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  1. In theory, this is correct. However, the 15 minutes could be for us or anyone else. There are only so many people on the ship. If they have MTD, they have the tips allocated. The servers actually love MTD because the tips are guaranteed.
  2. THIS couldn't be farther from the truth. When you sign up for MTD the staff automatically gets the tips. They would be thrilled because they would get the tips and not have as many.
  3. I've had them call the cabin but normally nothing
  4. PattyG12

    Drink package question

    Yes you can use your vouchers for additional drinks each evening
  5. PattyG12

    Where do you get your cup?

    If they are not in your cabin when you get in there call the bar manager. They will make sure you get one.
  6. PattyG12

    Allure drink packages

    We found some type of mango flavored water last time on board. I wouldn't get a package for the kids unless you allow them a LOT of soda normally.
  7. I'll be very curious to see how many ships are giving the drink package discount. I have pre-purchased the premium package for the Allure. Guess we just need to wait and see.
  8. PattyG12

    Freeport Question

    Thanks everyone. As I suspected, there isn't much to do in Freeport. I still appreciate every input!
  9. PattyG12

    Allure Menu - Western

    Thanks Bob!!
  10. Does anyone have a link to the current Menu for the Allure of the Seas, Western? I'm trying to decide when to do all the yummy specialty restaurants.
  11. PattyG12

    Freeport Question

    I've seen all kinds of Nassau suggestions but not much on Freeport. What can you suggest if I don't want to do a ship sponsored excursion?
  12. Will be on Allure at the end of May ... anyone have an idea who the CD will be?
  13. your first "non-RCL" ... yeah, we were nervous. I want to hear about NCL. That's next up on my list
  14. I've noticed more and more. We are often the only ones sitting at the pool bar without it. Between bringing on wine, going to the DL in the evenings and the time off ship, we don't find it worth it.
  15. PattyG12

    First time to St. Maarten

    We always recommend friends to book Bernard's tours for their first trip to St. Maarten. His tours take you all around the island. You get a great overview of what there is. These days we just cab over to Maho beach and watch the planes.