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  1. too many variables.... locals can eat stuff and be used to the bugs .... your not them. You may score something great. you may not you have no way of knowing. However, if i am on a cruise for 20-30 days I am not going to risk coming down with something that will ruin the rest of the cruise wasting thousands of dollars in time and money. The risk to me is too great, I don't need that.... if you do cool. Even when a tour has a meal I elect to skip it... Had too many chunks of this and that with hair on them and things that moved. Bourdain would eat anything... Asia I have seen some pretty bad things they do with food... and good. Not going to play with health I would rather see what the locals do and have, not try to be one of them...
  2. The special cert was for Eagle Vail which looks far easier but has hidden surprises, and is open longer than Aspen Aspen is obvious Eagle is not Yes.... DIA... stands for " Denver irritating Airport"
  3. Sailed the Sun and saw what Seabourn did and what Hal did after adding cabins and chopping space it was painful. what they did... to what was once. I know they charged more... with HAL but I assumed that what HAL would have to charge for a new build would be far beyond the target market for even an up scale mass market ship.. You would have to very very set on that ship where cost was no object and exceeded Prem and luxury lines. Just to be on it. Thats a tough sell to a logical person. Can you cite me some fares as an example I could be wrong.... However, I have seen many HAL ships , NOT the Prinsendam charging far more than lines like Crystal and Oceaina for the same routes? Cabin rates are all over the map on many lines depending on who what and where.
  4. By buy down I assume you mean they offered you $$$$ to change. I got a PH to a B2. and a free cruise plus a lot of cash... mailed to my home not OBC !!! I would take a buy down or down sell in a second.... Your a smart cookie.
  5. German is good....The Germans have been, shall we say prolific in their geographic adventure and political aspirations of the last 100+ years. With rather aggressive requirements for people they ran into to rapidly develop a basic German vocabulary , or how shall is say this " face a unpleasant consequence" . Good language to know...
  6. The market demographic of HAL would just not accept paying 600-1000 a day for a cabin in a new Prinsendam size..... Too Silver Sea, Azamar, Crystal, Oceaina, Viking,, Pondant (?) Regent have the market already covered.
  7. No.... food can not be taken off the ship. that includes fruit too.... unless sealed in packaging like small snacks.. Solution: eat a good breakfast and have an early dinner. Port authorities will check bags most times for foods. Hawaii, Australia and New Zealand are places you can loose not only your stuff but fined / denied entry if you do..
  8. Forget taking coca... Diamox is recognized to be very effective I have been to almost 19,000 ft using it and working a week as t time at 11,000 to 14,000. Diamox is RX from your doctor.... it enables Co2 and excess fluid ( edema) to be eliminated by your kidneys helping the lungs absorb more 02 at the same altitude By promoting fluid removal it also helps prevent HACE. It works Very well if you have good Kidneys In reading the prior reports " Oh id didnt really bother us... we were just " short of breath, could not sleep, tired, ." That is really ignoring the fact that they were being impacted by the first stages of Pulmonary edema.... that was the reality.... your body sends you messages it is not in good shape... and wants you to listen.....
