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  1. Sad to say that British Columbia daily numbers are higher (over 100 or greater daily) than they have ever been during what we thought was the worst time in the spring. Restrictions have increased again...night clubs and banquet halls shut down and restaurants can only serve liquor until 10pm, close at 11pm. Highest increase in numbers are young adults so focus is really on reducing the opportunity for them to gather in large numbers or move about mingling with multiple groups. Fines are being issued for breach of the restrictions. Fines are also being given to USA citizens who have entered under false claims to directly pass through to a residence in Alaska (instead choosing to visit tourist sites, visit restaurants etc.). More and more people are wearing masks inside (and outside if keeping distance is not possible). I have friends who work on the Public Health Covid19 tracing teams which have been significantly expanded as unfortunately the contact tracing is a vast effort.
  2. Us too Fran. Research and dreaming! And looking at photobooks from our previous cruises and travel.
  3. So disappointing to miss your Danube cruise. We too had to cancel travel plans (3 generation trip to Greece). Looking forward to travel again hopefully before too long!
  4. Following with interest as we would like to cruise the Danube when pandemic settles and we are able to travel again.
  5. As others have mentioned, we Canadians are still required to quarantine in place for 14 days if we have left the country or in some cases between provinces and there is still an avoid all non-essential travel advisory. I can't imagine insurance coverage would support making travel plans within these dates of advisory and mandatory quarantine. Unfortunately our Covid19 rates are also increasing, resulting in many provinces and municipalities going back to some of the more vigorous closures and social bubble restrictions. Watching the daily number climb and watching the notifications about positive Covid 19 cases on various flights is enough to keep me at home. So sad, but health and safety is the priority. I have colleagues working on the Covid19 contact tracing team and it is not pretty. Looking forward to a day when travel opens up again (and then I will be booking our Danube cruise! :)
  6. Including avoiding travel between Canadian provinces and even limited travel for some provinces within the province. International travel or even travel within our own country seems a long way off. Travel insurance would also not cover us as long as Canada still has an 'avoid all non-essential' travel order in place.
  7. The bigger problem is the number of flights where Covid19 has been confirmed (we would have a long flight to get there) and the fact that upon entry to Canada, there is mandatory 14 day quarantine for everyone. Not worth the risk for us.
  8. Following along with interest. We have done Rhine from Amsterdam to Basel previously but hope to return for more European river cruising again when safe to travel from our home in Canada.
  9. Very tough times and very disappointing times for many travelers. This will eventually settle. First important to get our populations healthy again.
  10. hernstro I am chiming in here as a healthcare provider in British Columbia Canada as I see you are Canadian. Effective today British Columbia and Canada have issued a travel advisory against any travel outside Canada. This will likely void any travel medical insurance you have outside of the country as the situation would have been in effect before you commenced travel. Effective today BC has implemented 14 day quarantine/self isolation for anyone returning from travel outside Canada. It would not be surprising to see other provinces follow suit shortly. Yesterday USA implemented a non acceptance of travelers from Europe; possibly Canada could follow suit. Most public events or sites across North America (sports, theater, amusement parks, Disneyland etc.) are being cancelled. These are unprecedented situations and decisions being made. Pretty risky time to be traveling abroad for many reasons.
  11. Good to know for future! Thanks for sharing Middleager.
  12. One was our ship RAdiance of Seas. The other was Holland America; I believe Noordam?
  13. Keep in mind that Akaroa is a tender port. During our recent port stop there, the tenders were backed up hours (apparently because 2 ships were in port and normally there is only 1 at a time?). Even the ship could not get their excursions off in time to meet the operators so the ship excursions had to be changed. Those who booked independent tours were very frustrated as tours had to be cancelled last minute as people couldn't get off the ship. Announcements were made on the ship to wait until later morning to let the rush for tenders settle; we waited until just after 1000 to pick up tender tickets and couldn't get on shore for another 2 hours. Luckily our independent tour booking (not a farm tour) was for the afternoon!
  14. There was a transit info agent but not sure if train tickets could be purchased there as we just used the machines. Very simple to use and easily worked with Canadian credit card. We have traveled a number of times in Australia and never had problems using our Canadian Visa and Mastercards. Also used the credit cards in various locations throughout New Zealand and there were no problems. No issues withdrawing cash at ATMS with our RBC debit cards either. Very easy to spend our money. 🙂
  15. Our B2B cruises were great. Ship was at terminal before 0600. People were walking off by 0700. You can easily get off with self express earlier than 0800. They suggested 0700-0830 for self express. We didn't rush as I didn't want to be sitting at the airport even longer. We had a leisurely breakfast before disembarking. It was a seamless process to disembark, pass through Aus immigration, walk a few minutes to Circular Quay train station, buy our airport link tickets from machine, board train and arrive at International Airport. Airport did not have any significant lines either when we were there. SYD airport suggests 2 hours before International flights.
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