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  1. I have only enjoyed one sail away (NYC) until the Miami cruise I just got off of. It was awesome! We raced a storm out of port (we won) and got to wave at all the traffic on the road next to where we were sailing. It was loads of fun and tons of great Miami beach pics! I feel you on this one! First cruise was a 6 day. We did the buffet the first 4 nights and then MDR the last 2. It didn't take long to realize what we missed out on. In 30 something sailing days since we haven't missed the MDR again. Even this last cruise with Mr. no personality for a waiter!
  2. I have been following, taking notes, and praising god I wasn't drinking during the honey booboo comment. As I anxiously await Saturday's flight I've been reading reviews. I will be on this exact cruise over Christmas in 6 short months and want to thank you for the insight and STUNNING pictures!
  3. That would be an ideal itinerary for those that want a cruise to nowhere I would guess. Personally it'd have to be REAL cheap to consider it. 5-6 hours in one port (that ive been to multiple times) isn't enough LOL!
  4. Unless things have changed and I missed it the ONLY multiple night sailings come from Baltimore or NYC. I've done the Baltimore one (3 days 2 nights docked in Bermuda) and it was AWESOME but more expensive than most other 7 day cruises...
  5. LOL@shock it worked. With most new or newer passengers I usually get the shock of how quickly a person can get a ride (so make sure you are ready to roll when you hit request). That price was for the CAR not per person. Also if it is surging a trick many here do is check both uber and lyft apps for which is cheaper since they aren't related and one can surge when the other isn't. As far as tipping a driver I can only give my opinion like others do about tipping on the ship. For me personally it would come down to 1. were the helpful with bags and 2. were they friendly/enjoyable during the ride. I get ALOT of passengers who state that most drivers don't help with loading/unloading and that many don't talk more than saying hi and bye during the ride. Also a good thing to remember is that $$ charge you pay is NOT what the driver makes. I would guess from experience that the driver would see about $35-$40 of that charge and make even less after figuring expenses (gas/miles). In the ideal world you are completely right and that is exactly where this should be. Having said that I know the frustration of trying to find info or get answers there. The traffic to that part of these boards is a lot less and sometimes can take days or weeks to get an answer. Most come to their cruise line of choices board and nowhere else. I'm sure there is a ton of info and experience that never gets shared just for that reason alone...
  6. If you have the app you can do this yourself for a more accurate estimate. Just input the info but don't click request and the price is listed with the type of ride. Not knowing your desired destination and/or stops I input FLL (airport) for pickup and port of Miami for destination. X shows 37.26, and XL shows 68.54. It could inflate during surge times (high demand). To know it's surging is simple. Just above your options for X, XL, Lux, etc. it'll say "higher prices due to demand". MOST times if you aren't in a hurry you can wait a few minutes (5-10) and re-enter the addresses and the prices will drop. For instance as soon as a plane puts out the luggage at baggage claims the prices usually go up because there is a spike in requests. If you wait a few minutes those prices go down. Take a potty break to kill time lol. Oh another option I have been a part of... with 6 people order an X for 4 and a couple bags (2-3) and then an XL for the other 2 and remainder of bags. Saves you a little bit and still gets everyone and everything to same destination. Also if not needed for everyone to make the stop leave it off one vehicle. If you only have one uber and lyft account you can request a car on each app from same phone but CAN'T order 2 cars at the same time from same account.
  7. I can't speak of hotels in the area, the SAS (whatever that is) or hotel shuttles but I can speak about ubers. I am a driver (albiet in PA) and drive an XL. My vehicle is a Ford explorer with third row seating and very roomy. It's one of the larger 3rd row seating vehicles on the market for interior room. It can EASILY accommodate 6 passengers plus myself (I'm 6'4"). Having said that I know with almost complete certainty that there is NO way I can drive all 6 people AND their luggage unless it's a short cruise AND you pack extremely light. Even then I'm not sure I could fit 6 carry on rollers in the back even if everyone had a backpack on their laps. I'd recommend (depending on luggage size) 2 xl's. If you split to 2 groups of 3 and have just the carry on size bags and backpacks you could get away with 2 x's. I like to think worst case (prius) with x's and best case (an xl accepting an x). I know personally I have had a tough time fitting 2 students with 2 large bags each and a small bag each in my explorer (I won't put suitcases on my seats). As far as stops they HAVE to make stops if you have it in the app. So research where you want to stop and when you make the request have it in the app already. To add a stop you click the "where to" and it'll automatically place your pin (make sure it is where you are. You can type in the hotel/business name on that line). On the screen that comes up to type in your destination it'll have a + next to that line. click that and it'll give you more lines (up to 2 stops and a destination). Fill in the order you want and request.
  8. Thanks for the tip. I didn't know this was possible. Unfortunately it only got my hopes up as the aft ext are sold out for 2,3 or 4 people on my upcoming Christmas cruise (but a ton remain on june cruise and price hasn't moved).
  9. I'm guessing you put a credit card on file at beginning of the cruise? To the Amber...I used mine online to purchase cruise cash. I did just $100 and then when checking in online I selected cash. Once onboard I'll watch and add as needed. This will eliminate any holds on a credit card or debit card.
  10. I can't see anything but words... spoke too soon Only ones I can see are the formal pics. I will say I love the silly faces one...
  11. I needed mine after not sailing for 8 years so I could update my profile online of missing cruises. I contacted carnival and gave them my info and they were able to give me the info. After going thru all of that I found them listed in my signature lol!
  12. I KNOW YOUR PAIN!! I booked a surprise Christmas cruise for my children (16 and 13) for this year. Our passports were expired so I HAD to book another cruise (oh the horror) to not tip it off. I'm having a very rough time with saying cruise instead of cruises lol. I'm not sure what I'll do between June and December! I'm sure she'll LOVE the surprise and having 3 months for her to prepare (we know how mothers can be) will be awesome. My kids aren't finding out until the night before we leave. If I was in your shoes I'd do some type of countdown object as a gift. Then she can be hyped and excited every day from Christmas until you leave 🙂
  13. I will also add (and not being a smart ass) that google can be a huge friend. I looked and didn't find a specific video (better than pics in my opinion) of that number and ship combo but you can get a great idea of layout if you know all the ships in it's class of ship. For the most part all ships of a certain class are almost identical except the color/theme. Happy sailing!
  14. ahhh got it to work on my june cruise (4 left). Thanks so much! not worth it (my opinion) for that cruise but nice to know how to look. Thanks again
  15. Is there any possible way you could show a screen shot of where you are referring? I have fttf available on one of the 2 cruises I have booked and can't find this info anywhere. Neither of the 2 places I see the departure time is it clickable.
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