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  1. Cruise a holic

    Luggage tags for carryons?

    However if for some reason you put down your bags and they get misplaced why not put a tag on?
  2. Cruise a holic

    Lanyards are for losers...

    I want that one!!!!😀
  3. Cruise a holic

    Video of Wedding on Edge

    Just beautiful! Love the gown. Amazing that so many guests were able to attend. Congratulations to the couple!
  4. Cruise a holic

    Lanyards are for losers...

    You can by them really cheap on line or at BB &B. Not status-practical for some. And it isn't such a bad idea for a physician to carry his/her ER bag! My family does. Unfortunately have used it previously on cruises.
  5. Cruise a holic

    The Porch ?

    Agree- if no meat or pasta dishes, not for us carnivores! If the lawn grill is open for lunch, while not as interesting as the dinner option, a good choice for a change. We typically aren't impressed with the luminae lunch menu We used to like Bistro on 5, but not since it has become sushi on five. We also did a few times, purchase the unlimited specialty restaurant package. Occasionally they rotate the other specialty restaurants for lunch. Honestly, too much food- so now we try to have a very light lunch and limit the snacks- still manage to gain weight each cruise! Too many drinks! Those I will not give up! lol
  6. Cruise a holic

    Lanyards are for losers...

    Lanyards are used by many high level executives to enter work. I think they are great- to each his/her own. So the OP probably isn't aware of this fact. Have taken 40 cruises and enjoy wearing a lanyard during the day- Some cruise ships now have bands- but you must take them off to order drinks, make purchases etc. They also aren't reliable- But as previously mentioned, perhaps a joke to get people to respond. In that case LOL.
  7. Cruise a holic

    The Porch ?

    The lawn grill is great . our favorite specialty restaurant We typically dine there twice per cruise. You start off with a salad bar then you can have a thin crust pizza, made your way. The main course is a true barbecue including skewers of meat, chicken, fish or veggies. All you can eat. Of course all the sides you want. For dessert you can choose a warm hot cookie with ice cream. The lawn grill is only on the silly or reflection. We do not care for the porch. With the exception of a burger, really just seafood which we don’t eat.
  8. Cruise a holic

    Celebrity Edge Eden Restaurant Reviews Request

    iMO. Food didn’t taste good. First they gave us a drink which we didn’t like, something weird for the appetizer, main course was two slices of steak. Dessert was clever, looked like a ball, then they put chocolate on it and it had something inside. Taste not nearly as good as it looked. Found the menu too limited. Especially if you do not eat seafood. Just not my taste. Preferred the steak house. I also found the characters silly and intrusive
  9. Cruise a holic

    quick question re: equinox refurb suite question

    Great News! We really enjoy that perk!
  10. Cruise a holic

    quick question re: equinox refurb suite question

    One thing I will miss on the new retreat upgrade on the Equinox is Michaels club- hope that it isn't removed, but it might be. The Edge did have a suite lounge but we enjoy it much more on the M and S class ships. However, the retreat itself was wonderful. Generous comfortable seating-in the shade or in the sun and no chair hogs! Blu on the edge was a small dark windowless room- speaking to those who dined in it were very disappointed.
  11. Cruise a holic

    quick question re: equinox refurb suite question

    Having sailed on the Edge, the retreat deck was wonderful. The pool was small and you shouldn't discount a suite if the deck doesn't have one. With all of its perks, especially the private deck a suite is so worth it! Having sailed in AQ multiple times, I do not think the upcharge from a regular balcony is worth it as the size of the cabin is the same, and many AQ cabins aren't in choice locations. I would rather save my money and dine most days in the specialty restaurants. Blu isn't great- the best thing about it is that it is more like a restaurant, but the tables are on top of each other. Luminae much better and more spacious. We will be sailing on the Equinox in August and look forward to the refurbished Sky suites, which are one and one half times larger then the balcony, CC or AQ cabins. The new retreat deck will really be a great perk! Hope it has a nice bar and light lunch area as does the Edge.
  12. Cruise a holic

    If you are in suite do you buy drink package?

    Some suite bookings include all in. Drinks deluxe, internet, gratuities and onboard credit. You should have unless you booked a special rate,ie: senior
  13. Cruise a holic

    Edge goes to Exciting Deals

    Yes I didn’t mention the horrible acoustics in the theater The sound volume was much too loud We walked out a couple of times. Perhaps the person in charge is hearing impaired due his/her occupation.
  14. If you are in a grand suite in addition to having meals in suite restaurant. You have. Access to all shows without reservations, suite deck is excellent! Suite lounge also wonderful. The suite concierge excellent. Of course priority boarding and disembarking. In addition if you go to labadee or cococay, you have a nicer private beach access with a deluxe barbecue . Junior suite nice but grand suite nicer IMO Imo worth it if you can afford it
  15. Cruise a holic

    The Edge vs. S Class

    In my opinion a different experience. So many things about the s class ships and M class ships are great IMO, and missing from the Edge- However some things on the Edge were a different experience and good. I would suggest that you read the edge reviews on cruise critic to get the opinions of other passengers. Just a point that nobody mentioned is that the TV choices are very poor- most people who are on a cruise do not care, however when I am dressing and before bed, I enjoy a little TV. I would however urge you to consider other options for a cabin rather then the Infinite balcony which is surely an outside stateroom with a window that may or may not open.