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  1. Thank you all --- I was looking for non-stops & apparently when I first looked, I overlooked the Alaska flights....we had flown them in the past -- my only gripe was the return flight to Sea was late afternoon ---- even though we had done a post-cruise excursion we were still sitting around the FLL airport for hours (even before the ticket agents were at their posts). We haven't booked the cruise yet so, needless to say, we haven't booked our air.
  2. Thank you so much for this! We've done the cruise portion, maybe we should think about the land portion as well. Hope you & Joyce are feeling better soon!
  3. Again thanks --- that's a change from Monday ---- there might be hope!
  4. Thanks --- we've flown non-stop a couple of times --- once on Alaska & I don't remember the other carrier.
  5. Looking at a HAL cruise in December, 2019 ---- can't seem to find any nonstop flights from Seattle & back...wondering if maybe it's the MAX plane problem....any ideas?
  6. I had my local dressmaker add a crocheted string-thing with a snap on the end & a snap on the shoulder seam of a couple of tops to do the same thing....love it!
  7. Again depending on your phone size, I have a Dooney & Bourke zip-around wallet/clutch that has a wristlet strap as well that fits my phone.....
  8. Depends on your phone size, but Joy Susan has a crossbody purse that has an additional strap to make it a wristlet. Usually priced around $35 retail....I found mine on Ebay.
  9. Not a reply but a question ---- how can you stretch a pair of vegan Tieks? Bought the same size as my leather ones but these are a smidge too short.
  10. I agree --- the strap that goes around my heel is too tight....I sold mine on eBay.
  11. We have had a 2-top positioned close enough to another table that we became friendly with one couple & dreaded the dinners that they weren't there. As a rule, we opt for a secluded 2-top so we aren't drawn into the 'how many cruises, what star level are you, political convos' that often happen...just our preference.
  12. Probably Kainoa - I know the spelling is wrong.
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