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  1. Interesting article on CCL having to "layup" its fleet for a prolonged period of time. https://thepointsguy.com/news/cruise-lines-could-store-ships-months-coronavirus/ Various excerpts: Cruise giant Carnival Corp., the parent company of nine of the world’s best-known cruise brands, said in a regulatory filing on Monday that some of its vessels could face a “prolonged” withdrawal from service consistent with what is known in the industry as a cold layup. In such a layup, machinery on the ship is prepared for an extended period of nonuse and the majority of crew is sent home. “During the pause in our global fleet cruise operations, certain of our ships will be in warm ship layup where the ship will be manned by a full crew, and certain of our ships will be in a prolonged ship layup where the ship will be manned by a limited crew,” Carnival Corp. said in the filing with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). “We currently estimate the substantial majority of our fleet will be in prolonged ship layup.” In the filing, Carnival Corp. said it expected the length of time that its ships will be out of service could be “extended and may be prolonged.” With its ships no longer sailing, Carnival Corp. is burning through about $1 billion a month, according to the filing. Carnival Corp. said a move to prolonged lay ups for its ships would save the company about $1 million to $2 million per month, per ship. “We estimate the cost per warm ship layup is approximately $2 to 3 million per month and the cost per prolonged ship layup is approximately $1 million per month,” the company said in the filing.
  2. Nope. Unless Seabourn restricts the total number of pax and crew to less than 500 total, they will not be able to dock in Canada until July 1, 2020 at the earliest. If Victoria is a scheduled port, the situation is bleaker. The GVHA, which controls the cruise port in Victoria, has gone a step further by restricting visits from vessels of ANY size until then. https://www.saanichnews.com/news/no-cruise-ships-of-any-size-will-stop-in-victoria-until-july-1/
  3. We're in a similar situation with an Oct 2020 Crystal river cruise. We decided against early final payment so it's now due 90 days before "first service" or July 2020. We're going to decide whether to cancel at the >91 day mark. At that point, if we cancel we wouldn't make final payment and we'd get a refund for all monies on deposit less $500 pp admin fee, which we'd get as FCC. We hope, perhaps unrealistically, that the world has normalized by then and the river cruise will be possible, so we can apply FCCs from the recent cancellation of an Asia cruise.
  4. Crystal River Cruises response to Oberammergau postponement: UPDATED Monday, March 30, 2020 5:30pm EST Crystal has been notified that due to current restrictions surrounding COVID-19, local authorities in Oberammergau have ordered that the program be postponed until the summer of 2022. Guests who have booked a Crystal river cruise and Oberammergau land package have the following options: 1. Move their current 2020 booking and reserve a comparable 2022 Crystal river cruise, same room category, with the Oberammergau land package at the 2020 pricing. Crystal River Cruises’ 2022 itineraries are now available for booking. Note: Crystal expects to have the 2022 Oberammergau land package details by May 15, 2020 (subject to change) and will add the land package to the reservation as soon as those details are confirmed to us. 2. Continue their 2020 vacation by changing the reservation to a 7-night cruise-only itinerary in lieu of the 10-night cruise with Oberammergau land package and receive a refund of the fare difference. 3. Cancel the reservation and request a refund (less airfare penalties and insurance) of the travel purchased through Crystal. We kindly ask that affected guests or their travel advisor contact us at 1-866-446-6625 no later than April 6, 2020 to inform us of their decision. Crystal is working closely with the Oberammergau organization to arrange a comprehensive program aboard corresponding 2022 Crystal river voyages, and those details will be communicated to guests and their travel advisors directly as soon as they are finalized.
  5. In an SEC filing today, CCL announced refinancing plans which include a common stock underwriting, the issuance of secured and convertible notes and the suspension of dividends. Can the elimination of OBC be far behind? The Company is further announcing today that because of the Company’s liquidity management and the dividend restrictions in the indenture governing the Secured Notes, the Company is suspending the payment of dividends on the common stock of Carnival Corporation and the ordinary shares of Carnival plc. https://www.carnivalcorp.com/static-files/a812ad39-01f8-4b7d-8075-a4887b776e9d
  6. The recent notice about the next wave of Seabourn cancellations through May 14, 2020 says this about FlightEase: Please note that Seabourn Flight Ease®, Seabourn pre- or post-cruise hotel packages or transfers, prepaid shore excursions and amenities purchased through Seabourn, and taxes, fees, and port expenses will be refunded to the original method of payment used for the original purchase. That's the case whether Option #1(FCC) or Option #2(refund) is selected. Maybe it's different if you choose to cancel under Book With Confidence?
  7. I didn't receive the survey about my future travel plans. But I did get a "We'd Like To Hear From You" survey on March 16. It came from a different address than previous surveys so I asked SB Club if it was legit before I responded. They confirmed it was real so I clicked. Turned out the survey was 100% about onboard shopping. What improvements would I like to see in product selection/quality to make my shopping experience better? Did I like the current Seabourn logo items? Would I be interested in a Personal Shopper to select merchandise from the boutique and bring it to my suite for my review? What a hoot!
  8. Not really. All bets are off for ANY cruise ship heading to Alaska with calls scheduled in Victoria, BC to presumably satisfy PVSA requirements. GVHA which controls the Victoria cruise port has banned cruise ships of ANY size from docking until July 1, 2020. https://gvha.ca/cruise/cruise-schedule/current-season/
  9. Really? One-day turnaround for a refund while others wait for weeks? It's not helpful to tell others to have patience while you received your refund quickly and no longer have skin in the game. Just saying'
  10. We received a refund on Mar 12 for a cruise that Crystal cancelled on Feb 21. We were also due 25% FCC and $500 pp for air consideration. We've been told the FCC is "on our profile" even though neither we nor our TA has seen any record of the amount nor its terms. When we go to book another cruise, apparently the FCC will magically appear! Still waiting for the air consideration cheque.
  11. We plan to do the same. We're going to request refunds of two FCDs we have with Seabourn, although I'm sure we'll be stuck at the back of the long refund line. We also have a fairly hefty amount on deposit for a 45-day cruise in Feb/21 that we're holding on to at the moment, but we may cancel closer to final payment. Assuming CCL doesn't fall off the board, we're still happy with our investment. We bought 100 shares at $29.69 in 1998 and have more than recouped that amount in dividends and OBC over the years.
  12. As a Canadian who wants the cruise lines to survive and thrive, I agree that American taxpayers should not be asked to bail out the cruise industry. They should not be in line to collect benefits from the USA when they have done their utmost to avoid paying their fair share of taxes towards its economic well being.
  13. Aspirational? After all, April 12 is Easter Sunday ... and wouldn't that be beautiful. 😉
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