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  1. Always had a soft spot for this one - our first P&O cruise was on Oceana and have never looked back Would have loved to go on her again but just never worked out, Such a shame.
  2. Seems sensible to me - there’s a gardener round here who fits all his gear (inc lawn mower) in a trailer on his ebike. Cheaper, healthier and less polluting than a van, and no parking hassles.
  3. Yes but they aren't at all "pushy". Same with the speciality restaurants... In connection with this drink prices on board really aren't that different to what you'd pay in a city centre pub, (and no "service charge" added on) so opting for a package may not be worth it for many...
  4. In no particular order: Value - I think their prices are “fair” - the cost of the cruises, the prices on board (drinks, bespoke dining in particular) and excursions. A few times I’ve tried to price up doing certain trips independently and in my view for the meagre savings it just wasn’t worth the faff. Entertainment - generally ok. Headliners shows always of a good standard. Others can be “hit and miss” - seen some great comedians, bands, entertainers, others not so much. Luck of the draw really. The quality of on board speakers isn’t that great to be honest. Plenty of quizzes which I like Food - Well it suits me. I don’t really get the comments criticising the buffets - I go there for a quick bite and it’s fine for that. I always make a point of going to Indian night. MDR again I have no issues with choice and quality. The Epicurean is wonderful. Sensible dress code in the evening. Formal nights well supported. Lots of interesting itineraries from Southampton. Don’t compare it to “flashier” cruise lines, manage your expectations to the price you’ve paid and I see no reason why you shouldn’t enjoy a P&O cruise. I understand the product has gone more “mass market “ over the past 20 years, but if you want to dress up every evening and have your pants pulled down every time you go to the bar there’s always Cunard 😄
  5. No it’s for the poster giving you dodgy legal advice...
  6. But we know it’s a mistake... Is it really worth playing games?
  7. By this do you mean “retaining wrongful credit” (1968 Theft Act)? People have done time for that... http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/lancashire/7269507.stm However tempting, not worth playing games imo...
  8. Thanks for the interesting replies. I am leaning towards booking direct in the future and this seems the wiser option all things considered... Well this is it. I had a similar experience last year when an internet booking site went bust leaving me in the lurch. The story only has a happy ending because the both the hotel and credit card company went "above and beyond" to help. I think for the sake of peace of mind I will look into booking direct from now on. I think the key lesson is that the fewer parties involved in a transaction the better - it's simpler and reduces the potential for being fobbed off/buck passing. Now to wait for cruising to resume... Thanks again all!
  9. I know we may be a way off from booking cruises again, but hopefully that day will come soon. I was just wondering if there were any lessons to be learned from recent experiences regarding refunds? (FWIW when my cruise was cancelled I opted for FCC and my TA was able to book on a new cruise with no fuss.) It seems to me that the use of a TA may complicate the refund procedure by adding an extra layer of bureaucracy? Also it may "muddy the waters" if anyone wanted to go down the S75/chargeback route... I'm wondering if booking direct may not be a better option in future. Pandemics aside, maybe the simplicity of one transaction and one company to deal with might make it worth paying a slight premium? Or am I missing something?
  10. If you can register with CC and participate in the forums, you will certainly have no difficulty renewing your passport online. Honestly it’s a painless process. You can treat yourself to a meal in the Epicuran with the money you’ll save... Just be careful to avoid shadows in your picture and you’ll be fine.
  11. You have to return your old passport to be cancelled.
  12. They need a photo of your face against a plain background with no shadows on either. You may need to experiment a bit to comply with the no shadows requirement but that’s it. Take your hat and sunglasses off, DON’T SMILE and you’re done.
  13. As wowzz notes, very easy to renew online now. The process is very straightforward. £25 to take your photo and stick some documents in an envelope is... interesting
  14. This is true for S75 only. Chargeback only covers you for the amount you put on the card.
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