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  1. Hi all, I didn’t want to start a troublesome thread but this a different type of tipping question. I always keep the regular tips but I’m used to having only 2 waiters not the whole CO crew. 😁
  2. I had a table near the window (and hallway) and had good water views. I saw a pod of about 35 dolphins pass. Saw some nice sunsets and watched a few boats pass by. The people watching as folks passed by was really fun as well. There are several tables for 4 as well as a few tables for 6. Although I preferred a table for 2, I got to know and converse with others seated near me (if we were in the mood). Photos below are of CO from my table and also of the windows.
  3. I got off the Koningsdam on December 15th. I ate every breakfast and dinner in Club Orange (wonderful experience!). I am still wondering how much of a tip would be appropriate for the CO staff? There is the maitre d', the 5 waiters and a wine steward. All of them waited on me throughout the cruise. So, what would be an appropriate tip for the exceptional service? (This is for future reference). Many thanks!
  4. Completely agree! As a lowly one star HAL newbie, sailing solo, selecting Club Orange was the best choice ever! I am now thoroughly spoiled and cannot imagine sailing again without booking Club Orange. I ate every breakfast and dinner in CO. I loved everything! The food, the staff, the ambiance, etc. I got an email invite about 2 weeks before sailing for an extra charge of $25/day. I not only got CO but an upgraded cabin + several other perks. For me, this was very worth the extra money. I only wish CO was open for lunch as well.
  5. I'm traveling solo on the Koningsdam right now. I absolutely love Club orange. The staff and food is fantastic (always fresh). I have a small table where I can watch everything going on. I converse if I want to or stay to myself. The "fish bowl" has not been an issue at all (I am seated right next to the windows) as I can people watch and watch the ocean go by as well. I cannot imagine enduring the MDR or Lido every again. Club Orange has totally spoiled me!!
  6. Finally resolved. YEA! After multiple visits to both the spa and Guest Services, I finally spoke to the Spa Manager in person (Lucinda). She removed the charges immediately. It took 3 minutes. Not a single one of her staff (or the Front Desk) suggested that the Spa Manager is the only person who can remove acupuncture charges (I think they are worried about liability). BTW, the person who identified herself as a manager yesterday, was NOT a manager. She was the real manager's assistant. The Acupuncturist is amazing. He is Japanese (his name is pronounced KO-Hay). He is certified in acupuncture, chiropractic techniques, and pharmacy. The cost for one visit is $179 + 15% gratuity for a total of about $194 ... The total for 4 sessions, if I had continued, was $690. I am not impressed with this particular spa. The constant pushing of products is endless (they tried to sell me some shoe inserts for $199 or $350 for 2 pairs) and the masseuse (reflexology) tried to sell me about $450 worth of gels and other potions to fix my foot/neck and back issues. That said, the acupuncturist and masseuse were excellent.
  7. Hi all, I am currently onboard the Koningsdam. Such a beautiful ship! The crew is wonderful! However, I have a problem that I cannot seem to solve. Four days ago, I had one acupuncture appointment (it really worked) and I signed up for 3 more sessions. Then, I had second thoughts and cancelled the other 3 . For some reason, neither the spa nor guest services will remove the charges for the 3 cancelled sessions. I've spoken with managers at the spa. One told me the charges were cancelled. They weren't. Today, another manager said I needed to speak to the acupuncturist. I refused as it is NOT needed. Then, I was told that another manager would cancel the charges as soon as she got off the phone. ARGH! I am tired of being shuttled back and forth. I want these charges OFF so I don't need to deal with this for the rest of the cruise. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance! The rest of the cruise has been exceptional.
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