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  1. Having sailed in all classes on Celebrity, if you do AQ consider a regular balcony cabin- mid ship and dine most nights in specialty restaurants. The MDR is ok- but busy- we take tables for two- so no problem with service or waiting for other guests to arrive before we are being served. Food is good and the staff will adjust food menu items for you. Luminae has very good service- but food not nearly as good as specialty restaurants- we love suites for Michael's club and of course the suite itself. The other perks are also appreciated. That is my evaluation after many, many Celebrity cruises. You seem to have enjoyed blu- so perhaps you are willing to pay extra for it- we find it very crowed and the wait staff overworked and slow. Tables for two are really one long table with a little space in-between. Often times, the wait staff cannot even fit through. If the difference is just a couple of hundred dollars for the two of you, perhaps worth it to you. Again, it is IMO- others might feel differently.
  2. Cruise a holic

    Which hotel would you choose?

    I think I agree- will stay at Riverside- Thanks for your help!
  3. Cruise a holic

    Which hotel would you choose?

    Hi, My DH and I will be sailing in a couple of weeks out of port everglades. I reserved three hotels a few months back hearing good things. Now I want to cancel two. We booked the Riverside Hotel (new wing), the Embassay suites 17th St and the Courtyard by Marriott airport and cruise port. While we only will be staying 24 hours- haven't tried any of the listed hotels. Which would you choose and why? Thanks
  4. Cruise a holic

    How was EDGE shopping?

    lol but 9” is a good size!
  5. Cruise a holic

    How was EDGE shopping?

    Thank you! Was it tiny?
  6. Cruise a holic

    Reviews Coming In...Anyone Cancel their Edge Sailing?

    My DH and I will be on the edge in a couple of weeks. Since the price for holiday sailings was so exorbitant, we booked a CC infinitate veranda cabin instead of our usual sky suite. We also booked a March 2020 sky suite S2 on the Edge. If however, we are not enamored by the ship, we will save our money and book the Reflection, Silhouette or another cruise line ship.
  7. Cruise a holic

    How was EDGE shopping?

    My DH would love the crystal ship model. Do you recall the price? Txs
  8. Both my husband and I witness many (sorry more men) not wash their hands after using the rest rooms. We try to enter the buffet early, before the food utensils are handled by many people. Of course you cannot be to careful and unfortunately people as cautious as they are can get sick. My DH got norovirus after a Disney cruise. You have to hope you have a good immune system!
  9. Cruise a holic

    You Better Tip at Port Everglades - Or Else!

    Actually oftentimes, my DH and I go to the area where the luggage comes up to our cabin/suite level and get the suitcases ourselves- much easier then waiting.
  10. Cruise a holic

    You Better Tip at Port Everglades - Or Else!

    We also give $5 per bag. We spend thousands on a cruise why not make some body feel good.
  11. We will be sailing on the edge in a couple of weeks- Have been reading very negative reports, especially about the infinite veranda staterooms. I did notice from the pictures that the cabins lack adequate storage. Hope that Celebrity installs cabinets over the bed as they have in solstice class ships as the lack of storage space seems to be a major design flaw. We paid a premium to sail on this ship-hopefully we didn't waste our money.
  12. Cruise a holic

    Izumi Hibachi and BOGO Dining Package

    This is correct. We booked a package and booked Hibachi in addition to secure a spot. It books up quickly.
  13. Cruise a holic

    Pre-dinner canapés / hors d'oeuves?

    Actually, I saw a video from somebody who was on the edge and they took a picture of the case with pastries and I saw some sandwiches in the case- But IMO best to get room service as the refrigerators in the cabin (were) just coolers and not true refrigerators, so I imagine things might spoil.
  14. The problem on the Summit with AQ deck 11 is that the cabins are near an outdoor lounge area that has a movie screen blasting music very late. Also the hallway to the outdoor deck has traffic. Look at the deck plan and get a cabin far from the outside movie screen. Also, keep your eyes open for a cabin on deck 9.
  15. Cruise a holic

    Pre-dinner canapés / hors d'oeuves?

    Café baccio also has sandwiches- but if you are in Concierge Class, you can get canapés- which IMO aren't good. I would also suggest room service as a good option.