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  1. Are you from the Philadelphia area? I see from a prior post that you flew out of PHL before. If you're looking to avoid on parking in NYC, there are buses that go from Phila. (usually downtown or 30th St. Station) and Cherry Hill NJ ,to Manhattan, which is then a short walk/Uber/taxi to the NCL terminal. I usually take Bolt Bus, which is typically about $30 pp round trip. Greyhound is another option, but may be more expensive. The cost of the NJ turnpike and Lincoln Tunnel tolls plus gas will be about that. You said "we" so you must have other people traveling with you, so the savings will vary.
  2. There may be enough room to park it along the wall between the water closet and the shower, but it would be tight. I would recommend checking out some youtube videos of the room and see what you think. If you book after final payment, often you can find an inside cabin cheaper than a studio. But the best idea is find an accessible cabin which will have plenty of space for the scooter.
  3. You can choose to spend your dollars how you like, so give other lines a try if that's what you want to do. For me, NCL provides the value I'm looking for. I'm often able to book last minute deals, or get casino offers, so it's an easy decision for me. I like Princess as well, and even Carnival has been good the two times I sail them so it's all about what's important to you. To answer your question, I do think you're being a little too critical. As others have mentioned, the no bottled water policy is not new, nor is the corkage fee. They do sell bottled water packages at a reasonable price if you must have it. Not many people pay the $99/day for the beverage package, most choose it as their "free perk" and just pay the 20% gratuity. Tendering at HC is not a choice since the pier is damaged currently. I presume the request for tips was from locals, not from NCL employees (I remember Belizians are very pufront with their tip requests on other tender rides - but only tip if you want to, don't be bullied into it... most people don't tip on a tender ride which is fine). HC is not NCL's private island, it's a partnership with Belize and in order to make it happen it was agreed that it would staffed by locals and there would a charge for food/drink. Great Stirrup Caye is NCL's true private island. Food is subjective and if that's your main gripe, then Celebrity should be your next choice. They still apparently are top of the line for their food.
  4. I'm glad to hear that. I may be booking an upcoming Bliss trip. I have really liked Moderno in the past and look forward to trying Los Lobos. Who doesn't love tableside guac!
  5. You can bring your own cups/lids, but I have never seen them offered on NCL. You will have to pour your drink into it, as they can't fill it for you (risk of transmission of germs onto their hands/tools/equipment). The hours vary based on the port. Typically the casino opens about 1-2 hours after departure from embarkation port. 30-60 minutes after leaving the other ports of call. On sea days the casino is open around the clock (slots) with table games opening about 10am. The casino can be open in a few ports, primarily GSC for NCL. Bermuda allow limited evening hours as well. Lately it seems that they want to close by 2-2.30am (the tables anyway) so they can be out of there by 3am. In the past they would stay open well past 3am, even to 4am occasionally if busy enough. Pit bosses/managers have told me that they want their people to get proper rest. The casino bar will have slightly different hours.
  6. Yes, that would be one reason to stock up on the casino credit. Also, some people like to prepay everything before boarding (for budgeting purposes apparently) and I presume they just buy enough to cover their budgeted gambling money. I was on Regal Princess two year's ago and two guy were betting $2,500/hand at blackjack continuously all night. And they kept winning, the casino was running out of $500 chips one evening from what I heard. Last year on the Caribbean Princess I saw one guy betting that same level but he busted out of $20k relatively quickly and I didn't see him return. So yes, there are folks that gamble pretty heavy out there.
  7. A major issue IMO are the port workers. On one cruise last year the port worker monitoring the escalator traffic was requiring way too much space between people getting on. Something like 6 - 8 empty steps instead of the normal 3-4. It doesn't sound like much, but multiply a delay of say, 2 seconds x 1,000 people, that's 33 minutes right there. And these ships hold 2,000 - 5,000 passengers. It took almost 2 hours from lining up at 9am until I reached the street. My advice is to go early. I'm glad to hear the Manhattan terminal is now using the facial recognition at CBP!
  8. The Garden Cafe (buffet) should be open from 6am - 9am. I'm pretty sure O'Sheehan's is not open on disembarkation morning.
  9. Ahh so it does. I didn't recognize the symbol so I though it was something with the cut and paste. So that equal just about 300USD which is right on the money for a 10 night basic unlimited package ($29.99/night).
  10. FYI - You don't need to post the same question in multiple threads No, Caesars does not care if you gamble on the cruise or not. They provide the certificates to their customers as a reward. So you will continue to receive them in the future. If you had booked a comped/discounted cruise thru NCL's Casino At Sea (CAS) dept. and didn't gamble enough on that trip, you would get reduced offers the next time since they counted on your prior casino play to continue.
  11. If your question is is the price $276.97 per day, the answer is no. That appears to be the price for your whole cruise if it's about 9 or 10 days. Is there a currency conversion involved?
  12. It says HAL in the first line... that's Holland American Line.
  13. NCL is the best for solo cruisers. There is a solo meeting each evening hosted by a member of the cruise staff. They will arrange group dinners every evening in one of the main dining rooms (or have a sign up sheet for specialty restaurants for future nights) for those interested in dining with others. Join the Roll Call for your cruise here on CruiseCritic. Often you can get a feel for fellow passengers, and even join others who have booked their own shore excursions and are looking for people to join them. Lastly, remember that life is short and you really don't need to please anyone except yourself. So don't give a carp about what other people think. Folks have a tendency to get lost in their own fears/intimidation.
  14. Since 1.55 isn't that late, you could stay on the ship until last call. Not sure if it's earlier now that they CPB are using the facial recognition which speeds everything up. According to antmaril above, you could be at airport with a lot of time to just wait before checking in hour luggage. The airboat is fun and worth doing in my opinion. They also have an alligator show there (from Gator Boys TV show) along with gator themed store. The airboat ride is relatively short (30-45 minutes maybe). I think they couple this excursion with Flamingo Gardens, and that is a relaxing way to kill some time.
  15. Some people don't like to carry large amounts of cash when traveling. And the definition of "large amounts of cash" varies from person to person.
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