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  1. Hi - I think you, of all people, might know ---- how many crew/officers, etc. are on each going-nowhere ship right now & have the same people been on the ships this whole time? I feel bad if they have been.
  2. Hope he doesn't have to have an oral rinse.....our dog hated the one we were supposed to use....it was orange flavored - apparently that's not an Eskipoo taste treat.
  3. @Marmot@Sea We had the T-bird which started out as the Coral Sand color shown but the restorer painted it red.
  4. We booked a cruise that had a refundable deposit but unfortunately within a week the cruise was cancelled. We promptly received an email from the Kirkland based company spelling out the details of what we could do with our deposit. We are very happy with the service they provided us & would use them again.
  5. Thanks -- I just 'chatted' with HAL & the FCC gets applied to the base fare, not for the deposit.
  6. We have FCC from a HAL cancelled cruise - they haven't posted to our accounts yet. Are we able to use them as a deposit on another cruise? I don't want to give HAL more $ for them to hold. TIA.
  7. That happened to us when we were on Maui --- drove our neighbor nuts till he called us & we told him where a key was.
  8. Do you take Lisinopril for high blood pressure? --- it's notorious for causing a cough.
  9. We're in Western Washington & it was too smoky to see the moon last night.
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