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  1. The sky suites had a coffee table inside the cabin or the butler can move the balcony table inside per your request. I do not believe specialty dining can be brought to your suite, unless royal or penthouse. No curtain separating your sitting area and living area- separate areas with door in celebrity suite and above. Minibar is stocked, but not included. You will pay for drinks- no snacks. Even if you have drink package- not included in Sky suites. We enjoy the sky suites. One big room with ample storage. We typically book a Celebrity suite, which we like more.
  2. If it wasn't for tourism- your state would have massive unemployment. I suggest that you don't bite the hands that feed you.
  3. We love the pool deck, but miss the ambiance of the M and S class suite lounges. Formerly know as Michael’s club
  4. Full bar. And they serve a light lunch also. The indoor lounge only has attendant service
  5. We have an August cruise booked, that surely will not sail. We will move the deposit to next year but will not pay in full. We are prepared to cancel and consider an AI for this summers vacation.
  6. We book a suite because we enjoy the extra room and perks. Love the suite lounge. The service makes the vacation that we work hard for seem even more special. The added room and storage in the suite is wonderful. We enjoy Luminae, the suite restaurant. Service excellent and the ambiance so perfect. The butler service and priority everything so worth it. We enjoy all of the suite perks. On the Edge, the suite deck is just perfect. No crowds- the staff knows you- In my opinion, if you can afford it- go for it- If you cannot- just enjoy what your budget will all
  7. It is different on the Edge and Apex. You have a full bar and if you don't want to wait for an attendant, a bartender is available all day. Not sure his/her time schedule, but we also had great service from our bartender. This suite deck beats all of the other celebrity ships and hopefully will serve as a model on older ships.
  8. We were on the opposite side S1 and friends in an s3 said it was noisy and the railings obstructed the view.
  9. I can speak about the sister ship the Edge. First, as long as you cabin is away from the Magic Carpet- the other side of the ship, you made a great choice. No noise from elevators at all- Luminae was great- never needed a reservation as we typically dined at 6 PM. We also enjoyed the sp restaurants, and tried them all- the only one we really didn't enjoy was Eden. To much gimmick and poor food. We also were able to dine in the other "regular" restaurants, and really found them suprisingly good. Much smaller venue then the old ballroom type dining. The retreat lounge was really nice, v
  10. The rates are insane! We always took cabanas at labadee and once in Coco Cay- before the renovation. Last time we went to coco cay we only took a bed.
  11. Only those who have been vaccinated. What about children who aren't even eligible? Hope they will not be excluded.
  12. I also am concerned that children, who are now considered the spreaders and the teens and kids might be on the ship and cause an outbreak. While since I had the vaccination, I am not worried (much) about becoming seriously ill, who needs that to even worry about. I would hate to spend a vacation in my cabin. I will wait until 2022. We cancelled all of our future 2021 cruises.
  13. IMO yes. We enjoy the ambiance of the special restaurants. Part of our experience is dining in the SP restaurants. I would suggest you dine in at least three. We also find a great bargain to take the unlimited package- While to food overall is good- service and food better in sp restaurants rather then MDR or suite restaurant.
  14. Too soon for us. I do enjoy cocokey however. I will wait a few more months.
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