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  1. Do you like Italian cuisine? Is it your favorite ? Have you ever eaten at Olive Garden or Romano Grill and loved it? That is the level of the cooking.... Garlic/oil/cheese/pasta/Bread They have no idea how to cook pasta and serve it other than dump stuff on it If you love the cuisine at those places you might like it. If you expect more, then it aint happening I have been very disappointed... I too got a free dinner... I threw it away ( gave it to someone)
  2. The Monaco has the high Maritime Alps rising right out of the edge or town unlike Cannes. They are cold and the moist air off the med condenses..... You may not get Rain but cloudy conditions a lot, That was my experience the last 2 years Europe inland after October 15 was getting hammered Past the Rhone valley east , the Alps create a lot of weather
  3. March April- to mid May can be very rainy north of Barcelona.... Been 3 times in the last 3 years, November can be cold and rainy too....
  4. according to CDC sources the only place your going to need Yellow Fever is in Africa.... You might check... Our travel MD's out west said no need if your on a cruise and not spending weeks ashore.
  5. Too at the same time Denali park has experienced torrential rains that washed out roads and flooded many areas stopping all road traffic..... Check the parks web site to see current conditions
  6. Poor prep poor ingredients, blah taste....worse than Italian at Olive Garden. and they offered cotton candy for desert.... after trying to eat it was just unappetizing we left without finishing is was so bad.......
  7. Yes Inside... I had an outside and when in arctic waters the steel hull transmitted more cold than the heater could supply.... had to sleep in our clothes... put cushions over the ports, and towels and anything to insulate.... it was super cold Wished for warm inside.
  8. I heard. that Seabourn was building something... I thought Azamar might have done so too. I was in Ushuaia recently and observed several of the " expedition ships... small banged up and well used, tied up there. I think All of the expedition ships seem to leave from that port.... Gnarly place sort of like the Nome of South America. In any event I found that talking to crew.... they never really land on Antarctica proper but only on some outlying islands.... Takes all sorts of permits to get a permit to actually set foot on the continent proper. I was told. Prices are astronomical for their 7-10 day rt.... mid range 5 figures
  9. It was not worth it when it was FREE.......
  10. If you have Kaiser HMO.... no charge for both a consult and all shots and meds. Consider too Hep-A and Hep B as well as Polio booster for so-pacific/aisia. Someone charges $800 for that??? Good lord
  11. The have special built small expedition ships..... expect to pay $1000 a day pp. or more ALL the other lines without expedition ships under 400 PAx I think, will be prohibited . It will be supply and demand cutting the available cabins from thousands a month to a few hundred $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ Your pockets will have to be pretty deep in 2020
  12. Sydney-Tasmania, Melbourn-Millford New Zealand -New Caledonia-Fiji- Tahiti- Hawaii-LA 34 day Regent. LA-hawaii-Marqusea-Bora- Moorea Tahiti 21 day. Oceania Nothing beats discovering the South pacific by sea east to west... rather than flying to a place... arrive by ship as the explorers did. on a 600 pax ship. Tokyo-to Singapore 18 days Oceania.... Tahiti- Easter island- Pitcairn, Lima, to NY 35 days via the canal. Oceania You may find that some cruise lines fit your wants and personality better than others. Not everyone has the same taste and desire. Maybe you should try several options on short local cruises on several lines to feel out YOUR best. My niche is wanting to be on a smaller ship under 1000 pax with wonderful cuisine and low key fellow passengers. where most things are included.. no nickel dime sales... Lots of sea days. casual dress no formal dress up or class systems,. There is an entirely different atmosphere and ambiance with ships in the 600 to 1000 pax range... rather than thousands. To me smaller is better with everyone being treated the same . I sail 90% of my cruises with 1 line that fits me......you need to find yours
  13. Just an observation and theory... with the explosion of electronic gadgets, many people seem to become withdrawn and anti social with an increasing difficulty or lack of care about others... I do not know but when you do not have to relate to and with real people just an electronic gizmo and that is your world, how is that a good thing? That might be part of it
  14. The Porthole......was the only place I found that offered that price.... comes with potato, corn on the cob and butter......
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