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  1. If you can swing it- consider the Oasis class ships- so much nicer and more to do! Enjoy your cruise.
  2. Was first class. Not sure about refundable but cruise was canceled by Celebrity
  3. Clearly a mistake- perhaps he was required to say that!! Things keep getting worse now! We are back to square one!
  4. We have well over 50 cruises under our belt. Most on Celebrity and Royal. For the past 7-8 years, we only sail in suites. The Silhouette and Reflection are two of our favorite Celebrity ships. However we did enjoy the Edge. The suite deck, restaurant and perks are the best of all Celebrity ships. We visited a infinite veranda and didn't like it at all. Seemed dark, narrow and confined. Missed the open air. We love the Oasis class ships and typically take a crown loft suite- which is also excellent. The edge ship had some real positives, but also some negatives.
  5. Well we finally got all of our money back from Choice Air from our March cruise that never happened! We are so glad! Restores our faith. Way to go.😄
  6. I think social distancing and wearing masks most important. I listen to scientists not politician's
  7. However the difference is that those countries have handled the Covid virus so much better then the USA. Our handling of this virus is an embarrassment. So sad. As somebody above said- I value the lives of my family and friends. Want to be around to see grandchildren and hug them.
  8. We have lived in NY and traveled to Manhattan hundreds of times- so have family and extended family. It is safe- so much to do and see. No other state has anything like it. However if you are from a tiny midwest town, never saw a skyscraper, and a diverse population, it should be a wonderful experience.
  9. I truly do not believe any ships will sail the rest of the year. We are booked for January, but the direction our country is going- who knows. I will remain cautiously optimistic.
  10. It is amazing that she keeps her morale so high and works hard with her staff! Hope she can go home soon and then come back to the ship under better circumstances.
  11. We used to get unlimited for a flat fee- now they only have 100 photos as the max. We had two cabins and no problem as our kids were in the attached cabin. The rules is for kids no problem. Or if either guest from the stateroom that booked the package, is in the picture it is included. For example, my sister and her husband took pictures with us and that counted as our picture, but they couldn't take pictures alone. If they did, they would have to pay for them. Considering a couple of boarding pictures are typically taken, a couple at each port, a few nightly photos, restaurant photos and random photos, you would be surprised how they add up! Well worth the the unlimited package if ordered, or the highest package available. We like on a drive or when we get home, they send you a file with all of the pictures, then you print or download to an album site and choose those you really like.
  12. Still waiting for a choice air refund. My sailing was in March. They keep saying "tomorrow"- but tomorrow never comes!
  13. If you like Carnival, you will like NCL. We personally only liked the Haven on the Breakaway, as we found the ship, especially the pool area much too crowded for us. We also aren't fans of carnival- so I think if you enjoy Carnival, the breakaway similar. Enjoy your cruise
  14. Agree- if the cruise line goes chap 11, we will all loose our money.
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