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  1. only on Insignia is their a faux artists loft.....nothing like Marina/Riviera
  2. Petty crime rampant...Saw a member of our tour, Down Town ,sit on a bench put his feet up and people grabbed this shoes and ran off. Ladies having their necklaces torn off just outside the hotel . Seeing locals just toss their trash on the street of sidewalk...... People lost cameras, watches, hats all in broad daylight on tours. Teams of Pick pockets working the tourist areas..... Cabs, that will load up your baggage and take off without you. Cabs that will en route pull over and demand more money for the trip.. Found hundreds sleeping in doorways even the cemetery ,like SF....even in the high rent areas. living in alleys and on roof tops On a ship tour the guide told us not to go far from the bus because of " danger". This was 2 years ago and I hear things have gotten not better... That was my experience. I wanted to like it but there was just too much negative to ignore
  3. I too find this funny....why? These guys could careless . They know nothing about you it is a job not a friendship. Do you want to socialize with real estate salesmen, Car salesmen, who are selling you a product, hang with the pizza delivery guy when he gets off.? They, when they do are polished in the art of making you feel they are interested in you. Part of the Job. something some get all excited about.
  4. Terry....Amigo...if you take O life that is for one of 3 things...drinks OR tours OR, OBC. That is it. It does not include free air..... for that you pay extra To change the schedule you pay extra. Air and O life are 2 different and different things and charges When you book you can book 3 ways 1. take the highest price and get O life and all economy air rt. 2 Take O life plus the basic fare and take one of the legs of the Air and get credit for the non used leg. 3 Take the basic fare Do your own Air and other charges , NO Olife For most doing your own air is a better deal...you do not have to pay extra to change schedules, . You get to pick what airline and schedule. You get to pay for it with miles or points. This applies for all North American origin fares Also there is really no such thing as DUTY FREE... While you avoid the local VAT or Tax..... When you get home you will owe $$$$ on your purchases, due and payable on entry. whether in the US or Canada. It is just a ploy to make you think your getting something free. Try buying an expensive item and see what happens... If you don't declare it its can be confiscated AND you pay a fine equal to the Duty you would have paid... Customs agents are pretty good at finding things.
  5. Took the one offered by the ship. it picket up right at the ship at the gangway....no need to take the shuttle bus to the terminal... it was a good tour including a BBQ at a ranch then to the airport getting there about 4..... The ticket counter was not open for several hours. When we finally got through immigration we still has 2-3 hours wait . Used the UA business lounge got a shower and rest. This is a place you need to fly Business....the econ lines are miles long The airport is a zoo... Buenos Aires is a ZOO.... Cabs are iffy, the city with massive inflation or some such is very sketchy, It may have been the Paris of South America....it aint now. Good luck lots of scammers
  6. I am confused....your talking about upscale experiences, food, ambiance etc on Luxury and Super premimum lines.... Azamar, Crystal, Seabourn, Oceania etc...... How did you even think HAL a very basic almost entry level mass market ship with minimal or very basic services...... I recently experienced HAL and after reading your taste and acumen, your in for a rude awaking..... very rude. But beauty is in the eyes of the beholder and you pay your money and you take your chances.
  7. You might be better served if you went to that sailing in the " Roll Call" where people will be looking
  8. Say it ain't so.....................P T Barnum once said " you will never loose money underestimating the average persons intelligence" There are still a lot of people who think of nothing buying cars and such at full list price....They are oblivious not only to the fine print...but un aware it even exists! Other line rather than over stating the list price understate theirs that $ 399 a week cruise , when all is said and done can suddenly become $1200-1600
  9. No......it takes time interviewing and it takes time demonstrating your loyalty once you select an agent. Tell them what your annual travel budget is and that is selected you intend to stick with him. You need to first form a mutual bond. Demonstrate that your a person who is valuable to retain. Dont be a bargain shopper jumping from agent to agent...
  10. That is true.....just like when you get the weekly ads in the mail....They feature cruuses that are not selling well Same for the " sale" It appears all the sales I have seen are focused on the slow sellers..... and that is an ongoing thing they disguise as a "Sale" Good marketing.... crummy results for consumer
  11. The universal answer is to "schmooze".......it bridges all sort of gaps
  12. Well considering the world situation I would just politely ask. Worst case you have 1 year to use that fare from date of purchase and or your credit card company might refund you as well if the airline wont. Do you have "status with Singapore airline" that won't hurt if you do. Bottom line your healthy.... you can always get more money... but money can not buy you out of poor health.... Just ask any of the folks with the virus !!!!
  13. Sorry.....everyone means everyone and that includes back to back. I have had to many times.. When they sweep the ship they know who you are and have your picture from your card. I would suspect that trying to elude or hide out that you might be in for trouble with immigration and the law. I would not play games,
  14. However, the US government will NOt allow them to return to the US for another 14 days..... !!! It was announced today.
  15. your cabin card mate... they know who is where and when... The ship needs to "zero out" all passengers for customs and immigration. The crew and security will sweep the ship to make sure everyone is off. Untill that happens no new passengers can come on board....Even back to back passengers must get off for an hour or so.........
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