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  1. I know that eagle was still there in 2012 when we hiked Mt. Roberts. And I agree with Crystal about the earlier train. Afterwards you can do a self guided tour of Skagway, maybe even take in The Days of '98 Show. It's a bit hokey, but loads of fun. I then wholeheartedly recommend Skagway Brewing Company or Gold Digger Mine and Dine (LOVED the deep fried pork ribs!!) for lunch. Here's a link to the map we used on our last trip to Skagway: https://skagway.com/travel/maps/walking-tour-map/
  2. I used my OBC to upgrade my drink package for my upcoming cruise in August. Just call Celebrity and they can help.
  3. My jeans are not in such condition, so I'm good. Thank you!
  4. This is the one I use, and have for years, it's never let me down:
  5. I honestly do not know why people don't want to follow a dress code. Regardless if it's on a cruise or in any other social environment. It's about respect. especting the rules and respecting your fellow passengers. The cruises I've been on throughout the years have seen the dress code become more relaxed, especially on Carnival ships. (NO bashing please...) On Celebrity, it seems to depend on the cruise itinerary. On the Caribbean cruises it's a bit more relaxed (dress casual, no suits.), but when I sailed in Alaska it seemed to be dressier (most men had on at least a jacket, as I did, with some wearing tuxes). I'm actually looking forward to some dressier formal night when I'm on my Princess cruise. Though I won't be wearing a tie, but rather a banded collared shirt. (I haven't owned a tie in over 15 years.) Bringing some dress slacks and a jacket isn't a big deal. If the jacket gets wrinkled, send it out to be pressed on your first night. You'll get it back the next day. What I'm wondering is, are jeans acceptable on non-formal nights?
  6. By the way, here are my Sawyer Glacier pics (since people are sharing!):
  7. Unfortunately, excursions do get cancelled quite often, especially if there's flying involved. Usually they're early morning excursions though and it's generally because of heavy fog. We had our helicopter excursion cancelled on us in 2012. We were finally able to take in 2016, but then I had booked an afternoon excursion for it!
  8. I've done 3 Alaskan cruises and each one visited different glaciers. So while Glacier Bay is indeed gorgeous, so is Hubbard Glacier and Sawyer Glacier (Tracy Arm Fjords). And when you're in Juneau, I wholeheartedly recommend flying out to Mendenhall Glacier if you get the chance. It's one of the best experiences I've ever had.
  9. My wife and I were talking about the food on Celebrity, and how much we're looking forward it and to the great service again. We've been on 3 cruises with Celebrity and we've loved every single one of them.
  10. Is that a picture from today?? If so, they did a darn good job of the repair!
  11. Carnival still does! Which is one of the reasons I no longer sail on Carnival. I rue the day that I even sailed on a Carnival ship back in March. WORST cruise I've ever been on. I prefer Celebrity, but I am taking Princess for the itinerary I want in 2021. I'd rather have my "cheese" on a pizza, thank you.
  12. Seconded. (Though Carnival, which owns Princess by the way, doesn't have awful music playing during its drill.) Bah, humbug me if you wish.
  13. Huge mistake to miss Glacier Bay, especially if you have an option to go to it. Here's one on many pictures I took of it when we were there in 2006.
  14. It will be bustling along the waterfront downtown. Though the majority will be off on excursions.
  15. I also think about how people also countdown on NYE and say, "Happy New Year," once the clock strikes midnight. But, yes, now back to the regularly scheduled discussion about how and where the Glory damage will be fixed.
  16. I'll be in Cozumel on Dec 27th, but not via a cruise. We're staying in an all inclusive in Playa del Carmen and will be coming to the island to meet up with a friend (she's a masseuse, so we get massages and then do an early dinner with her at La Choza). 5 ships in port that day for us.... ugh. Over 15,000 possible passengers coming ashore.
  17. I'm sorry for being "that guy", but at midnight it'll then be December 23rd.
  18. Carnival's CEO was on CNBC and said they are not planning on cancelling any cruises.
  19. I was about to come here and post that. Obviously he has much more info than we do, hence the decision.
  20. Carnival's CEO was just on CNBC a little bit ago. He said they aren't cancelling any pending cruises.
  21. Honestly, I would not bug Carnival all day about it. I'm sure no one knows what's going yet, especially customer serive and/or the TAs there, so they can't give you any info other than nothing has been cancelled. Carnival probably won't know for sure until later tonight after the ship sails.
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