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  1. There are always hotdogs on all the ships' buffets. But this was a NY-style street hotdog cart with Sabrett's hotdogs, which would switch places around the ship.
  2. I think the hot dog is gone. It was on the Breakaway when the ship sailed out of NYC year round, but that's over with.
  3. I almost always tip with casino chips if in and around the casino. If I'm far from the casino I will tip in cash, even for a glass of (free) ice water.
  4. The machines don't "play poker", they just act as the dealer. You're still playing against the other players at your table. The chips are virtual as well, so you do everything on the touch screen in front of your seat.
  5. I can't say I have seen kids in the gym. I would go with bobsfamily recommendation above. As a backup plan, maybe bring resistance bands or other lightweight equipment that she can use in case they will not allow her in the gym. The steps are a great cardio/lower body workout, up and down, over and over for the 10+ floors.
  6. Every game in the casino can be charged to your onboard account. If you're talking about Texas holdem poker, there is an automated table where you play, not a live dealer table. You can deposit cash into your casino account at the cashier for use on the poker table, or transfer from your onboard account at the table. Remaining funds have to be cashed out at the cashier anytime prior to the casino closing on the last night of the cruise. For other table games (3 Card Poker, Ultimate Texas Holdem or Heads up Holdem) you can get chips at the table with your onboard account or use cash. Since you use chips, convert any left over chips back to cash at the cashier.
  7. They restrict children under 16, according to signs posted.
  8. Don't apologize, you do you. Do you understand that most of us ARE aware anything can happen to delay/cancel a flight? There is risk with any scenario, but the ones you mentioned are single incidents affecting a single flight, much less likely to occur than weather affecting dozens/hundreds of flights at one time.
  9. That's a good price, and you likely have a higher balcony than I quoted, which was the minimum balcony level. But there are and will likely be late booking and last minute bargains out there for those not too picky about cabin choice, especially on standard 7 night or shorter Caribbean itineraries, outside of the summer months and holiday periods.
  10. What category did you book? The Oct 13th Breakaway sailing is starting at $449pp inside Sailaway / $559 with one perk. Balcony $649 Sailawy /$929 with all perks include (before gratuities). I consider those to be on the cheap side.
  11. What are villa people?? Sounds scary.....
  12. If they must fly the day of, book the earliest flight possible, fly direct and cross your fingers. Winter is more risky than other times of the year. Can they fly out later on the day before the cruise? I usually fly in the day of departure and so far have not had an issue.
  13. It certainly could be that they want to get to the show. Why rush to get ready for the evening if you can just request a quicker dinner. Maybe they took a nap or stayed by the pool longer than they anticipated. Maybe they had a late lunch or snack and didn't want to have dinner at 5.30 but still wanted to hit the 8.00pm show or music venue, trivia or casino event. Maybe they waited to be seated in the dining for 30 minutes and now were behind schedule for meeting friends or attending the show/trivia/etc. There are literally dozens of reasons why people might want to avoid a long dinner either every night or once in a while. If I'm traveling solo, I usually want to be out within an hour max. I request a table by myself, let the waiter know that he can bring appetizers/soup/salad at the same time. If I'm not in a rush, I may request a shared table, knowing that it'll be a bit slower service. Back to my point that not everyone is the same as you....
  14. If that works for you great, but I think normal people want to eat it with the toppings/condiments they like on the burger.
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