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  1. Ill way in on that. The perks are somewhat different. We are diamond plus. But we have two 8, 10 year old girls who love doing the activities and like front of the line or reserved time for this. It is also nice to have someone take your carry on luggage and to do the meals at the embarkation/debarkation. Yes, we get priority access to shows already. But we barely go. For us it is the other perks. So we do the Key. Now, once we hit Pinnacle perhaps it will be different. Also when we cruise without kids.. and no, I'm not doing the flowrider, we don't do the key. Does that help? I j
  2. Sailed on it as a kid. I think I was 7. Great ship. Tiny compared to today's floating islands but I learned to dance on that boat!
  3. Just back from the Ovation July 26. Bing Bai was our concierge. She was wonderful!
  4. Anyone familiar with bai bing? Me concierge to me and I’ll be on ovation when we sail tomorrow. Thx!
  5. nice. on it with key 2021. I find radiance takes care of crown and anchor well . I imagine they do the same for key.
  6. are there any moderated key review threads that actually review the key instead of just talking and discussing opinions? This is a real request, not a criticism. If there is could someone toss me a link? Thanks.
  7. hmmm. that is interesting. We have a 2 bedroom grande suite to panama in 2021. Of course by then everything will have changed. We did do the key on the radiance to "test it" and cause it was cheap. Eh... on those ships not point. We get most of the perks already as Diamond+. For us the "perk" is the front line "fast pass" for activities. Going to see how it goes on Ovation and then decide for the future. We will be on the Oasis in March and I am considering it then. But it will depend on how the Ovation goes.
  8. Which ovation cruise are you on? We bought the key and we are sailing July 26. I can let you know how it went!
  9. It’s called smart business. I and my royal Caribbean shares cant really blame them.
  10. I’m also curious. We still a lot on the smaller ships like radiance and brilliance. When last we were on the radiance of Tampa we found that almost nobody was in the specialty restaurants. The specialty dining manager offered us a phenomenal deal for the week. Essentially $70 to eat as many times as we wanted. I thought that they were being severely under utilized.
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