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  1. Thanks. We found that and opened a ticket. So far it's been a week and nothing.
  2. We just got off the Infinity on Saturday. We sailed for our 25th anniversary with my parents who were celebrating their 50th. As a special treat we did the black and white session and purchased a digital package. It came boxed with a beautiful presentation and a USB inside. We picked it up late a Friday night and just plugged it into the laptop today only to find out half the photos are missing! Does anyone know how to contact celebrity to get the missing pictures? Any contact information would be helpful.
  3. We arrive in Venice on Thursday and board the ship this Saturday, so these are great suggestions! I will let you know if we come up with anything else.
  4. Update. Docked in Miami this morning. 2 Miami Dade police officers escorted into Haven at 9 am. I’m guessing they’re at least being interviewed if not arrested. There’s a vacation to remember. Remember that cruise when Dad got arrested??!!!
  5. From what I can tell, yes. We heard one of the ship’s officers say if they cause any more issues they will be removed from their cabin. They are watching them like a hawk. They’re being tailed by crew from what I can see. They’re not exactly getting to enjoy their “freestyle” cruise any longer. I’m not sure what the appropriate recourse is here but I’m pretty impressed with the crew so far. Everyone knows what happened and there are a lot of uncomfortable stares. And the Haven lounge is a lot quieter tonight.
  6. Well folks, this just in. An unfortunate brawl broke out in the Haven Lounge shortly after departing Cozumel today. Broken glass and grown men on the floor. Kudos to the crew who responded with dozens of officers and security including the ship’s doctor to attend to the injured. It’s a shame but I can’t imagine it’s the first time this has happened. It will be interesting if the passengers run into each other in the close quarters of the Haven with a day at sea. Beverage packages have been shut off. I’m still gathering details but I heard it involved a child sitting at the bar, a drunk passenger striking up a conversation and a mother who told the guy to stop talking to her kid and may or may not have called him a fat drunk. At this point, the kid’s dad got involved and got in the face of the drunk guy. Not sure who threw the first punch but at least one other passenger tries to break it up. We walked in shortly after and that intervening passenger had blood all over his shirt. The crew put in hazmat suits and worked to sanitize every surface. A lot of drama. A first for me.
  7. We are sailing on the Getaway tomorrow 3/10 also in a Haven suite. I booked the private beach cabana with the indoor area, private bathroom, etc for myself and my daughter. Feels a little indulgent for the 2 of us but we really just want to relax this week. She’s on spring break from college and I’m trying to leave a stressful job behind. I will report back what I think afterwards. Looking forward to some peace and quiet (we aren’t anti social by any means but I also don’t need to be sitting on top of everyone else!)
  8. We are in the Getaway 3/10 and won our upgrade to The Haven. Really glad we went this route because I debated staying where we were and buying Vibe passes. Makes our Haven upgrade even more worth it.
  9. I did not get Haven Aft Penthouse. I suspect for an Alaska cruise that one would be very hard to get. I bid $1500 pp ($3k total) and did not get it. So I did give up my non-Haven Aft Balcony for a Haven side balcony. All in all it was a good upgrade for me. There is also a large group on our ship (not quite a charter but I think they will take over lots of the ship) so I wanted to escape to the Haven. I love an Aft but for this cruise, my sanity was worth it. Plus, with the Haven areas, the large private balcony may not feel as important. Aft balconies go fast on Alaska itineraries. Congrats on getting one. As I said above I think an upgrade to an Aft Haven is going to be a long shot. But, if that's all you want, just bid on that category. For example, I did not want a Haven Forward Facing cabin so I didn't bid on that. I placed bids on Haven Spa, Haven Penthouse, Haven Aft, as well as the owners suites. I knew I would be happy in any of those.
  10. We went years ago to a place owned by Canadians and recommended here - The Cat's Meow. Sadly, I heard they did not return after the hurricane. We had our best day ever there. I'm looking for something comparable on our cruise next week.
  11. Good luck! It's my first time on NCL (I'm a Celebrity cruiser) and so my first time bidding. I changed my bids up and down through the process. I'm glad its over!
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