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  1. Ours went to Goodwill --- only used it a couple of times.
  2. When I go to the HAL website, I don't have the part that you have in the green circle.
  3. @bennybear - where did you find the flower market?
  4. You have my deepest sympathy! -- retired ortho RN here who nursed hubby after a total knee replacement.....he doesn't/didn't follow my or the dr's post-op instructions very well until the PA really let him have it!
  5. These Athleta do have a bendable plastic wire & I think that's the problem...my other ones have a metal wire. Thanks.
  6. Slidergirl & Melody --- I got my Athleta EveryDay masks & I'm having trouble with my glasses fogging up ---- seems like the wire isn't really wire.....what are any tips for me? TIA
  7. The CO cost per day is based on how many days the cruise it - not the ship. For our 35 day cruise it is/was $15 pp/pd.
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