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  1. I believe that less choices, but more availability will be the result. The Cruise lines have to be able to control the places people go to try to minimize risk. Honestly, we cruise and consider the ship as our destination. We do enjoy some off the ship excursions, but that wouldn't be a deal breaker if we had more sea days.
  2. Those dates will not work for my Husbands schedule- He is a university professor and his break will be march 12 to March 20,2022. So unfortunately we cannot sail on the Equinox- the Reflection has a 7 day cruise that will work for us. Unfortunately the Equinox was a 9 night cruise-
  3. I think first as others stated, you might not be allowed to take an independent tour, that isn't ship sponsored. I certainly think less that one hour to be back is risky. What if the bus has a flat? We love Mr. Sanchos in Cozumel , and other private days at hotels, wonder if we can do those tours also. Probably not- but who knows. Hopefully, next year we will have a safe vaccine that is distributed world wide. But we can only speculate now.
  4. We are booked on the Equinox for March 2021. If we have to Lift and Shift- we do not have an option on that ship that will work for 2022. Can we move to another month or another ship? My DH schedule will not work for the other equinox cruises in March 2022 we can do an Edge or Apex cruise, which would be shorter. Would we be able to move to the same type of suite?
  5. Actually we were in a suite on the equinox last March. We also have been on the edge. I must say the partially edgefication of the equinox suite deck was of no value. First, the deck has no water feature. The edge suite deck has a nice albeit small, pool. The edge suite deck also has a great bar that serves a lunch , the menu is limited but available. it really isn’t a perk for suite guests currently. It is hot, windy and mostly sunny. Imo not a perk for suite guests. When a person books a suite they pay at least 3 times as much the guest who book regular cabins. I believe this allows those guest who book more cost effective cabins to book and enjoy most of the ships ambiance at a discounted rate. The “suite deck” isn’t a true perk. I also noticed many empty seats on the sunny deck above the pool
  6. I assume that they can roll out itineraries- but I wouldn't be sure if they will not be modified. I agree that perhaps like Carnival, Celebrity and Royal will probably sell older ships- if they require major renovations, might not make sense to keep- so if you book a cruise on an older ships especially, you might not sail. Also the newer S and Edge class ships, might alter their destinations. We can all only speculate. We have a cruise booked for March 2021, and think it is 50/50 that we will actually sail. We already cancelled our b/2/b January cruise for 2021. Also cancelled our March 2020, and August 2020 cruises thus far.
  7. If you are truly practicing social distancing and hand washing, you shouldn't be "catching" a cold or flu (get a shot for sure), This virus will go away, if people get safe immunization when available. However, you tell the over 200,000 US citizens that they had a chance of survival. Yes, you probably will die if you are over 65 and have comorbidity factors, but young seemingly healthy people die also as super seniors also survive. I notice that many of the truly sick people seem morbidly obese and not necessarily seniors. So I am now dieting and want to make sure I do not gain weight! Use common sense and keep healthy at any age! Listen to science.
  8. I think protocols are a work in progress and as things change they will be announced- it also may vary from cruise to cruise. I read a post on the Celebrity website from somebody who said all cruises will be postponed until April. But I think everyone is just guessing now. We have a march cruise scheduled- hope to sail.
  9. Nope- seems very small- love a true balcony to enjoy morning coffee- quiet reading- You now realize how important a true balcony is- need the sea air.
  10. I think Royal and other lines might find this a good opportunity to sell off older ships. But who knows. Some need major renovations and it might not pay for the line to invest in them at this time.
  11. We like to fly out after noon. But as all have said, because of Covid, might be more difficult to leave the ship and customs early. Also who knows what protocols the airport will have. We have a noon flight in March out of Ft. Lauderdale- if we do sail- I am thinking about making the flight home later. We will fly in a day before to avoid any issues.
  12. We did sail three times in Aq. The mixed cereal “ museli” wasn’t what we eat. We eat very low carbs so not interested. We eat in Luminae now and some dinners in sp restaurants. Our favorites are on the silhouette and reflection as we really enjoy the lawn club grill. When we did eat dinner in Blu, we sat in a row of tables for two near the windows. Again to each his/her own. Again If my budget was an issue, I much prefer a well located balcony cabin, with cabins above and below. glad you enjoy aqua class- we don’t we are also elite plus. Will also probably will never get to Zenith. Celebrity should have a level inbetween elite plus and zenith
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