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  1. What nights are chic nights on this itinerary? You might have said- but I really don't want to look at all of the previous posts. Thanks!
  2. Again IMO the extra space In the sky suite and above , plus the retreat was So worth it!! With the exception of one bulter who we had on two ships! They were all wonderful. So many great touches make a suite so special. Makes an 7-8 vaca a 10
  3. It is waiter service. Limited. I recall a wrap ,burger , shrimps, salad. Some desserts and beverages. Not sure what else. Was served daily Not sure if Luminae was open for lunch port days, they are open boarding day
  4. Many other perks- Best to go on the website to get full list. IMO so worth it! On the Edge and will be on the Apex a wonderful retreat deck. Has a full service bar, small pool, hot tub. they also serve lunch at retreat deck bar- A great lounge and restaurant- other perks include butler service- priority boarding and disembarkation. Take a look- we really enjoy the benefits!
  5. Too bad as the retreat deck- especially on the Edge is wonderful!
  6. We enjoyed the riu. Not cheap. But a really nice day. We also once did a ship beach day/tour with a party bus. Think something like junkaroo. The problem with Aruba beaches is that they are very busy. We also didn’t love the rough water. The hotels have pools however. Shopping in aruba good.
  7. We will be on the ship March 2021- will not be renovated by then. Still love the ship.
  8. About noon. If you want to use express luggage valet delivery, which I highly recommend especially with kids, I believe you must have a flight after noon. If however, you leave, for example from an airport that isn't at your cruise port- the time for express luggage valet delivery is later. Call the cruise line. Also, when you factor in cost of flights, the car service cost significantly more from another airport may make the costs about equal.
  9. So much nicer then the equinox. They couldn't finish and it was a great disappointment. They need to bring it back to dry dock
  10. We will not travel to Asia until the corona virus is better understood and under control. In fact we will stay on this side “of the pond”
  11. Actually well worth it. The suite perks are wonderful. If the edge the suite deck is so great And probably yes about going back to a regular cabin. I cannot go back!!!
  12. Imo work $1200 extra. The difference between a great vaca or a fair or not good one
  13. The cabin would be tight and only one small bathroom- minimal storage. If you can swing two attached cabins- We always want at least a window. People say "we don't spend time in the cabin" but you really do. Want a comfortable place to sleep, bath and dress- Enjoy
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