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  1. Well consider that maybe 60-70% of O's clients are going to be in the 2-b tier I hear the canadians are preparing their own vaccine .... Based on Labatts and Bacon that has so far proven to be a cure -all in the frozen north...
  2. Well Kiddo......this is the motherlode for you.... I am in the same boat for likes so to speak and this IS the ship experience after 30+ years . In fact with one terrible exception ( HAL) To cruise means ONLY Oceania .. Its a rut, but one I have no substitute for.
  3. He Is ORV and I have some sea time together....Great guy and Great Wife....
  4. So you made some 35% growth to todays $ 24 almost ...... Bookings are strong for mid to late 2021... My Sept Europe cruise is 75% booked all but B-3-B2 B1 are waitlisted on Marina !!! almost a year out !!! thats of note to me.
  5. You got it right....... Buying in a panic stricken market for a good product prove for decades is minimal risk In March the stock was at $56-58 a share.....And with record bookings for then next year being reported the stock will come back from $7 Forget OBC's as you said the potential to make $50+ a share profit even if you never cruised !!! It has already recovered 50% of its loss... Pent up desire from the lock-down will drive the future.
  6. That was the city council vote and the Mayor... Crime is between 186% and 128% above national norms according to Seattle Police Dept as of 11-25-2020 at 5 pm....The Police Chief resigned saying the future was impossible... Maybe you should get informed to the extent you always claim others are misinformed.
  7. 2014.... and it was pretty bad homeless, all over the waterfront.. Panhandlers aggressive to you, People staggering around whacked on drugs and outside the hotels too... The permissive attitude of the city and residents enables this.... just look at the past 2 years....autonomous zones and violence for months on end....... I do not enjoy that level of vulgar sophistication anywhere. Even the police do not feel safe there
  8. Tell her you glad she saved you from turning $7 into $23... and a Potential as of today $2550 for a cruise / and OBC.....
  9. There is a rule for investing I use...only buy things that 1 you use, 2 know the market in which they operate 3 do you own independent research and listen to many sources not vested interest ones.
  10. No I do not like high crime, drug cultures of radical anti establishment people who feel no need to conform to society and want to act out.... . Glad you feel safe in Seattle now that they are trying to get rid of the police it will be fun. ... not me
  11. gee I got the same take from the Hawaii county DA and several state Senators, friends, who over the years informed me of the reality of Hawaii and the new generation in Hawaii.. .. I give everyone an even break , I draw my conclusions from over a decade of meeting thousands of people locals over thousands of days...on all islands. . No excuse for voicing reality of shame It is just counter to the travel brochures. I might say to say all is well and good is likewise wearing rose colored glasses to reality. The tourist Hawaii is nothing like the reality of its
  12. like 11 years... saw the real Hawaii and that is why I left.... Most corrupt and racist society I have ever been... As a NPS ranger naturalist Hawaiians used to spit on or at us and curse.... Aloha is a BS term in todays society...Maybe in decades past.... but not today. Sorry They are very fair people ...they deep down hate everyone equally. I caught on slow but good.
  13. Happy to help in it's demise..... They have turned their great city into an unsafe nightmare like Portland has..... As they say, as you cast your bread on the water so shall you reap.... Bad behavior deserves what it gets
  14. It is called insurance of reliability........In a dog eat dog world fighting for every buck you tend to want to insure those customers that require little effort for you.. You make the same profit as you would have if you had to do a hard sell and work hours and days on tough customers. It is win win for you and the agent who knows he wants to keep you and does so with the best deals he can in order to insure your being his client. An order taker on a ship or Miami is salary... and there is no such relationship between you an him... no motivation to keep him as you will prob
  15. Same deal in Hawaii.... where Aloha is only practiced by Time Share salesmen Bar Tenders and front desk clerks...... The real Hawaii is not a fan of anyone but themselves.... Sad but true of many places
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