difference. IF you do decide to go forward with the premium package, specify your premium liquor when ordering. Do not assume that they are using the premium liquor just because you have the premium account.
  3. It is all about the math. On our upcoming 11 night cruise after figuring in the gratuities it worked out to $200 per person for the drink package which isworth it to us. So for our two perks we chose gratuities and drink package. Since then the prices of adding on the perks have risen significantly. We got lucky.
  4. Have a wonderful trip. THANK YOU for taking us along! You are going to love Vancouver AND Alaska.
  5. UPDATE: This promotion is not available to me or my husband. As a side note, if it were we would need to give up current promotion on our booking. I suppose that is somewhere in the fine print. The brochure pricing comparison is misleading because the $8299 is the price with promotions. Thanks again for posting. It was worth a shot.
  6. I am speaking of the Explore 4 that terrydtx is speaking of. The promo OP is speaking of is new. I saw it on the site yesterday as it was loading up.
  7. This promotion ends May 31. It has been on the site for a month or two.
  8. This is very helpful. Thank you. Yes, have logged into both accounts and it is showing $8299. I will let you know what he says. He is out of the office today. Thanks again!
  9. Thank you! We are booked on this sailing. I have emailed the PCC I work with to ask if we may qualify for the $7599 rate. I do receive the Private Fare offers in the mail, but, have not received this one(yet).
  10. Radio - Wonderful review. Thank you so much. About Tuscan, was there something that stood out? How was the service? We have reservations for the first evening. Thank you!
  11. Constellation after Revolution. We are booked on the Constellation in Nov 2020. This is our choice since cruising the Infinity and Summit pre revolution. Our experience has been that the rooms and bathrooms can be very shabby. For point of reference our Summit cruise was in October of last year, and Infinity in December of last year. We are cruising on the Summit post revolution next month and very excited.
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