  9. Yes..its great pilots have to undergo special training as on departure you have to climb like a bat out of hell and turn to miss the massive mountain They used to run BAE146 into Both Aspen and Eagle/Vail. They used to use 757's probably the most over powered plane built Now Embre 400 and 178's ehich are pretty good Nothing beat the 146's The truly bumpy weather was between Denver and the front range due to Mountain wave, ( that why they moved the Denver airport out. so far. Flying into Aspen is pretty routine... they have hours of operation where they shut down in the evening to earily morning for noise abatement. The approach to Aspen involves 3 course correction on the down wind leg due to terrain... 90% of the crashes have been folks that turned the wrong way to fly back over aspen and found rising narrow terrain they could not climb out of..... Over confident and not grasping Aspen really sits in a series of "Box" canyons... is a real killer I spent a lot of time in Vail and Aspen and was a pilot. Thats my experience You can go to youtube and see actual pilot footage flying into all the regions airport.... you make the call ! That said the Drive to Vail and Aspen is wonderful
  10. Thanks for the info.... do they charge extra for their specialties..... I heard they really kicked up their prices and terms. Again thank you all for your input. Me I am in a rut... self imposed reinforced by status in the O club... But it is always good to have information.. So they have interesting show stuff that is interesting.. but I seldom ever attend a show One exception on Regent on a trans pacific Paul Williams was our entertainment, with song and story for 30 days.... and Enrichment was Costeau on the ocean.... That was pretty interesting
  11. Mass dining events... like the galas of HAl where there is some sort of fixed event ? I did not know this fill me in Spent 21 days on an R ship with 75% sea days... either veranda or inside. O's insides on deck 8 are in a fantastic location for everything... as good as the PH's
  12. Your head ache most probably was your brain swelling...early cerebral edema .... The key is to make the least altitude adjustment per 24 hour period... The 3000 ft + zone is pretty good for most people Making a 10,000 ft change in not in 1 day but in 2 hours is not wise. Stay in the valley then return to Cusco on the return and you will be in much better condition than staying in Cusco Planning not pushing
  13. Ok,, I have to step in..., For many years I was a high-altitude mountaineer and NPS Cimbing Ranger EMT trained in High altitude care I am NOT a doctor... but any MD with Altitude knowledge will validate what I am going to say. Heed it... Mountain sickness can effect almost everyone who rapidly ascends from a lower altitude The pressure difference by as little as 3000 ft in 12 hours can cause Brain Swelling ( cerebral edema affecting the vital signs Pulse, Respiration, Bp)., AND the lungs to fill with fluid ( High altitude Pulmonary EDEMA HAPE.) For most sea level dwellers it hits between 8000 to 10,000 MSL . Both can be fatal... . People who are anemic, elderly have cardiac or pulmonary disease are very susceptible-it is a load of garbage to suggest that it is mental...it is VERY physical. Like Hypothermia, your senses become lessened and you are not totally aware till your in poor shape. A slight cough and vision , coordination begin to diminish. O2 masks the symptoms its really all due to less atmospheric pressure... not lack of O2 that is the problem. It hits everyone... there are not really any exceptions as Paul mentioned. Only a lack of perception of the victims. and denial. There are only 2 things you can do to prevent ascend less than 6000 in a 24 hour period and Take the medication "DIAMOX" ( used by military and Mountain rescue people when rapid ascent is required Your body will take 12 to 24 hours to acclimate. at that altitude but thats only good for going 3000 ft higher. . So you will need another 12-24 at the next 3000 ft and so on..... UP to 18,000. The only effective treatment is getting the person to a lower altitude as fast as possible.. Antibiotics and O2. have marginal effect. Drinking lots of water is and can be counter productive as it promotes systemic edema in the brain and lungs . Living in Aspen Denver or other higher elevations will acclimate you...while your living there. It dosen't last more than a few days... You loose it. Chewing on cocaine extracts leaves teas only numbs your awareness of bad things. Flying to Cusco ia an altitude change of 10,000 ft in less than 2 hours. You can Fly into CUSCO and immidiately take a taxi to Olontombo at 5000 ft and then to Agua Calente . This is the best way to avoid getting whacked. The Picchu is is far below Staying in Cusco if pushing the envelope and playing with reality...... I have Experienced HAPE.. I have treated and seen mountain visitors get it....Is is no joke it is much more common than one thinks.... Be healthy be smart.....
  14. Prinsendam, was originally a German build for Royal Viking in the mid 1980's and of Norwegian design.. designed to be a world all weather cruiser. Italian and french ship builders are fine for pazazze, but the German Norse builds were heavy duty engineering. You can see that in her striking different design. THe SUN, SEA and STAR were also made by the the same ship yard. Phoenix Travel, ( Risen is German for travel) has already experienced one Older Royal Viking ship and knows they are quality. I suspect the ship yard will return her to the original Layout of the Royal Viking SUN... they have the blueprints and they know their workmanship. Seabourn and HAL each chopped her up poorly ,from what she was originally designed......It would wow any HAL passenger to see how the Old SUN looked...
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