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  1. The latest update to MedallionClass (9/30) FIXED issue of the app freezing on our Galaxy S10 and S8 running Android 9. Thank you especially to Chantelle at MedallionClass support! She took ownership of this problem and it was resolved only because of her involvement. Chantelle, I hope to see you in Rome.
  2. I got the phone number of their responses to reviews in the Google Play Store but an interesting thing has happened. When I just tried to access the reviews, I get an error message. I can't even access my review. So, I can't get the number. You might try calling Princess and ask for Medallion Support, they should be able to connect you. Sorry I couldn't be more help.
  3. Now I'm wondering if the problem could be tied to carrier specific blote-ware. Who is your cell carrier? Thanks for your help with this.
  4. I'd say you're better off using the one that works. Would you please post what Galaxy product and Android version you have and if MedallionClass worked on it? I have an old, wifi only Galaxy Tab A running Android 7 and MedallionClass works on it.
  5. I don't seem to be getting anywhere with medallion support in resolving the fact that MedallionClass app freezes when opened on Galaxy S10 and S8 both running Android 9. Can I ask you what Galaxy product and Android version you were able to get MedallionClass to work on? Thanks!
  6. This still doesn't work on Galaxy s10 nor does it work on Galaxy S8 both running Android! I've deleted the app, downloaded again, deleted other Ocean... apps and tried again. It just opens and freezes! Any ETA on when this will be fixed?
  7. Yes, but I can't use the ocean website to setup my husband's account because it has not been able to setup new accounts for several days. I called yesterday and they are"working on it." Also, I honestly am not holding out much hope of getting the MedallionClass app fixed to use on our upcoming cruise due to support's unresponsiveness to calls and emails.
  8. There is a major issue with MedallionClass that needs to get addressed especially now that OceanReady only points you to MedallionClass. I have a Samsung Galaxy S10 running Android 9 and my husband has a Galaxy S9 also running Android 9. When we open the app, everything freezes as the opening screen. None of the buttons work. I've deleted the app, restarted my phone, reinstalled the app, granted permissions and get the same result. I've deleted all the other Ocean apps I have on my phone, reinstalled MedallionClass and it still freezes. Nothing seems to help. There are 2 other people I know who also have Galaxy S8's and have exactly the same issue. I have an old Galaxy Tab A running Android 7.1.1 and tried loading MedallionClass on it and it works! So, it would seem that the problem is either an incompatibility with Galaxy S phones or Android 9. We have a cruise that leaves Nov 3 (Sky Princess) and need to have someone at Medallion support understand that this is a problem that needs a resolution before then. When the latest update to OceanReady took away our ability to use it, it became clear that the assumption is that MedallionClass works for everyone. Please understand that it doesn't.
  9. I hope AskOceanMedallion is reading these posts. I have a Samsung Galaxy S10 and my husband has a Galaxy S8 both running Android 9. I know at least 2 other people on these boards that have Galaxy S8 phones that are having the same issue we are with MedallionClass, it freezes when it is opened and nothing can be done. I am posting this here because the matter has become critical due to the fact that the latest update to OceanReady now tells you to go to MedallionClass to use it. Until MedallionClass is fixed for our products, we need OceanReady. What is going on?
  10. Our cruise is Nov 3 - and besides the problem with my Galaxy S10 we have the exact same issue of freezing on my husband's Galaxy S8. I can't imagine that being too far out would cause the app to completely freeze up. I haven't been able to tell it what cruise I'm on. It's comforting to know that someone else is having the same problem.
  11. Were you able to get the MedallionClass app to work? What Android phone do you have?
  12. I'm impressed you got the MedallionClass app to work on your Galaxy. I can install it but when I bring it up it freezes completely. I did get OceanReady to work as a separate app and my have some help for your problem. On my Galaxy S10, I went into settings/display and there adjusted the screen "zoom" and made the font size smaller. Now the my name, ship, sailing date etc. and the QR Code display on one screen. If they want all the voyage information below the QR Code on the same page, I don't see how that is possible on any phone screen.
  13. Two updates in two days and the MedallionClass app still locks up when opened on my Galaxy S10 running Android 9. Any chance this is going to be addressed?
  14. Still does not work with a Samsung Galaxy S10 running Android 9. The current version of the Medallion Class app opens but then locks up and is completely unresponsive.
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