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  1. When we had to file a claim with our travel insurance not the cruise lines but a third party. We had to pay everything up front and then file a claim with our travel insurance and our private insurance when we got home. The charges included the ship, Dominican Republic hospital, hotel, flights, food, and missed time on the cruise for my husband. Also understand that it is possible the other family member maybe required to finish the vacation. We were on the Explorer in Labadee when my husband was airlifted and I was not able to travel with him and had to finish the cruise. We never leave home with out travel insurance.
  2. I would do the Summit for the quiet relaxed atmosphere on the ship. The heated solarium pool is just wonderful to relax and do some exercising after a long day in port. There are many places to sit and read and watch the ocean go by if you do not have a balcony. Enjoy your cruise whichever ship you choose.
  3. First I want to say how sorry I am to hear about your Mother. It is so very hard to use a loved one at anytime. I remember when we first started to cruise we never bought insurance. As my Mother got older and was sick we started to purchase insurance in case we had to cancel. It was several years that we paid for insurance and did not need to file a claim. On our one cruise my husband had a medical emergency and had to taken off the ship in Haiti to the hospital in Dominican Republic for surgery and treatment. The insurance policy we had covered the medivac, hospital stay, time missed on the cruise, my flights from Cape Liberty to Dominican Republic, hotels, meals, and our flights back to PA. We always purchase insurance for every trip and have never needed it after this emergency thank goodness for that. We consider travel insurance just like the insurance we have on our home and pay premiums every year but never have used it. It is just an insurance policy just in case.
  4. This is a great cruise. We have done it several times and just did most of the ports on our own. Boston is the only port that you need to get transportation into town as the port is out of town.
  5. Our favorite rolls are the pumpkin seed rolls. They are in the bread basket every night but some nights there is only one. We asked our server for more of them and the rest of the cruise the only rolls we would get would be the pumpkin seed. Love how Royal tries to please everyone.
  6. It was on the menu one night on the Adventure in September.
  7. This will be great as we have 2 more cruises after our cruise on Anthem. Less clothes we will have to back.
  8. Thank you everyone for all this information. It was was helpful and I will read it all again to make an informed decision.
  9. Thank you Markeb for that information it is very helpful. I will keep planning and getting more excited as each passes.
  10. We are staying at the Sanctuary House Hotel between cruises for 3 nights. Hoping this is a good location to visit Buckingham Palace, London Eye, London Bridge, and Westminister Abby. Trying to decide if we should get a visitor oyster pass for these days and also considering the London Pass. This is our first trip to London and would appreciate any suggestions you would have.
  11. We stayed at the Ramada Inn on Frontage Rd in Elizabeth. They offer a cruise and park package. The hotel rate includes parking and a shuttle to the the port. Just take into account the parking cost at the port was $22.00 a day in September 2019.
  12. Enjoy your cruise on the Lady G. She has the best crew of the ships we have sailed on.
  13. That sometimes I would get this and it was because they were updating my reservation. If it continues tomorrow I would call them and they will do something on their end to let you in.
  14. I would use a TA as they would be able to get you some added perks if they have a group on that sailing. You can also have them cross reference each booking so you can dine at the same time and the same table. Enjoy your cruise and let someone else do all the work.
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