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  1. We've stayed there twice - not in a couple of years though. I think they've done a refresh since then. There's a shopping plaza across the road & some restaurants in the area - not terribly walkable but we did it. Like another poster said, check Trip Advisor for some recent comments. There's an old fashioned type diner at the far end of the shopping mall -- Moonlight Diner -- we had good food at reasonable prices....best Caesar salad I've ever had.
  2. Has anybody ever had the 'waterfall' type faucets in the bathroom? I really like the look but hubby wants aerated water.....
  3. Or Spray & Wash stick (like a deodorant stick) --- it's an amazing product!
  4. Good advice about only using ATM's attached to an open bank --- hubby's card was eaten by a Santander ATM....went inside, cancelled the card.....glad I had my card!
  5. What's your seller name? I'm an eBay freak!
  6. Hank --- if you go to the Cheeky Monkey site on Facebook, he says he is or has closed it. Only went there for nachos & a beer when we stayed at Vista del Sol a few years ago....sounds like the Sea Monkey is still open.
  7. My ex-husband did mine that way but my right ear hole isn't 'straight' & the only time I've gotten an infection is when I didn't have gold posts.
  8. Wishing you good luck & sending prayers for you, your surgeons & the surgical team!
  9. You still have to do the Mag Citrate, a light breakfast the morning before & clear liquids the rest of the day but you don't have to drink the gallon of stuff.
  10. Ask your dr. if he would give you SuPrep instead of the Golytely --- it's not as much to drink but you do have to drink some the evening before & then more in the morning before you have the procedure.....I'm a retired RN & I definitely prefer the SuPrep.
  11. I like the red one better --- I found this dress on Amazon for $24 + $5.20 shipping.
  12. Do you have the tag for this? Who is the maker & is there a style name or number? I'd love to get this dress!
  13. Ordered this on eBay ---- it works & does make me orange!
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