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  1. I just put a deposit down on a cruise wherein I wanted a full suite. The only one available was C104 a forward facing cabin. I remember a number a number of years ago seeing posts that stated at times Princess prevents the use of the balconies of these suites. I was wondering if someone with recent experience could shed light on a more current way this policy is. I know that wind might be an issue, but I was wondering if Princess actually prohibits , at times, the use of the balconies. Thank you in advance for any replies..... Bob
  2. There is no 100% fail safe answer. It is a virus and virus’s are contagious. As long as cruise lines take safety protocol measures coupled with a vaccine, cruising should be allowed to resume.
  3. I want to be onboard so a wholehearted yes I will happily book ship base shore excursions. Will I miss getting off the ship and wandering around; of course l will. The desire to be onboard however will outweigh this..... Bob
  4. Carnival corporation has extended their pause in operations, across all brands, until at least December 31, 2020. https://www.princess.com/news/notices_and_advisories/notices/global-ship-operations-pause-extended-through-december-31.html Bob
  5. Does anyone know if the small couches in the aft penthouse suites convert to a sofa bed? We sailed in one on the Royal way back in 2013 but I never checked. Thank you in advance for any replies..... Bob
  6. The problem with calling Princess is you could get 10 different answers to the same question. BTW, I don’t rely on CC for official Information. . The purpose of my post was just general curiosity, nothing more.....🙄🙄🙄 Bob
  7. My cruises are not until September 2021 and I realize that testing requirements can be different a year from now, especially if there is a vaccine. But let's just say testing protocols will be the same this time next year. I am confused about pre boarding testing. My first cruise is out of Southampton and my second one is out of NYC. They are b2b. With flying from LAX and a two day pre-cruise stay in SH, will I have to get a test right before I leave the USA? Will it be honored by authorities in Southampton? Or, will I have to runaround Southampton looking for a rapid results testing fa
  8. Would be great if you sailed.....😊😊😊 Bob
  9. You can always make the booking to ensure you get the cabin you want and have your T/A take it over later..... Bob
  10. The Sky Princess T/A for September of next year is now up on the website for general booking. The August 30th British Isles sailing is still not up on the site for booking..... Bob
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