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  1. We're considering a particular Asian cruise next year, however I found out it's a 'Golf Theme' cruise. We are not golfers and I've read that theme cruises are not advisable if you aren't part of the theme (i.e. Knitters, yoga, gay, wine, etc.) Has anyone done a golf theme cruise who is not a golfer? Would you not recommend it for any reason? Thank you.
  2. We booked in June for our December S.A. cruise. Since then, the price has gone up by about $300. I would book now. :)
  3. I thought I'd post this for U.S. or Canadian citizens considering a cruise to South America. This is something we wish we'd known before booking our upcoming cruise out of Rio de Janeiro. Prior to booking this cruise, it was not made obvious that we would need a visa for Brazil. This visa currently costs $130 per person, (U.S. citizens) plus the cost of photos. If you use a visa service, it will cost approx another $100 each. If you don't use a visa service, you will have to be prepared to go in person to your regional Brazilian consulate, once to drop off the application and another time to pick up the visa within 90 days before entering Brazil. There's also a $131 fee (U.S. citizens) for entering Chile via the International airport in Santiago. Long story short, if you're considering a S.A. cruise be aware of these extra expenses as it's likely the cruise company will not mention it until after you've booked. Even then, you kind of have to dig for the information on your on-line cruise personalizer or wait for your cruise docs. If you don't like the extra expenses, consider another cruise. :)
  4. I like the casino credit idea the best. I just called Princess and they said you can order them over the phone before you go. (At least 7 days before). Either that or fill out a gift form that's in your cruise document book and fax it. I think calling is easier. We will be using money belts in Rio, but still don't like having too much cash on us. I guess that's a personal preference. I suppose we are learning this is one disadvantage to taking private excursions. Doing excursions through the cruise company makes it nice and convenient and cashless, although perhaps more expensive. You pay for convenience. :)
  5. We will be in Rio de Janeiro for 2-1/2 days prior to the cruise, which has a reputation for theft, that's why I asked the question.
  6. Can you purchase cash in dollars against your cruise ship account from the cruise purser on cruises? (Specifically Princess). We want to do some independent excursions that require a cash payment in dollars after the excursion, but we don't want to walk around with a lot of $$ on us from the beginning of the trip, so we thought if we could purchase it from the purser, that would be better. Thanks for your input.
  7. ewlj

    Tips for booking a Tahiti (TP) cruise

    We cruised the TP on December 20th. Just one warning: on our itinerary they are scheduled to go to Rorotonga, but due to rough conditions we couldn't go there and supposedly this happens more often than not. One lady on our cruise had done the itinerary 3 times and NEVER went to Rorotonga. It's disappointing and there was no ship credit offered. I recommend an intinerary that avoids Rorotonga. Other than that, I highly recommend the cruise. I wouldn't recommend doing Tahiti purely by land as it's very quiet and very expensive. The cruise is a good value and provides your entertainment and meals without the hassle.