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  1. What do any of you use to exfoliate your legs before using the St. Tropez?
  2. His statement was the deciding factor in cancelling our cruise.
  3. I'm back --- there are more cruises that, hopefully, will be 'safer' in the future --- hubby has heart issues & I have COPD --- it's more that we're concerned about being quarantined on the ship than actually getting sick. ourselves.
  4. So far has anybody been denied boarding? We're due to embark on April 15 & don't really want to fly there just to be denied boarding.
  5. Just make sure you're not under the un-carpeted areas of the Lido Market seating area...lots of chair scraping & I would think you'd hear the same noise, if not more of it, under the pool area.
  6. We are in the same boat ---- western Washington, cruise in April, flying out of San Diego ...hubby's getting nervous.
  7. On Trip Advisor, check out Alex Garcia Tours in Cabo --- we did a private tour with the company last year ---- saw a ton, great price.
  8. Do you have these? Is the strap a velcro closure or just a decoration?
  9. AAA in Washington State will get pesos for you --- if you purchase over $200 USD worth, there is no fee.
  10. Thanks, Hank --- I'll pass that along, too.
  11. I really like those ilovetotravel - I can't find them on Amazon....what's the price, please?
  12. Thanks for the replies ---- I'm trying to convince somebody that it's not in their best interest to buy them that way.
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