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  1. Unless you encounter a 1st Class passenger who told me "you'll just have to wait"...I had a really tight connection, on the same airline, & informed the flight attendant of that fact. She said it shouldn't be a problem to get me off quickly....until Mrs. I'm the Most Important Person on the plane got in the way.....This happened several years ago & I'm still upset by it....I did make the next flight BTW.
  2. Our PCC submitted my Healthcare Worker verified status to our existing reservation & within a couple of days it showed up on Navigator. Still wondering if I need to verify every year or if it's automatically applied.
  3. Slightly off topic but does the HealthCare Worker status need to be re-verified every year/every cruise or is it noted on your Mariner account? TIA.
  4. Try SunDayAfternoon.com -- they might have something that will work for you.
  5. My favorite cousin was diagnosed with a glioblastoma in May, 2023 & given 5-6 months to live...he passed away 5 weeks later. Didn't have any symptoms other than being more tired than usual so the diagnosis was a real shock.
  6. @awhfy That's not what your family needs right now! Hope she can figure out a way to manage & go.
  7. March, 2023 -- Koningsdam 35 day Hawaii, Tahiti, Marquesas.
  8. Yes except when it doesn't.....we were among the last off the ship despite the color luggage tag we had.
  9. On the oral surgery front, I got the sutures removed from my lower front jaw area yesterday...all looks good, return in 3 months to see if the implants can be placed --- she put in the hardware when she did the extractions. Mouth is way less tender & I think I might be able to bite something firmer than pudding or tapioca later today -- YAY!!
  10. We had to get our shepard a sling-like contraption with straps....sling under his belly, pull it up & use the straps to haul him around.....I called it his suitcase.
  11. @kazuWishing you an enjoyable, relaxing birthday on your special day!! 🎂 🎉
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