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  1. They changed to Rydges the day we arrived January 15. Honoured our booking and rates etc. I would not have known it was changing if it hadn't been for our friends who were there a couple days ahead of us. Otherwise we would have likely walked right by looking for Holiday Inn signage. Great location for the Overseas Terminal and exploring the Circular Quay and Harbour area.
  2. nimiq We did receive the following email message. You need to log onto the account that you created on their website when booking and can send or receive messages form them there. You also need to print out your tour voucher when you have logged into your account.
  3. westeast We did a combo Taronga Zoo and Manly yesterday. Captain Cook and My Fast Ferry each have a combo that includes zoo admission and ferry to zoo and Manly and back to Circular Quay or Darling Harbour. We chose My Fast ferry as they have ferries returning from Manly well into the evening after 9 pm whereas the Captain Cook latest returned at 3:55 from Manly. The zoo took us much longer than we expected even though we arrived shortly after opening so we did not get to Manly until late afternoon. We would have had to miss it if we had chosen Captain Cook. There were no queues so to speak of to get on the My Fast Ferry.
  4. My husband does not snorkel or swim but would plan to come to Jinek Bay with me to stay on shore while I snorkel. Do we need to get a permit/ticket for him as well in order to stay on shore or is the ticket just for entering the water?
  5. Friends of ours were there a couple days ago on Soltice. They bought the tickets on arrival at shore. They said the Jinek Bay gets crowded quickly so if planning to snorkel get on early tender and go straight there.
  6. Hunter69, Good to know about Signal Island! I am booked to take Dal Ocean Charters to Signal Island next month. Hoping for some very good snorkeling! Will pick up some picnic food at the market before heading over to Signal.
  7. We are on Radiance in January/February and also booked on the AC 1215 flight home the day we disembark. Hoping they don't do the same thing to our flight. Good luck with getting to your flight in time.
  8. We too are Canadians and are travelling on on Radiance of the Seas round trip Sydney to NZ in January. I used the official government website noted in post #12. This is the message received (one for each of us) as soon as I completed my online application and payment: We are reviewing your request for a New Zealand Electronic Travel Authority (NZeTA). We will let you know within 72 hours whether your NZeTA has been issued or refused, it could take as little as 10 minutes. Do not attempt to travel to New Zealand until we approve your NZeTA. Purchase Summary: New Zealand Electronic Travel Authority fee*: $12.00 NZD International Visitor Conservation and Tourism Levy: $35.00 NZD TOTAL $47.00 NZD Immediately following the application and payment, within a few minutes, I received the following in a separate email for each of us: Your New Zealand Electronic Travel Authority (NZeTA) has been issued. This NZeTA authorises you to travel to or transit New Zealand. When you travel to New Zealand, you must check in with the passport listed here. When arriving in New Zealand, you must declare any biosecurity risk items. Now your NZeTA has been issued, what next? • It is your responsibility to ensure that the passport details in this NZeTA exactly match the details of the passport you will travel on. If these details do not match, you will be prevented from travelling to New Zealand. You can use our online form to correct some details, such as your passport number, otherwise you must request a new NZeTA. • You must ensure that your passport expiry date complies with the rules about how long it must be valid for at the time of travel. • You must ensure that you meet all other requirements to travel to New Zealand, including holding outward passage (either a return ticket to your home country, or an outward ticket to a destination that you have the right to enter) before travelling to New Zealand, and having sufficient funds for your stay. It is also strongly recommended that you hold travel insurance. When you arrive in New Zealand, Immigration New Zealand must be satisfied that you are a genuine visitor. • This NZeTA does not guarantee that you will be allowed to travel to or enter New Zealand. Immigration New Zealand will continue to assess your eligibility to travel, including using information provided by your carrier relating to your travel booking. • You must apply for entry permission and a visa on arrival in New Zealand. For information on what to see and do in New Zealand, visit https://www.newzealand.com/ie/. See you in New Zealand!
  9. Just heard on the news that the military is going in to try and recover the 8 missing off of White Island. So sad to hear of the mounting deaths and about those who are fighting for their lives with significant injuries.
  10. Such a tragedy for those hurt or killed and their loved ones. I can imagine everyone on that ship is pretty shook up.
  11. Prayers to all those who were on White Island from Ovation or on their own that have been injured or missing. 😥
  12. I have booked with Shore Trips and Tours for the 6 hour Highlights including Glow Worm Caves. Looking forward to the day!
  13. On my cruise planner for upcoming January cruise, I see Voom Surf 1 device for $12.62 CAD/day and Surf and Stream 1 device $15.28 CAD. Will watch to see if it drops any further for Black Friday sales.
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