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  1. Before the renovation, my nephew was on the Equinox and the old corning glass show was replaced with a glass studio. You can book a session and make your own glass blowing item, with assistance of course. . You can see information and cost on the celebrity website regarding your cruise- not sure if under shore x's or dining packages. Check.
  2. We were on the Edge recently and they have a rooftop restaurant similar to the Lawn Club grill. However it is totally exposed to the eliments and not a great place to dine- wind, sun ,rain hot or cold we walked out.
  3. Glad to see the bathroom is the same! We will probably go on the summit again. The problem however is that the summer week that we are available is now a nude charter- not for us! They seem to charter the week around 8/10 for groups. We also do not want to sail from PR too difficult from past experience. Perhaps if celebrity rotates the week for August Charters, we will sail her again. This August we are flying to Florida and will sail on the Equinox. Next August, we have booked the Oasis of the seas which is a ship we enjoy. She will be sailing out of Bayonne- a no fly cruise for us. We do not like the other options from NY or NJ currently. Have tried them all and found them to be very disappointing. We are now waiting to see a picture of the redone Celebrity suite on the Equinox. Thank you!
  4. Agree not Mortons or Peter Lugers- but for a cruise ship pretty good. Like the idea of a fresh salad bar, flat bread pizza appetizer and the fact that you can have different main courses. I enjoy lamb chops and grilled veggie kebob and sometimes add a shrimp kebob. My DH likes the other sides and filet. The hot chocolate chip cookie with vanilla ice cream is also a treat. Never liked sizzler- seemed dirty in NY. Outback is salt city-
  5. Would have loved the lawn club grill replacing the glass blowing (now pay for) studio lesson. Lawn club grill is the Best Celebrity restaurant IMO
  6. any pics of the redo of the celebrity suites and the bathroom? Will miss the corner shelving
  7. Another question. We used to book 6145 or 46. The S1’s next to the penthouse with the huge green marble bathroom. Wonder if they were redone
  8. Perhaps the verbiage changed, but the code used to say county club. Too each his her own.
  9. We prefer sitting on the pool deck under the shaded overhang Not near the smokers
  10. Having sailed on the Edge in an S1, did see the S3 sky suites and wouldn't recommend them. You have an obstructed view from your balcony and if the Magic carpet is just above your deck, you will experience noise. Also, the layout has doors attaching cabins, so you might have noise from the next cabin. If your family, you might not mind. Unless the price is your main concern, consider an S2 or S1, on the opposite side of the deck. In all fairness, this is second hand information and hopefully some of the S3 occupants will share their experience with you. Also try reviewing the Edge cabin information postings.
  11. Thanks for the information. We will also be sailing on the Equinox in a few months and will look forward to the refit. However, I do not understand why you haven't considered othe S class ships as IMO the Silly and Reflection are the cream of the celebrity crop. We also have enjoyed the Edge and suggest you try it. Have been on Royal and enjoy the suite perks and you should also give then a try- try the Oasis class as those are the best IMO. Also have sailed in the Haven on the Breakaway. While the haven was nice- if you leave it, the ship is so poorly designed it is like being in steerage do to the crowding. Hope the Equinox suite experience is a great experience for all. I would enjoy trying the summit again, but a Celebrity suite or higher.
  12. We have been on at least 6 cruises since the "official" formal nights were removed and chic nights replaced. Really almost the same. Many people dress up in what was previously formal attire- however less long gowns, replaced by short cocktail dresses and fancy pants suits on ladies, more suits and sports coats on men, less tux. And some people who didn't read the memo don't dress up at all and look like they are going to a back yard barbecue. The posted dress code is country club attire, but not everyone belongs to a country club and perhaps dosen't understand what that means. - A few other people decide not to dress differently then any other day. We enjoy celebrating the cruise as a truly special occasion and do dress as if we were going to a party.
  13. Hope that the first sailing people post pictures and information regarding the new digs!
  14. Was on the Summit before the Renovation and some AQ class cabins were near the deck that was a sun deck with a movie screen. Many people in AQ near deck were very unhappy. The noise and traffic in the corridor was a problem. Maybe this problem was fixed-but if you go on the Summit- review the deck plan before you go.
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