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  1. Oh, I didn't see the part of my post where I said that was a secret.
  2. It's not a problem. They really don't care about that only liquor.
  3. " booked a boardwalk balcony cabin on Allure "....Ahhh yeah, that's what you're going to get up until around 11 or so.
  4. Lobster is more like an XL shrimp LOL!!! Pro tip, lobster night go get your lobster and then head to the Windjammer. On lobster night in the MDR they have colossal shrimp which is frankly better than the lobster in the MDR.
  5. It's OK, but the worst part is when they paddle out in mass to try and sell you stuff. I'm not paying to be harassed by locals to buy stuff. I wouldn't do that tour again. It's also kind of boring. No good sights to see. The best one I found was Bermuda. Great tour, see a lot of sights.
  6. It's included, but fun fact, a built in 18% gratuity is added to the drink!! Drink package people don't have to worry but just think about that if you're paying per drink...
  7. As soon as you get on the ship, head to the MDR and they will take care of it. DON'T WAIT! Don't go eat lunch or walk around go to the MDR first thing and almost always they can accommodate you.
  8. What's really disappointing is that they charge for JR's. When they first started charging for that it was like $3.99 a person. Now they charge MORE than you would pay for JR's on land!! Carnival has Guy's Burgers as a walk up and RCI needs to turn JR's into the same thing. I've said for years JR's needs to be turned into an INCLUDED walk up and stop wasting valuable space as a sit down on the ship.
  9. LOL, RCI is very creative at weaseling into your wallet.
  10. Private port security and not TSA thank god!
  11. If you watch RCI tv enough you will be singing "wash your hand" for months after your cruise.
  12. Frankly, to me it's not worth the price. YouTube has some really great behind the scenes of most ships and the brunch from what I've heard is very unremarkable.
  13. I see these ships joining the Pullmantur fleet in the future. RC will not scrap them just transfer them. Pullmantur is 49% owned by RC International and this is were older ship end up when rotated out of the main RCI fleet. This is where MS Sovereign and MS Monarch found homes.
  14. Always bring a bottle of air neutralizer for the bathroom. Ventilation is not great and it's much appreciated by your stateroom attendant.
  15. I enjoy Vision class and Radiance class the best. If I want bigger the Freedom class is nothing but a Vision Class that's stretched out. Not huge but big enough. Least favorite is Quantum Class. I could go on for a whole page on what I don't like Quantum Class ships.
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