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  1. I agree completely with your post. I have had a significant number of wonderful conversations with many of the Viking Crew from the bar tender while enjoying my per dinner cocktail, to my room stewards, for the wait staff in the restaurants, to the folks in the spa. I have never met a Viking Crew member yet that doesn't love their job and believe Viking is the best line they ever crewed on. Since I have traveled on many cruise lines and have had these type of conversations with the crew members that I encounter on each of them, I have a fairly good idea of of they each compare. My experience has been that Viking Crew members seem to be the happiest with their employer. Has everyone of you had a different experience?
  2. JeriGail, Heidi13 just gave a better answer to your question. Dukefan
  3. I have no idea but if I was to guess, Harland and Wolff probably needed the Belfast Dry Dock for another project. Since from what I have read on this board that any work being done on the Viking Ships was more or less of a minor nature, they relocated the ship to another area that was available, namely the Dredged Box at the entrance to the Main Dry Dock area.
  4. For those that are interested, the Viking Sun has moved out of the entrance to the Belfast Dry Dock area to the Dredged Box in the Musgrave Channel at the entrance to Main Dry Dock area. The Viking Orion is holding its position near Singapore and all other Viking Ship locations remain unchanged.
  5. Duquephart - I admit I exaggerated on the number of times a month that you expressed your displeasure with Viking's Gratuity Policy. I apologize for this exaggeration. This series of posts started with a question about how Viking employees are treated. Your comment did not really address this question but entered into it one of your complainants about Viking that you throw out in response to several different posts that I have read over the past year or so. I reacted the second time you brought it up in this short series of posts because it was something that bothered me. If was probably a totally inappropriate post by me. I am sorry. If I appear to be a Viking Cheerleader - I am. We have been fortunate enough over the past twenty years to sail on most of the major cruise lines and Viking happens to impress us as great value for our money. They are not the best cruise line in everything they do but I particularly like the quality of their staff, their adult only focus, the size of their ships, the layout of their cabins, and the non-"nickle and dime" approach to their offering. I thoroughly love their fitness center and spa. Since most of our cruising is done based on the cruise itinerary, will all our future cruises be on Viking - no. But if it comes down to them and almost any other cruise line for the same itinerary, we will be sailing Viking. With regard to you becoming a Viking Cheerleader, you like all of us, are free to "be a cheerleader" for any cruise line we want. I don't believe any of us on this board will care who you are "cheer leading". By the way, which cruise line's gratuity policy do you really like, since you seem to be knowledgeable in this particular area and it seems to be, based on your posts, one of your major hot topics?
  6. A very intellectual response - unfortunately you did not disappoint. The planet I live on is filled with people that see the best of what life and its experiences are about and unfortunately a few that don't. Some of them even post comments about "gratuities" 5 or 6 times a month. By the way whatever Vikings policy is on gratuities, ever cruise member that I have talked on my Viking Cruises with sings the praises of their Viking experience often sharing with me how much better it is than with the other cruise lines that they have worked for. On your next Viking cruise spent some time while you are on board talking with the staff and see what they have to say about their Viking experience.
  7. I have never seen anyone on this board with a more negative outlook than you. I am sorry but it's gotten to the point that I recognize your posts without even seeing you posted it. People can be happen in their jobs and take excellent care of you because they like doing their job well. It is not always about money like your posts always seem to suggest. There are lots of things in life much more important than money. There are many folks that recognize this fact. I feel sorry for you that you are not one of them.
  8. And shows it is headed to Singapore next with an August 3rd arrival.
  9. Dukefan


    They may be holding the Owners Suite for the full World Cruise. If so the Miami to L.A. leg for the Owners Suite would be shown as "Sold Out" and the World Cruise would be shown as "Available". If the Owners Suite does not sell for the World Cruise they may open the Miami to LA leg later.
  10. BigAl94: I am trying to understand your post in light of the CEO of Harland & Wolff's news release on July 1st: John Wood Group CEO of Harland & Wolff said: “We are delighted to welcome Viking Sky, Sun and Sea to our facilities in Belfast, this is the first time we have had three cruise vessels docked in Harland & Wolff for many decades. Harland & Wolff was once a market-leader in this sector and this is a title we are keen to hold again. On the doorstep of the Mediterranean, the UK is in a prime location for refits, conversions and revitalizations. With our vast facilities set in 85 acres, we can handle several large cruise ships concurrently, as demonstrated by the arrival of three vessels from Viking for minor repairs and upgrade works.
  11. Another photo of the Viking Sun, Sea and Sky in Belfast shipyard.
  12. Viking Orion's last seven days in the middle of the South China Sea between Hong Kong and the Philippines. I guess now I know what the "High Seas" is! The difference between the starting point of this seven day journey is less than 50 miles from today's location.
  13. Viking next scheduled cruises as of 7/11/2020 Viking Jupiter 10/4/2020 Mediterranean Odyssey Barcelona to Venus 13 Days Viking Orion 11/11/2020 Australia & New Zealand Sydney to Auckland 15 Days Viking Sea 10/9/2020 Mediterranean Odyssey Venice to Barcelona 13 Days Viking Sky 10/6/2020 Mediterranean & Atlantic Crossing Rome to Miami 27 Days Viking Star 10/16/2020 New York, Bermuda & the West Indies New York to San Juan 15 Days Viking Sun 10/3/2020 Trade Routes of the Middle Ages Bergen to Barcelona 15 Days Viking Venus 1/26/2021 Iberian Explorer Barcelona to London 8 Days
  14. Based on your comments the reason they may be "tooling around" in the South China Sea may be to change out or pick up crew in the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia and other South Pacific spots during their four months on the "High Seas" and before they start cruises again for real.
  15. Looking at CharTrav's combined cruise schedule ( https://www.dropbox.com/s/v0h7vvslptkwg2n/Viking Ocean Cruises (2020 to 2022).xlsm?dl=0 ), it appears the Viking Orion does not have a cruise scheduled until November 11, 2020 (Australia and New Zealand Cruise). Does this mean that this ship will just continue sailing the "High Seas" as it is doing now for the next four months with no one but a minimum crew on-board!!! Viking Orion is the only ship currently showing no scheduled sailings in October, 2020.
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